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So I survived 6 years at a high school situated in the middle of nowhere, and now I’m in the university. Between these two periods, I experienced a lot of things. I’ve had to  sit through soul-destroying Biology lectures, been to Philosophy classes, been to seminars that talked on evolution n’ natural selection n’ all of that. I’ve discussed with atheists, agnostics, bums e.t.c., who claim that GOD doesn’t exist and that the universe came about by means of an epic orgy between the cosmos, where intergalactic semen was ejaculated at the speed of light throughout the space-time continuum, giving rise to the stars n’ planets n’ life as we know it (of which I’m perfectly disbelieving). I’ve even done some private research, and all I have to say is, well, I’m not impressed, neither am I convinced. This is my personal opinion. Don’t argue with me. I’m not gonna go into much detail about what all those theories n’ assumptions state, as I’ve already given a brief summary of what the big bang theory was all about, but I am gonna make my own logical deductions n’ whatever whatever, to tell you why I think most of it doesn’t make any sense.

First off, I have to say that Jean Lamarck must’ve been the dumbest fool in eternity. In fact he still is. Since the dawn of time, I don’t think any other person has ever come up with anything as profoundly stupid as what that man, born Jean-Baptiste Lamarck came up with. That his theory, it was dogsh*t. Complete dogsh*t. It had no redeemable qualities. None at all. But my anger shouldn’t be with Jean, it should be with Darwin. Jean’s theory died long ago in a fatal car crash between clashing opinions, but Charles’s theory still breathes air till this very day. I am disturbed by this.

A guy once ranted, “my problem with science is that it gives us fragments of alleged knowledge that it fails to harmonize with one another, y’know. It collects observations of uniformities, and dignifies them with the names of given laws, giving its own interpretation of whatever it perceives as correct; and with a small degree of certitude, establishes its conclusions. All that it teaches is only provisionally true. What is prized today as the highest truth is overthrown tomorrow and experimentally replaced by something else. It’s an ever-changing process where the latest error is given the name of  most recent truth.” Well, those weren’t his exact exact words, but you probably get the idea. I agree with practically all the things he said. And don’t get it twisted, it’s not like I’m trying to denigrate the whole scientific process or anything…. hold up, on second thought, maybe I actually am, but I’m too chicken to admit it. I don’t really know. But that’s not the point. What I *think* I’m trying to do, is to show you that science isn’t immune to mistakes n’ miscalculations. And that for the most part, a few of its established findings are majorly flawed. Like this whole unending debate about whether or not the world was created by GOD, or whether GOD exists, it’s flat-out pointless. Here’s why…

It’s obvious that there’s an order to the world. Even a fool knows this. As St. Thomas Aquinas puts it, “things act and react in specific ways under specific circumstances. Even unintelligent things are predisposed to  “this”  and not  “that”. This order inherent in even inanimate things necessitates an intelligence to direct it. This intelligence, we call GOD”. This was aptly explained by the bespectacled dude, Gregory Watson over at The Catholic Chapter House. The explanation went something like this (with a few minor adjustments)…… when potassium (K) reacts with water (H2O), an explosion occurs. 2K +  2H20 -> 2KOH + H2 + (BOOM!). This reaction always occurs in this manner. That’s the way it was designed to happen. It’s a testable, repeatable fact of nature. Whether it be water boiling at specifically 100 degrees or metals conducting electricity, it just proves to show that things are specifically ordered towards specific ends. The above example of potassium reacting with water is an example of an inanimate object, a thing with no intellect, acting in a specific way. The potassium cannot decide to simply dissolve in the water, neither can it decide to take selfies with the water, or skinny dip in the water, no. It must react with the water explosively to form the given products. It is ordered to this particular end. It is intrinsic to what it means to be potassium to react with water in this particular way. Even if there was no water for it to react with, it would still possess this predisposition. The relation between these two elements exists and has always  existed. They are related in this specific manner. Like 2 pieces of a puzzle joined to make meaning. The only way for a relation like this to have come about, is if such a relation existed in a “mind” before it existed in “reality”, try to understand that. The only plausible explanation for this is by way of intentional design. Order implies intelligence. Since potassium and water and the like don’t have minds, they must’ve received the order to act in the way they do from somewhere else, from a higher power, from a higher intelligence. This couldn’t possibly be attributed to blind chance ‘cuz it always happens, we know this for a fact, and in this same particular way. And come to think of it, if there wasn’t such order in the world, we wouldn’t have science as a whole. The laws of science are dependent on these recurrences in nature, namsayin. Now think about what you’ve just read, and reflect. Ask yourself some salient questions. Potassium didn’t have to evolve to be able to react with water. It was already designed to do so, and has always done so. Things like this were ordered and put in place, which just proves to show that everything in nature is deliberate.The way things are connected to one another, they couldn’t possibly be unintentional. Think about it, how could something as intricate as the human nervous system theoretically be as a result of a blind chance over millions of years? C’mon people, do the arithmetic. Okay, now follow this train of thought… As it was stated before, things of the same nature follow the same patterns, are ordered towards the same ends, and for the most part, share the same traits, agreed? Agreed. All living things must die, right? All forms of matter are made up of atoms and molecules. All objects are subject to temperature change. All explosions result in disorderliness. The alleged Big Bang was the most intense of all explosions, how come it gave rise to some of the most orderly systems imaginable? Now hold on, this logic may seem basic and elementary, but it actually makes sense if you really think about it. Gather all the facts surrounding the alleged occurrence of the big bang and do the math yourself, I can’t start going into all that now. Just use your brain.

