The Men She Loved (13)

He grinned at her and took a cursory look at her body, from her face to her feet, and up again. It sent a pleasurable jolt of electricity down her spine.

“No need to cover up. I have seen you naked…before.” She rolled her eyes and slipped her top back on. “You look good, half naked.”

“Why are you here?” she asked him again.

“I came to apologize for leaving so suddenly.”

“It’s ok.”

“How are you doing? You seem a little stressed.”

Lola sighed and ran her fingers through her hair. Dayo was seated in her armchair with one leg over it. He looked as though he owned the space and she was the stranger that had burst in uninvited.

“I have a client in five minutes. I need to change.”

“I’m not stopping you,” He grinned at her again, flashing his white teeth and making her melt with his dimples. She needed to get away from him. He was like a drug she had to have more of even knowing he was bad for her. She smiled back at him slowly and held his gaze and she began to unbutton her shirt, though she could take it off without undoing the three buttons. She watched him lick his lips and lower his eyes to her chest. His breathing became a tad bit perceptible.

Satisfied that she had his attention, she stuck her tongue at him, grabbed her gym bag and waltzed out. She heard his stunned groans following her and they were like music.

“Omolola Adejoke Omodunni! You do not play fair!” He called out after her.

The rest of her day was fairly uneventful. Ada had not turned up but then she rarely came more than once a week anyway so her absence did not send off red flags. By the time Lola returned to her office, Dayo was gone but there was a note left for her on her desk:


We shall finish what you started.



She smiled despite herself and tucked the note away. Her phone rang and she picked it up.

“Lola have you called your brother? It’s his birthday today, you know.”

“Yes mum. I didn’t get through though. But I’m heading to his now.”

“I called and one girl picked it up. Please which one is this one now?”

Lola laughed but didn’t respond to her mother’s question.

“You won’t tell me abi? It’s ok. At least she spoke well.”

“Mum, I’ve got to get changed.”

“Ok ok. I won’t keep you. Bye.”

She had an en-suite bathroom and she entered it to take a shower. She kept a couple nice outfits in a closet in her office, for after work events that needed a more selective attire than what she might wear during the day. This time, she selected a dark green wrap around dress. Her brother’s girlfriend had informed her that she would be holding a surprise birthday party for him and it was easier for her to make the journey from work.

She hadn’t seen her brother in a month and she felt slightly guilty about that. They used to call each other all the time but he got busy with his new job at a law firm and she…she wasn’t sure she had an excuse. She glanced at her carefully wrapped present on the passenger’s seat. She hoped he liked it. He had a thing for Formula 1, so she got him the Formula 1 encyclopedia.

“Ah Lola!” Ronke draped her chanel no.5 drenched arms around Lola’s neck and kissed both her cheeks. “Lola darling, you are right on time, as always.”

When Ronke released her she was able to breathe again. She was still not sure how she felt about her brother’s latest squeeze but she had to admit Ronke was beautiful. Her skin seemed to glow from the inside out . She had graceful slanted eyes and wide lips. Her hair was golden brown and fell unto her shoulders where it curled. Her eyes were hazel and she had a voluptuous frame. She considered herself to be fashion forward and today she wore a pale brown sheer mini dress that could have easily been mistaken for her skin except for the diamante that sparkled.

“Come come, Yomi is inside.” Lola followed her into her brother’s apartment and though she knew the flat well, she let Ronke play the role of hostess and lead the way.

The men were having a heated argument about the political uncertainty in the country. She smirked at the familiarity of it. Yomi was sitting on his chair nursing a glass of Hennessey, judging by the bottle on the table. She recognized two of his friends and smiled her greeting. There was a third man with his back to her who seemed oddly familiar.

“Sis!” Yomi jumped up and pulled her into a bear hug. His hugs were similar to being embraced by an anaconda. At least one thing that Yomi and Ronke seemed to have in common. The mystery man turned and she saw that it was Temi.

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