Orunmila’s Letter-Episode 10-The Acquaintance 3

John’s sermon on the second day was most impactful and insightful. He taught on righteousness and expounded on its meaning,implication,and fruits.”You’re not righteous because you’re rich,or because you don’t lie. Your righteousness is of God and not your good deeds. He qualifies the called and not vice versa. See,when a drunkard receives salvation,he doesn’t stop drinking. It takes time for him to do away with the bottle but even while he’s yet to do so,believe me he’s more righteous than an unbeliever who has never sinned. Why? Because he’s born again” he said vehemently,his theme scripture was Romans 5:17. When he was done preaching,he walked up to Matti who was about to exit the stage,and laid hands on him. It was a miraculous meeting! A middle aged woman commented gladly as she narrated her experience to a friend.
“Simon! Ireti yelled as she finally sighted him. She had been waiting for over fifty minutes and had dismissed all her escorts except Asake. It was raining heavily,and she shuddered beneath the empty shed far away from the church venue. “Are you sure this road leads to his house?” Asake asked her for the umpteenth time since the rain started. “Yes,I’m very sure. Sorry for inconveniencing you Asake,but I made him a promise. I can’t go back on my word,we must wait” she said tenderly and he approached not long after that statement. “Your high.. Sorry…Ireti! What are you doing here? Were you waiting for me?” His huge pupils dilated as he inquired of her. “Kind of. I didn’t want to go back on my word.” “Can’t believe you actually waited. I’m so sorry,I had some extra errands to run” “Its no problem,I have to head home now,his majesty will be quite worried” “I must accompany you two then,since its all my fault” he said worriedly.
They talked about diverse subjects as he escorted her home. From God,to stars,the galaxy,humans,other ethnic groups,and the sun.They both conversed as though Asake was invincible,the duo was lost in deep thoughts. She shuddered constantly as a result of the cold weather. “My princess..are you alright?” Asake asked. “Yes I am,its no problem” Simon pulled his buba almost immediately since he wore a dark t-shirt underneath it, and wrapped it around her shoulders. “Feel better now?” He asked her,”You shouldn’t have..of course I do” those were the last words they spoke as they trekked quietly,with deep thoughts and hormones raging inside of them.
“Rest your head,go to bed”a still voice told him as he kept thinking of the day’s past events. “What am I feeling? Maybe its just friendly emotions” he concluded. There was a knock on his door,even as his granny walked in. She was the love of his life,he smiled as she walked in with a hot bowl of pap and akara balls fried in fresh palm oil.”Eat my son” she commanded.”Not unless you eat with me”he added even as he shoved a ball in her mouth. Surprisingly enough,they finished the meal together. “I love you Ma” he said as she left his room.”I just wonder if I feel the same way about Ireti” he thought to himself as he lay on the cold bed.
“I must confess your behaviour has been quite suspicious of late oh! And that annoying maid of yours has refused to tell me a thing, I hope you’re alright my dear? I’ve asked the maids to prepare a warm bath for you. When you’re done,the cook will prepare a spicy soup for you to drink,you hear?” Olori Ayoka said with her arms akimbo. Her daughter was a replica of this large and cheerful queen(Ayoka). “Yes mama. But.. I won’t be hindered from attending the next service..will I?” “Are you still asking? You can’t go any where oh.. Not until you’re strong enough. If its the communion,it will be brought to you by the oyinbo. I”ll ask the reverend for that favour. Goodnight my princess,I love you” she said even as she hugged Ireti tightly and pecked her dark cheeks.”Won’t you answer me?” She asked as she tickled Ireti who laughed uncontrollably and grudgingly replied. She felt much better now that she had taken her bath,and her rotund belly rumbled for more chicken soup.”At least he”ll come over tomorrow. And we held hands for a brief moment.”She said blushing.” I’m not an expert at these things,when Yike returns from her supposed ‘holiday’ she would give me more reasonable counsel” Ireti soliloquised and dozed off few minutes later. Her dreams were filled with him,she blushed intermittently even whilst she was asleep.

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  1. Nice but not well-rendered. You still have to work on your punctuation and paragraphing. You should give a lot of spaces in between paragraphs in order to present the story well.

    Keep writing :)

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