The creation of something as rudimentary as the lightbulb was deliberate, not a mistake. But the creation of something as intricate as the universe was a mistake or merely coincidental? Once again, not making sense.

I can’t prove the existence of GOD with pure logic, it’s a matter of faith. But I can make evident the flaws in contemporary reason.  It’s all a matter of what you choose to believe tho. If you ask me, it doesn’t make much sense to believe that we evolved from floating carbon atoms to  pre-historic tadpoles to teenage mutant ninja turtles to cro-magnons n’ then humans. Naaaw, or that some elusive meteor just  ctrl+alt+del’d  all previous lifeforms off the face of the earth and gave rise to new ones (well that’s slightly believable, but I don’t buy it). But even if a fish had to grow legs n’ moonwalk out of the ocean onto dry land to escape the threat of potential predators n’ what not, that still doesn’t change the fact that there’s a story behind the origin of the fish itself. There were deliberate processes involved in the creation of the universe mahn. Nothing was based on coincidence. It’s all one big elaborate design. C’mon… okay, consider the following; it just so happens that each species possesses both male and female genders with specific reproductive organs for the purpose of procreation, and as for the ones that don’t, they’re still able to reproduce because they’re hermaphroditic… It just so happens that all living things have lifespans that function to prevent the earth from getting too crowded by keeping the population in check… Again, it just so happens that the earth (the only planet inhabited by humans n’ plants n’ animals n’ all that) has an ozone layer that protects it from the ultraviolet rays of the sun, and the other planets (devoid of any form of life or life-supporting factors), do not. Coincidence? I think not… Then again, all the natural cycles; the water, carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen cycles that see to the replenishment and preservation of nutrients n’ elements n’ whatever whatever in the environment, theoretically just happened to come about by mere happenstance? Naaw, I do not agree with that. That’s not right. That doesn’t make sense. All of the above stated examples were intentional acts. Intentional acts of benevolence. Someone out there made the earth this convenient to live in. Someone out there made the earth this habitable. Someone out there had a plan. That someone is GOD.

The devil knew that once people became even slightly convinced about the existence of GOD, or at least, once reasonable doubt could be established as to whether or not most of these modern day naturalistic theories were valid, the next question would be, which god was the true god, hence the numerous religions we have in the world today. He’s practically one step ahead of the human race. He does this to mess with people’s minds. He wants you to question your faith. He wants you to doubt your beliefs. Don’t allow your atoms to be abused like that. It’s all a game.

But after all said and done, it all boils down to what you choose to believe, and your faith. I stand by mine ‘cuz well, that’s what makes sense to me, and that’s what I’ve chosen to accept. I don’t know about you, but I don’t buy all that big-bang-inorganic-to-organic-our-forefathers-were-silverbacks-evolutionist crap. But that’s just me.

Aiit, I think this is where I call it a wrap n’ leave you with a closing remark or a maxim or something of the sort. So well, I got this one from a magazine I read some time back, and I thought it was nice.

“Man made the car, GOD made man.”

Aiit people, peace. Be wise.

But wait, before I forget, some of you may be wondering why I titled this piece, ” The Cappuccino Lounge”, while the rest of you probably don’t even give a sh*t. Well too bad, I cater to the minority… The cappuccino lounge is basically a place where questions are asked and answers are given. That’s just what it is…simple.

