Her Story

“mixed with toffee” kept ringing in my head as i trod past the t-junction daily in a hurry to make a living.

This hazy caption was a reminder of a woman vendor that once stood at this junction in a hurry to make a living. i took light her plight as i heightened my flight daily until she was no more.

Tolani see gist o! my friend and gossip partner Busola said when i got to work one sweet Saturday. i saw the caption mixed with toffee and froze as the story unfolded.

she was a graduate of home economics, beautiful and sought for………. she married at 22 and had nine surviving kids. she was abused daily, slighted and beaten. Tears streamed down my face as i continued to read.Her name was Folashade Forinwa and she married a macho woman beater all in the name of erm…. love or so they said.

He was so nice and caring until two years after they married when she was already a mother of two. “He is a great man” she repeatedly screamed when asked about her baby’s daddy with tears streaming down her face. she fled with he nine kids three years ago as the story continued and disguised as a Fulani woman selling homemade sweets at that t-junction. her kids could pass as nonaplets because they all had a ten-month space in-between them.

Tolani why the tears? Busola asked, i ignored and continued visualizing the smiling face of that toffee seller that had a brightening bite.

Her kids were schooled by her and were mannered to the least…… their contentment and apparent joy hid their past so well until he found them at that junction and asked her to return with him……….. until she bluntly refused and attempted to run……… until her scream “don’t send him to jail for he is a great man” drew the world’s attention as he drove that hateful metal farther into her stomach. she called on God to rescue her kids and give the a home………… their joy and contentment hid them until she was no more now the world is reading her story but non will know her like i did…… non will have a taste of her toffee flavored candy or hear her call out to all “mixed with toffee”


7 thoughts on “Her Story” by kay (@kaymillion)

  1. It’s short and straight-forward but laced with punctuation issues; you need to dot your “Is” and “Ts.”

    Well-done for the effort :)

    1. kay (@kaymillion)

      thanks so much for the observance and for stopping by @innoalifa

  2. ufuoma otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    Oh my… this was a good inspiring read but so many errors my dear.
    “I” should be captilized. When you started a new sentense, some of the time you didn’t capitalized the first letter. Your usage of the dots “…….”. was oo much, limit it to just 3 “…”

    Its amazing how I’m telling you this because these were some of the issues I had that was also pointed out to me on NS. I do hope you get better because I did!!

    1. kay (@kaymillion)

      thanks so much for the correction. I will look into it

      and thanks for stopping by @ufuomaotebele

  3. Although you need to take care of the paragraphing and dialogues to make it more formal, but this is undoubtedly a great piece. Write on.

    1. kay (@kaymillion)

      noted, thanks for your encouraging words @Hextophar

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