Side Effect of Love

Side Effect of Love



I lost sleep
My appetite fled me
Am just too occupied with her thoughts.
                My legs turned into icebergs
           My breath almost expired
For the world freezes each time
Her name greets my ears.
            All she says is milk
          All she flows is honey
          But  others’ bitter than mara!

…So they say am sick
They all say am weak
And off they dragged me to a physician
To cure what ever the predicament may be.

… my story I narrated
All the tale I unleashed
               How she gave me philtre pills
               And let it flushed down
My clogged me,
Irrigate my dormant marrow
And sprouted my dead heart to life,
Grow roses in my once upon a time
Desert heart.
Till  love garden surrounds our land!

Then he replied me in a husky voice
He said:”No diagnosis , no weeks of bed rest
For you are not sick
My son you are not weak
This is a simply an obvious case of side effect of love!”

2 thoughts on “Side Effect of Love” by petersonspecies (@Petersonspecies)

  1. ufuoma otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    Mehn I’ve been love sick b4 the only prescription I took was time…. in time u will get better. I loved how this spoke to me and am sure other people can relate to it.

    job well done

  2. I support @ufuomaotebele because time really heals all wounds… need not stop loving but only be careful with the passage of time and life.

    I love the structural and thematic presentation of the poem. It is truth-telling. Well done:)

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