Aiit people, be well. Watch out for the next installment.

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  1. @six, taking your non-standard words and expressions as your own style and manner of writing passing across your message, I’d say this is a good article. This is in view of the fact that it brings to light the point that there is GOD.

    The question concerning the existence of God has been debated by the greatest of thinkers and philosophers of all time. While Frederich Nietsche, Bertrand Russell, Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, David Hume and a host of others subscribe to the atheistic belief that there is nobody like God, the likes of Thomas Aquinas, Augustine of Hippo, Carl Rahner, Frederich Copleston and many others believe in the verity of the existence of the uncaused cause, the unmoved mover, the uncreated but creating being whom we regard as God.

    The fact cannot be gainsayed that the prevailing problem is not so much about whether God exists or not but that the name of God is being used as a tool to extort the poor and make rich a few who call themselves messengers of God: pastors, priests, prophets, evangelists and ministers. To say succinctly, the human problem is not God because believing in God or not does not make false the fact that He exists. The human problem is that the name of God has been used to malign many a people. No wonder, a religious country like Nigeria, filled with Churches and mosques in every nook and cranny is still bedeviled with so many developmental challenges because the Christian or the Muslem is trying to make his faith the supreme and anything goes. Many are slain, maimed and incapacitated for life. All in the name of religion.

    God exists but the best way to relate with him might not have been known yet. Live what you believe; practice what you preach. Be an exemplar in accordance with the precepts and concepts that guide and guard your existence in the spatiotemporal sphere, forgetting not that life is short.

    Keep pushing on @six :)

  2. @innoalifa, bros, you should’ve just left off putting this up as a comment, and gone ahead to post it as an article, with a few minor tweaks. This is good stuff. And to reply you, one’s belief in GOD is always the primary starting point, at least once your beliefs are straight, 50% of the job’s already been done. It sets the foundation for all your subsequent “whatevers” In life. We’re all sinners, we’ll just have to find a way to straighten our paths in one way or another. But at least, when we do good, we know we’re doing it in obedience to someone, thus giving our actions purpose. I share your opinion tho, you spoke the truth. Thanks for stopping by sir.

    1. @six, a post abi?

      I never sat and planned it
      as words from my pens’ tip
      tumbled as I thought commenting
      on your article which made a nice reading

      Keep writing!

  3. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    THis is very well written and the casual manner in which you chose to write it made it very interesting. My favorite part is where you stated that potassium cannot take selfies with water lol too funny enjoyed this piece

  4. Thank you very much @Ivie9ja for stopping by.

  5. ordeezy (@Ordeezy)

    Stylish writing,making your article comofortable and easy to read,nyc

  6. Glad it appealed to you @Ordeezy , thanks.

  7. kingdavid (@kevweodogun)

    if everyone decided to take a science class, and not just kiss science’s ass, they would see that, there are many inconsistencies , even the structure of the atom has been changed multiple times, the octet rule isn’t really a rule etc, man just wants to eliminate God, man says God does not exist yet he hates God, so man hates a God who he claims doesn’t exist, yet men who are too lazy to read or think embrace scientific induced atheism…… wtf is wrong with this people, big up @six i love this

    1. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

      Haha… bros dont be insulting us oo…. But we can set science apart from God…. I do it everyday when I sit in my Biology classes…

  8. @kevweodogun , I feel you mahn, but that’s just the way it is. This is reality.

  9. I heard something once about all the matter in the world not being able to create a cell, i.e. recreation of living cells is impossible. So if cells can’t be created by the deliberate acts of human beings considering their level of intellect, how possible do you think it would be for them to come about by happenstance?

  10. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    You know what I loved about this is that even i who is a science freak didn’t get offended as I read. it was the tone in which you wrote this that was calming even with all you had to say…
    Its becoming hard to set apart science from God… but for people like me who study it, I no my faith and I no I dont believe in science but rather in God… My ecology teacher said his evolutionary science class is usually empty… I guess people are scared he might try to put stuff into their head…

    Like in my genetics class this afternoon, Dr. colins was speaking of hw to map genes on freaking chromosomes. I just sat there totally clueless because It made no sense to me all what he was saying… Science is just a curiousity of the unknown. Man think becuase we are now technologically advance we can poke at things that were already present on earth… you know what, the more we poke at things, the more things we find that we werent suppose to find.. but we cant just let things be…

    I make my cappuccino stop everyday at 3:15pm lol…

  11. @ufuomaotebele , you’ll never be able to stop science from probing, that’s just the truth. The only thing you can do as a person is to use your discretion when presented with facts from either side. Science can tell you this and religion can tell you that, it’s now left to you to put 2 and 2 together and say, hey, wait a minute, I don’t think this makes sense or I don’t think that makes sense. It’s all a matter of what we choose to believe and why we choose to believe it. Thanks for stopping by Ufuoma.

