Orunmila’s Letter-Episode 20-The Separation

“Tisha tisha!!”The guards hailed him as he stepped into the palace.

“No one is home,they all went to grace an important function. Its just the Princess that’s around,she couldn’t go because she wasn’t feeling too well” Asake explained when she saw him.

“Wait! Let me inform her, she hasn’t woken up yet today,she couldn’t sleep last night….”

“Don’t bother,I”ll announce my arrival personally.”

He should have introduced himself when he knocked,she was scantily clad in her nightgown because she assumed it was Asake.

“Oh My…What are you doing here??”She asked fearfully as she ran underneath her bed spread.

“State your business at once” she commanded. “I came drop this off..I’m leaving tomorrow” and he threw the book on her couch.

“Thanks! What else?”

“Where did I go wrong?” He asked tearfully.

“You went wrong when you fell for my tricks.” After struggling to put on a shirt underneath the covers,she stood up with the intention of kicking him out.

He wrapped his hand around her neck and heard her shudder. “If it was a trick,why did you just shiver?” He vociferated and beads of sweat creased his brows.

“Because I’m cold”she answered, and asked him to get out before her guards threw him out.

He wept bitterly as he embraced his grandma who kissed his cheeks.” You will pass and get in my son,I know you will. I love you” she said with red eyes.

” Don’t forget to take these” she said to the driver who was loading the booth. It was ‘Pakuru’ a local delicacy made with ripe plaintains,roasted groundnuts and fresh palm oil. The Reverend fell in love with it during his stay. Virtually everyone gathered at the church to bid him farewell,he was also given lots of gifts by some brethren while the others wept.

It took one and a half hour to get to Amiran.”I’ve laid hands on you,prayed with you,advised you and blessed you. Go ahead and conquer! Theo said as he wiped off the young man’s tears” “I will always write you,make me proud” he ordered after handing him over to Reverend Benedict.

Amiran was much more westernised than Ayetoro,most of the male youths there were ill-mannered,while the girls were loose. He went for a stroll at night and saw lots of girls walking in groups on the road,their faces were dusted with too much powder,lips with something that almost dripped off. It was too watery to be called lipstick,but that was what these girls called it. They stared at him,whistled,made comments, and when they tried to approach him,he took to his heels.

Reverend Benedict travelled to England on business the next day so he was quite lonely in the rather large house. There was food and the environment was beautiful, but he had no one to talk to. Thoughts of Ireti came to him,he brushed them off and opened the new Bible he was given by Bola. He was amazed at the revelation and insights he received from this mysterious book

His lessons started the next day and he was stunned at the calibre of students he met. The teaching was nice but he couldn’t quite wrap his head the behaviours of the people in his class. He made just two friends,Ayomide and Patricia-a boy and girl. They were really friendly and nice, Patricia was lean and fair with a few dark spots but she was nothing compared to his Ireti.

“Why are you always mute whenever we’re talking about girls and relationships?” Ayo asked him once when they both paid him a visit over at the Reverend’s house.

“You’ve never fallen in love or what?”

“Leave him jor….he’s a saint unlike you” Patricia replied and touched Sims’ hair gently.

“I would rather not discuss that topic” he said to them and his eyes turned red

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