The Puzzle In My Mind

The Puzzle In My Mind

Black-CoupleWhy does my mind love her so much?
Did my heart bribe my head over the choice of this lady?

I know!
That for a very long time before now
the quest for true love has been my ultimate search
But at a time
I had to stop the chase
Waiting patiently for that day when true love like the holy grail will find my humble self.

Day by day
I see pleasant and pleasurable sights of adorable angels
at various check points in this mountainous township of the Sunshine State.

The child of God has discovered
that the daughters of men are beautiful
But for how long shall a man wait in Jerusalem for the beautiful ones that are yet to be born?

Even within my whole mind of conviction
my eagle eyes are wide open to the fact that
not all damsels beautiful are bright
and not all ladies bright are beautiful.

More often than not
faces of ladies I see are under the influence of
pan-cake and various powders
thicker in texture than the age-long ewekoro cement.

If you want a truth that sets you free
stumble upon your so-called baby very early in the morning
when the night must have removed the make-up from her face
I assure that you will seee a Leah instead of the Rachael you have been dreaming about.

They are like birds well adorned in clothe
but lacking in the qualitative content of character and heart.

Now that age has not caged them
they lure the lustful eyes with the obviously obvious exogenic invitation of their back and front.
But woe unto the hands that take them to the altar
for such men have just successfully acquired plastic products that shall break, bend and expand amoebalically in a matter of moments after consistent panel-beatings.

How pleasant are apples untouched than those pears so plundered by the sampling hands of invaders!
More bitter than death is a lady that has lost the V-word in her total table of Virtue and more unfortunate than ever is a man ensnared in the lap of such a fowler.

Driven by a strong determination of dignity
I totally refused to be tempted by the same temptation that almost tempted me to a tempestuous tempting during the trying times of the adolescent aluta.

Working on the father land is more of a bridge than a barrier
Freedom and capacity have been sent into the gaol of self-discipline
The spirit of truth has come to stay and the passions of a great tomorrow are no longer at ease as they beg to be unleashed in the nick of time.

But there is this street next to my room
a road after my own heart
which has become an important place to go
for there I find relaxation for my mind.

A relaxation that comes from seeing the face of
this dark and lovely idol
an epitome of dazzling beauty.

This idol is an African beauty and
sweet and scenting are the smiles that string across the natural beautiful face that accommodates her cheek.

Had we but world enough and time
I would have devoted a whole millennium to the
pouring of affectionate libations before her majesty,
this beauty idol I call my FIRST LADY

She may be a beauty in any beholder’s eye.
but in my own eyes she is an apple.
handling her requires more care than an egg.
She has a kind and simple heart
that could earn the love of kings.

In midnight dreams when the stars impress beautiful thoughts of tomorrow on my mind
I dream of a future with her in the picture

So rapturous are the rhapsodies of divine love
that comes with the fascination of this imagination
of a rose in my garden of love.

As much as my Romeo desires this Juliet
I am ready to fight for love
and her true love alone.
But a question remains unanswered

If tomorrow is hidden to mere eyes
and time and chance happen to all a man does
What will become of this blossoming love for that girl?

This and many other issues remain a perplexing puzzle in my mind!

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  1. A loving memoir in a poetic style.
    Nice work @olaoluololade :)

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