Scattered Lines

Form, used to be it;
Structure was
What made it complete.

So all rhymes
And metrical measurements
Were employed in the marking
Of my lines;

And the intertwining
Of the cords formed
By my measured lines.

And the weaving of the cords
To get the strength
I thought was required
To draw the attention
Of the world.

But then the emptiness
That results from the
Firmness and strictness

As against the
Fluidity and harmony
And spirit of
Flowing thoughts-turned-word
On my paper
And on the ear of the listener

As against the colourful imageries
of beauty that poesy is.

4 thoughts on “Scattered Lines” by Idiong Divine (@Idiong_Divine)

  1. This is beautiful. It has all the characteristics that make a good poetry
    -good structure
    -rich thematic content…

    Well done @idiong_divine :)

    1. @innoalifa Thank you so much for comment bro. I will keep doing my best.

  2. Poetry is a combination of a whole lot of things. I like this.
    Well done

  3. @chime221 Thanks a lot. I like your comment.

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