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We are all looking for love, our every action is asking for love, our tweets, our laughs, our longings, we all want to be loved and I’m no different.
I guess my problem is I want to love someone, I want to look someone in the eyes and sincerely say that I love her, saying the three magic words is not hard for me, I have said it to a lot of people and I said them honestly. Whenever I say the three magic words I mean them, at the point at the very second I’m in love with that person till I get bored, love is easy for me, I love easily but then I get bored and run back to my ex, she is my anchor, I run back to what is familiar, I go back to the person I believed really loved me and took me for who I was, I know I have to move on but I just can’t, she was my first ever real girlfriend of course she is special to me.
Love Is easy, love is sweet, love is magical but only when reciprocated, I see love all around me, or I think I do, I see couples together, smiling, hugging each other, completing each other’s sentences and I feel the longing for something similar, I want to love, I want someone to take me for who I am, girls like me, “Like” the key word there, I’m always there for everybody, the listening ear, the shoulder to cry on, the confidant they need but then I’m always second to someone in their lives, I’m never priority and I accepted that until recently.
I feel I’m maturing, growing up relationshipwise, learning from mistakes, letting people go, that is the hardest part but I have to, I love people seasonally, this week I think I’m in love with Biola two weeks’ time it is Teju, I have issues, lotta of them but I’m working on them.
My ex is important my ex is special, in fact ideleted her off bbm because I gave her an ultimatum to either date me or fuck off, she chose the latter so I deleted her, we still talk on phone, we fight less on phone there are days I have the longing for her, her voice, making her laugh, see her chubby cheeks but I hold that in check, I have to move on, good experience but I have to move on.
Most people would say relationships aint everything, I know a girl who is single for almost 2 years now and she claims she is happy, different strokes for different folks, me, I just want herhappiness. Happiness has different sources we just have to find ours.
And then there are days I’m happy I’m single, when those couples that make long for a relationship starts exhibiting their flaws, fights, cheating, jealousy, then I’m happy I’m single because I don’t have to deal with all that.
I loved a girl for the better part of over a year, even when I was in my relationship I loved someone else but she never gave me a chance, she said she had otherpriorities, if she had said yes then, I would have broken up my relationship and missed out on a great thing, moral lesson of that is “move on if she aintready now she never would be”.
Right now I think I’m in love with five people, yup 5 I love everyone different, they are all special in their own way and I’m happy with them.

5 thoughts on “love musings” by damilare oso (@damilareoso)

  1. Love remain the greatest victor. The Latins have not ceased saying that “amor vincit omnia” which means and implies that love conquers all men and women irrespective of colour, race, religion or belief. Though I enjoyed the fact that love has a special place in your heart, I believe the rendition can be better if better structured.

    Well done for the effort :)

  2. ufuoma otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    Hmmm…. no comment!

  3. It would have been more awesome if you had used some punctuations and spacings well. Your message was passed across though. Don’t give up on love.

  4. Ha, I like the way you just spoke your mind tho. Well, love bears different meanings to different people, but if you ask me, true love endures. If you truly love someone, that feeling never dies. @DAMILAREOSO

  5. Thumbs up to those who have the ability to love five people all at once….I wonder how that is possible. Anyway, good write up…. quick and easy to read, but spotted few errors. Don’t treat your writing like you do your love life :)

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