    Take this place as your second Starbucks.

  12. Wait, hold up, has anyone noticed how accurately the male penis was designed to fit into the female vagina? That’s some lock and key ish. I’m not trying to be risque (this may not be totally true). But just think about it. The way a visual stimulus in the form of breasts, hips, legs etc can trigger emotions, that in turn increase blood flow to the penis, that in turn make the penis turgid, and ready for insertion… And the female vagina that produces lubricants or whatever to aid the whole process. C’mon, that was just way to accurate. Anyone who thinks that that entire mechanism was simply coincidental should be beaten to death with a spoon.

  13. And the sun. The earth is just the right distance away from the sun. Just perfect. Anything closer, it would’ve been too hot n’ we would’ve all looked like Ghanaians. Anything further away, and we would’ve been eskimos and probably evolved into polar bears or whatever, according to science….. -to adapt to prevailing circumstances and conditions-. Screw that nonsense. Dothe knowledge people.

  14. kingdavid (@kevweodogun)

    if the big bang created the earth, and there was an explosion of light, isn’t that what it would have looked like when God said, “let there be light” aswear the wise ones would be made to look like fools

    1. That’s a connection they failed to make.

    2. The marriage of science and religion in that respect.

  15. Your excretory system, Imagine if you couldn’t take a dump. Do you think your butt hole was a mistake?

  16. Hmmm…this is an intellectual discuss that should probably be written as a thesis.

    Thank goodness NS allows for articles otherwise I would have said this might be the wrong forum for this type of topic

  17. @Afronuts , thesis ke. This stuff’s too shabby for that, but hey who knows, with some minor adjustments and some more solid info, it could. Thanks for stopping by bros.

  18. Hehehe…interesting take on the GOD debate. Fluid, not irreverent, casual and most importantly, interesting.

    I like how you write, six. See you at the top.

  19. @chemokopi, don’t worry, we’re getting there. Thanks for reading.

  20. oxymorontalks (@oxymoron93)

    dude you just made me realise how far away i have been with my evolution and philosophy wahala. those things are interesting hangout topics. i love this .

    God and the unending debate. if there was no God nobody would question the idea. religion? man definitely needs something to assure him of some super natural protection, so please blame us not.

    oh the big bang theory. lol. my geology class. had a doctor who taught us the big bang theory, so we decided to nick name him BIG BANG. i never believed in that nonsense, too vague an idea to believe. al;l those cataclysmic nonsense na for their pocket jare. but beauriful piece mahn. i love the ‘Americanness’ in you writing. dogshit?ol

    1. @oxymoron93, the big bang theory doesn’t make sense, and shouldn’t make sense to any “NORMAL” person. But apart from that theory, there’re a lot of other incredibly stupid theories just floating around cyberspace. I heard one that had to do with extraterrestrial life being responsible for life on earth, i.e. aliens planted life on earth (pause). This bullsh*t was published on the internet, in a scientific journal or something like that, and a mass army of malnourished fools just jumped out of nowhere claiming that that might just be the most plausible explanation to the origin of life on earth. This actually happened. I’m not lying. As @kevweodogun said, man’s just looking for a way to eliminate a GOD that he claims doesn’t exist; wonder why they even bother so much, they’ve gotta be prompted by something. Screw all that anti-religious stuff, it’s all intellectual arrogance. Thanks for stopping by oxymoron.

  21. oxymorontalks (@oxymoron93)

    men love controversies. the whole neondanthal story one time was interesting. i love the creative minds of people though. i hope this lounge would be a regular thingy. lots of issues to discuss.

    1. Yeah @oxymoron 93, it’ll be regular. I’ve got another one in the works as we speak.

  22. Interesting article, although I’ve heard the arguments before, @six.

    I’ll just say that you shouldn’t mistake order for design.

    When someone digs out a shallow depression in the ground, then pours water into it, do we say that the pond that is formed must have been designed because it fits perfectly into the depression?

    Or when through the forces of demand and supply, we find that generally, within a given locality, prices are round about the same, do we automatically conclude that there must be some God who has dictated the prices?

