Orunmila’s Letter-Episode 19-The Preparation 2

He was accosted on his way home by some scary looking thugs who gave him a black eye and a half broken rib even as they threatened him. Fortunately,a neighbour came to his rescue and took him home. His grandma was furious and most emotional when she saw him.

“What have they done to my son?” She lamented with both hands on her head. “Do you know the boys who did this?”

“No Ma,they just issued me a warning and said the message was from the royal family” he slept off after this.

“Ire! Ire!! Ire!!!” He yelled from his sleep with tears in his eyes. He left off the part where the thugs threw the locket at him saying Ireti had no use for it,because it was filthy and distasteful-just like his impoverished family.

“I think your wings have overgrown! How dare you get involved in such without telling me? Are you trying to disgrace us? Someone who was once mad?” The Queen fumed with anger as she spoke.

“Who told you? It was Yike right?I felt like having fun with him because I thought it was love. But I realised that it was pointless.”

“Has he..”Her mother asked fearfully

“No Ma,he has not”.Relieved,the woman embraced her daughter.

She was pleaded with to come over to Simon’s house the next day. “I can’t come….l”

“Please my Princess,you have to,the elderly woman needs you”. The young lad named Mark said,after which he led her to the house.

“She said my friend is ill” he said to her with a sad expression,”But I don’t know why she wants to see you,maybe she requires the King’s help”.

“Good evening Ma”

“My angel,its good to see you. Hope your parents are fine?”

“They are Ma” she replied nervously. “My daughter,you know boys of these days can be quite misguided. Sometimes they act immaturedly and impatient for no reason at all. Whatever my grandson may have done to you requires an apology and your forgiveness. Please forgive him,he’s all I have left. You know he was ill for a long time,so maybe he’s finding it difficult to adjust. I was surprised when he called you,a royal Princess! his wife. Don’t take those words seriously,and please have mercy”the elderly woman pleaded.

“Mama,I don’t understand what you’re saying” she felt cold and hot at the same time in this beautiful living room. She loved the house’s design.

“Where is he Ma?”

“He’s asleep in his room,he won’t wake till its late evening because of the agbo I gave him. Please don’t ask what’s wrong with him,I know you know…” she replied with a worried look that disrupted her wrinkled face.

“Who did this?” She asked herself in tears the moment she bolted his room’s door. “What am I saying? I know who” she added with a regained composure. “Why can’t I leave without touching him?” She wondered and bent over to peck his lips and swollen eye. A drop of her tears hit his face,she wiped it off gently and left.

“I can’t believe you did this Ayike!” She exclaimed in anger. “Why..how could you?” Ireti asked angrily.

“I swear it wasn’t me,it must be those people who bruised him the first time. Believe me! Please go home..I’ll see you tomorrow morning,its too late for you to be walking around.”

Sims woke up feeling quite better,he had a dream that felt very much like reality. “Did anyone come here?”

“Nooo!” His grandma replied tenderly as she cleaned his wounds.

Ireti woke up feeling refreshed. “This ought to be a good day” she thought to herself,this was interrupted by her mother’s entrance.

“I just spoke with your father,you leave for London in two months. I’m so glad you’ll be able to study medicine,you’ve been ranting about it since you were a kid.”

“Ahhh! Don’t you think its too soon? I haven’t even written the entry exams..”

“You don’t need to,its your royal privilege”the fat woman added with a smile.”We will really miss you my dear..just yesterday you were a kid and now…”

“At least its a great opportunity for me to leave these memories” Ireti soliloquised after her mom’s exit.

The whole village felt emotional the next week when The Reverend announced that he would be leaving in two days. John and several leaders wept sadly,and Alamu greatly rejoiced. Bola wept whilst hugging Simon”you’ve become my little brother,I will miss you terribly” she said.

He was to leave with Theo,but their destinations were far apart. Amiran was closer to Ayetoro than Amuwa,and they were scheduled to leave together because of the limited means of transportation. A driver was to take them both in the Reverend’s white 504.

“Where are you going to?” His grandma asked in concern,”Shouldn’t you be resting?”

“I should,but I can’t. I’m off to the palace,I want to give this back to Ire”

“Give what back? Please don’t go”

“I have to return this textbook Mama,else I won’t be at rest” he replied and stormed out of the house.

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