Orunmila’s Letter-Episode 21-The Separation 2

“Its been over a month since Asake informed me…..maybe I should go…..I think I should.” Ireti thought to herself. Asake laughed the moment she asked her to get ready to travel with her.

“I know her like the back of my hands” she exclaimed joyfully. “At least I”ll get to see my love whilst we are there”she soliloquised with a blush.

“My Princess! What are you wearing? Are you pretending to be a boy?”

“Of course not! Its the art of disguise,let me change into something a little better.”

The west had evolved into being the most european-fashion forward ethnic group in the country due to their increasing number of literates. The youths had whatever was trending in Lagos-the pencil trousers,knee length dresses,hoods,gloves e.t.c. These items made a few look glamorous while the others were tacky to say the least.

Simon began his teaching session in the lesson hall. It was a really large hall crammed and filled with youths,teens and several adults. He looked terrific in his fitted jeans and t-shirt,he sat on top of a bench which was mounted on the stage, his legs were crossed as he addressed them.

“It doesn’t matter the number of times you fall,the problem with a man isn’t that he fell. Its that he fell and refused to get up”

“Ride on!” The congregation roared excitedly. He noticed someone’s entrance even whilst he spoke,the lady looked very much like Ireti, and he saw someone that was quite like Asake.

“But why’s Ireti dressed that way? Have I ever seen her using a veil?” He wondered. She sat next to a male figure she appeared to be talking to,with Asake on the other side. He fumed with anger when he saw her tapping his chest lightly and putting her hand on his shoulder.

“That’s all for today guys. Thanks for coming” he said twenty minutes after seeing her do that.

“What’s wrong? Did we do something?” Several voices echoed in the room,they were surprised. He hadn’t even spoken for one quarter of his allotted time.

“Maybe he’s tired” they concluded and waited for him to walk out before they followed suit.

“What’s wrong with him?” He asked a mother who held onto her sickly teenager with tears in her eyes.

“He has tuberculosis! The infirmary said there’s no cure for it yet”the lanky woman asserted.

“No cure? Nonsense”He replied as he laid a hand on the young boy’s chest and commanded him to be healed.

“And her?”

“She was born deaf” a relative of the young girl replied.

He touched her ears and spoke into them saying “You’re healed” .

After doing these,he exited the hall with Patricia and Ayo by his side. There was something much more matured about him,he carried himself with elegance and an air of control. Ire cried beneath her veil as she saw all these happening.

“Thanks for keeping me company” she said to Asake’s love.” You two relax and talk here,I will be waiting outside.”

“Did you see those miracles?and that girl?She must be his girlfriend! What an admirable couple.” “I just love his eyes..their colour..I heard they kissed during their study time last night..” The two girls gossiped energetically,and all to Ireti’s hearing.

“I’m glad to know that he’s moved on” she said as she lay down on the back seat of the car.

“What happened?why are you angry?” Ayo asked him curiously when they got home.

“Its nothing!”

” Are you sure? You look like you’re about to cry”

“Cry? Of course not! I’m just trying to get rid of several memories”he replied.

“I can’t wait to travel Mum” Ire said as she wept on the queen’s bosom.

“That’s hurtful! Won’t you miss me? Well..it won’t be long…you have four more days to go. I will miss you my baby” the woman said with tears in her eyes. ”

“So you”ll soon leave me in this country Ire? And you’ll start speaking big big oyinbo when you return” Ayike teased with a sad expression on her face.

“I’ll always write you and send you things! So,don’t worry..what are best friends for? She asked smiling.

And so Ireti departed from Ayetoro,with memories she hoped to forget,and an aching heart which required repairs. She was to study at Gloucester College,one of the best in London at the time.

On arrival,she found the atmosphere most soothing,the white people were quite fascinating,and there were lots of amazing snacks there also. Being a shy person,she had a few friends and found her course to be a most challenging one but,her passion for it burned fervently whenever she remembered her source of inspiration.

Few months after scoring one of the highest grades in the entry exam nationwide,Simon also left the shores of Ayetoro. He was offered a scholarship fund to study his selected course at the University of Aberdeen which was a specialised school for business and management courses. He had little friends and tons of admirers who wished to court him.

Focused on soul winning,his education, and the restoration of his family’s prestige and honour,he paid no attention to these ‘distractions’ and spent his time reading,going on tours,working to send his grandma money and winning souls whenever he could.

Ever since Rev Theo’s retirement,he returned back to England and Sims spent his vacation with his family whenever the school was on holiday,he was most accepted by the Reverend’s family. Theo’s wife who was supposed to be the assistant minister in Ayetoro,was prompted by her husband’s retirement to make the same decision and enjoy life with their children and grand children.

Although they studied in the same country,fate never permitted these two to set eyes on themselves. They boarded the same plane as they headed home for the first time in five years. She was on the first class section,while his ticket was for the economy. Her course which was medicine lasted for five years whilst his was for three years,he also completed his masters programme for an additional two years before deciding to return home.

“Gooday passengers! We hope you had a nice experience,Please put on your seatbelts,Boeing Flight 303 is approaching the Lagos Airport.We’re sure you enjoyed your trip..Always remember to choose Pan Am….Your ticket to exquisite and first class treatment” An air hostess announced.

The moment Boeing Flight 303 landed at the airport,fate resumed its plan. She wore a lengthy brown jacket,black trousers,with her signature red lipstick, the chocolate coloured weavon on her head danced in the wind as she wheeled her luggages and waited for someone to pick her up. Sims on the other hand wore a navy blue coat with fitted jeans and a white shirt,they both looked amazing and passed themselves by without recognising one another from behind.

“You look so wonderful Son! Look at your hair!!” Mr Akinwale,his dad’s best friend and lawyer exclaimed as he embraced him tightly. “You’ve really grown up to be a more charming replica of your Mother’s. Let’s head home,there’s a lot to discuss. I’m sure Rebecca won’t believe her eyes….” The elderly man added as they got into the saloon car and departed.

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