  23. @TolaO , the instance you gave of the guy digging out a depression in the ground and pouring water into it was a perfect example of order and design. The depression was physically fashioned, water was intentionally poured into it and thus, the lake was formed. An end was achieved. That’s more or less an artificial lake or pond or whatever, man-made and deliberate. Designed and ordered to accommodate a specific amount of water.

    Coming to the issue of demand and supply, demand and supply are influenced by various factors: wants, needs, availability of substitutes, taste and a lot of other stuff. Saying that GOD commanded fixed prices wouldn’t make any sense, at all, and in this case, saying that things must’ve been fixed and pre-ordered to qualify the whole demand and supply idea as a design wouldn’t make sense either. Not all designs are as pre-ordered and static as most. The dynamic of the entire process is controlled by a host of factors that have varying levels of influence on the whole thing. It’s not a fixed design as in the case of a house. A storey building can’t just wake up one morning and decide to morph into a bungalow. The only factor that has an influence over the outcome of a house’s design is the plan that the architect presents, and once it’s put up that’s the end of the story, it’s permanent. But in the case of demand and supply where the nature of the design is more dynamic, adjustments are made in various ways to achieve an equilibrium, according to the prevailing circumstances and conditions. Demand and supply only exist due to the presence of man. Without man, there’s no demand. Without man, there’s no supply. So in a sense, man necessitated the coming about of the forces of demand and supply, and is more or less the originator of the whole mechanism, considering all the other things that have to come into play to make the whole process work. It’s not a static design, but still a design nonetheless, and is continuously ordered to best accommodate the prevailing economic situation.

  24. Design and order.

  25. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

    @six, make I park well first: How far? shey bodi enta cloth wella? E don tay wey I see you for here o…mesef go exile. I moved countries ni, so I just begin settle for my new domot.

    Now as to wetin you write for here:

    Questions first?

    1. Do you know it was actually a Christian priest who first conceptualized the modern sense of the big bang theory?
    2. Do you know you have committed what the white man calls a teleological fallacy?
    3. Do you know that the superiority of science (to religion, perhaps) lies essentially in its evolutionary state?
    4. Do you know perfection is not a natural state, and if you question anything enough – event the God concept- you will find huge, gaping discrepancies, logically or aesthetically or functionally?
    5. Do you know that the Big Bang theory does not invalidate the existence of a supreme being -God, in this instance.
    5. Do you know nothing makes sense – science may not make sense, and God may not also make sense – under the right light?
    6. Do you know this: “it all boils down to what you choose to believe, and your faith” is goddang right?
    7. Do you know you are a really fun, bright writer? Seriously

    The big bang theory is not a definitive theory – nothing in science is (remember Newtonian physics, Dalton’s laws etc.); it is going to be refined and replaced eventually. But for what we do know now about our universe (which is precious little, considering the titanic size of that ish, and its increasing expansivity), it serves as a logical working theory. it brings order, categorization and system into current knowledge. When knowledge does increase, and we find a better explanation, we will discard the TBBT.

    And you can’t assert the singular liveability of earth when we have only just begun to cast our eyes into the sky in a search for other habitable places in the innumerable plethora of worlds out there. Earth might have a lot of factors working for it, but it also has a lot of factors working against it (for one, it is a cruel and wasteful planet filled with the rather poisonous gas called Oxygen).

    1. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

      Great writing all the way though. Very you.

  26. @Omoniyi-Adeshola, it’s good to have you back mehn…but dude, if u disappear like that again, e no go funny, at all.

    I totally agree with all u said. I think I’ve got some revisions to make. I’ve gotta think a couple of things through. I be just dey ginger to postam, maybe that na why I no reason most of these things. You’re a smart dude O-money, seriously. I respect ur thoughts. Your head is korrect. Thanks for stopping by compadré.

    1. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

      @six, if I am a smart dude, you are a ‘smartest dudest’…and guy…it would be nice to read your revised thoughts. There is a way you put words, a way you frame and place them that is absolutely brilliant and loads of fun…the vividness of your imagination is something….I guess you dream in 3D colours, while the rest of us make do with Panasonic-black-and-white…lol. keep doing your stuff

  27. @Omoniyi-Adeshola, au contraîre mahn. My thoughts aren’t clear at ll, they’re all blurry and fuzzy and stained and retarded and smudged and whatever else. It’s ugly in there, but I try to survive. Thanks for stopping by bro.

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