I’m shy I’m crowd shy Coming from a background sly Where everything is kick and go, fly Mother at the mercy of father’s fry Demon sitting in their anagram’s fry Everyday singing apple pie la monde, why? Mondays of tick lens giving way for the little space called eye Blood shot red, everything like a … Continue reading Stupid

Caricature Of A Lonely Heart: 6

The students of junior class Two A gathered in front of the music room after they had received summon from their social studies student-teacher, Tonia. “Will you people keep quiet or do you want me to use the cane on you?” said a teacher that was teaching in a class next to the music room. … Continue reading Caricature Of A Lonely Heart: 6

Orunmila’s Letter-Episode 11-The Acquaintance 4

The program was gloriously concluded on the third day. Apparently increased wisdom came upon Matti when John laid hands on him,his interpretation was more accurate than ever and he shared this testimony in a most funny way. The Reverend summoned all leaders to the front of the church and he stood on the pulpit,dropped his … Continue reading Orunmila’s Letter-Episode 11-The Acquaintance 4

Clara’s Transition

‘Do you think you can just drop this ‘google’ and have fun after work?’ asked Mabel. Clara grinned and shook her head wondering at Mabel’s silliness. The google Mabel was referring to was her medicated eye glasses that makes Clara look ‘madamish’ She continued with her work in the bank as a Customer Service Supervisor … Continue reading Clara’s Transition



Orgasm gone drab, sour and sore Bloodied….pretty hurts, cool kills What’s left of me Excruciating body pains A reminder of the rough crunch.   Hmmm…guilty pleasure, wow! Mind blowing, uh! ah!! uh!!! Breath held in seizures of gasps Oxygen…hmmm Till the fist and blast   Hush! Don’t you dare I knew it from the start … Continue reading Sneakers

Naija Heels on Cobbled Streets 2

As soon as her husband’s hand started to travel from the base of her back to the flesh round her navel, Peju froze. She stared into the black blanket of darkness as if prying harder would make the night part, to reveal light. Today, she found out that a woman she left her children with … Continue reading Naija Heels on Cobbled Streets 2