Orunmila’s Letter-Episode 15-The Love Birds 3

His hands slid across her face briefly,even as he parted her lips with his middle finger.

“Are you alright my dear?” He asked the moment he sighted golden tears dropping from her innocent eyes.

Without waiting for a reply,he cleaned them up with his lips.

“I’m not hurting you..or am I? Do you want this?” She nodded in response without even knowing what he meant.

“I’ve been wanting to do this ever since I set my eyes on you” he said as he moved his face closer to hers. Their lips were not farther than an inch apart,they could feel the air coming out of one another’s nostrils.

Alas! His head crashed down on her lap,he had fallen asleep.

Her hands caressed his curly hair gently,even as she sobbed quietly and wondered what his earlier actions meant. She stared at the pale pink lips that almost claimed hers and wondered what it would have felt like.

“He loves me? Or was it just a side effect of the drugs?” She wondered sadly as she read the precautionary warnings beneath the packs of all the drugs she administered. to him previously. His mischievous grin even while he was asleep made her wonder if this was all a game to him.

After sitting still for hours,she carefully secured his head with two pillows and went to prepare dinner for him in the kitchen. Although this wasn’t the most beautiful house she had visited,it was one of the coziest and neatest.”Thumbs up to his grandma” she soliloquised quietly.

He was awakened from his dreams by a knock on the door.

“If Ireti has left where’s that lovely aroma coming from?” He wondered,limped to the wooden door and opened it slightly.

“The Reverend wants to know if you’re fine since you haven’t resumed duty today” a little boy named Mark(also Maaki) asked grinning,he was a close confidant of Simon’s.

“I’m just a little bit tired that’s all. Tell him not to bother coming,its nothing serious”

“I will..where’s that aroma from? Is mama back?can I have a taste?..”

“No and No,I’m sorry you can’t. But I owe you one”

“Make that two” the little truant said as he ran off.

“Ireti? You startled me! I thought you had left”

“Ehen?to where?why would I leave you? Don’t hurt your healing bones”she said after which she assisted him in sitting on a wooden chair in front of his reading table.

“Okay ma! Why are your eyes red?”He asked tenderly.

“It must be the fumes from the coal pot”.

“Are you serious?” He asked the moment she set a plate of hot eba and vegetable soup endowed with lots of ingredients.

“I thought you hated cooking a bit?”

“Thank God you said ‘a bit’..I do..but I didn’t want you to die of hunger. Those cereals are extremely light,the King calls them bird food and complains of insatisfaction whenever he eats them so..I knew you would be hungry”

“I really don’t know what else to say..you’re a lifesaver.”

“Before you get carried away,pardon my cookery flaws. There’s too much salt in there,I was jolted the instant I heard that knock and I..”She stated nervously.

“I don’t mind dear,I believe it would be the best thing I’ve ever tasted” “Oya open!” She commanded as she fed him with a ball of eba which was dipped into the green soup.

“Can you remember all that happened between yesterday and now?” She asked as she rolled the last ball of eba.

“I’m afraid I don’t,a sharp pain rocks my head whenever I try to” he added and rubbed his forehead gently.

“Sorry..” She replied.”I knew it was the drugs at work!”She thought sadly,her bright eyes turned red instantly and she packed the dishes to the kitchen so she could cry for a while,and dry her eyes before returning to him.

The instant she returned to the living room,she saw him limping gently.

“Mr Man! Where are you limping to?” She asked sarcastically.

“To the backyard,so we can relax beneath the cypress tree there”.

“But you should have called me” she insisted and held him as they both walked out of the house. They fit Ayetoro’s replica of an English couple with her black gown,and his shorts & blue t-shirt bought for him by his grandma and wealthy uncle(his father’s best friend). His grandma always endeavoured to get him some whenever she travelled for trading activities. The elderly woman believed that traditional wears didn’t suit him,she said they made him look like an outcast.

They chatted anxiously for hours while she also fed him with tangerines. The location of his house suited this purpose,it was situated far away from other houses. Their closest neighbours lived 18 miles away.

“A www” Ireti yawned tiredly. “Uhmmm Ire?” He beckoned on her weakly.

“I want you to have this” He stretched forth his closed palm towards her.

“What is it? She asked smiling and he opened his palm in response.

“Its my mother’s locket…one of the only belongings of hers she entrusted to me. Maybe its not the best for your class,but its a promise. Very soon I”ll get you all that you deserve and more,think of this as a reminder of my promise” he added and there were tears in her eyes.

“She’s very beautiful..you look just like her”she confessed after thoroughly examining the picture.

“Thanks my dear…Furthermore,I think I remember something…..”

And before she replied, his mouth claimed hers,and their lips were locked. He felt her tears and kissed them all,after which his lips revisited hers. It was a most passionate experience for them both. Her hands rubbed his hair whilst this was happening,while his were wrapped around her neck. His mouth proceeded farther downwards beneath her lips.

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  1. This is not as awkward as your earlier episodes which were structurally deficient.

    Well done :)

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