Had I Known

Had I Known

Michael sat on the edge of his large, king-sized bed, resting one of his cheeks on his outward-faced left palm and in his right hand was contained a neatly enframed photograph of a man, a woman and a little child, smiles on all of their faces.
As he sat there, alone, his breathing gently resonating with the rise of fall of the leaves bent by wind outside, all that kept him conscious was the heavy rain splattering across his stained bedroom glass window. He was deep in thought, and what he was speculating about was nothing of a stretch – he was thinking about the happenings of the past day.
What if he had stopped to help her? He thought.

Wouldn’t she still be alive at this particular moment?. Her death would forever be a stain on my conscience, wouldn’t it?. All these thoughts swirled round in the head of Mike as he tried to convince himself that he was not totally wrong, but everytime he did, his conscience failed him woefully. Had I known, he thought.

Mike was speeding straight through Highway III. He had lost all sense of security and was just pumping more gas into the car, propelling it forward and forcing the speedometer to swing from a lower number to another higher one. He passed multiple speed limits but couldn’t care less as there was no officer standing attention at the speed zones. In another minute, he had reached the main road connecting his Abeokuta town to Ibadan City, and heaved a sigh of relief as he joined the normal traffic. He was ecstatic about finally meeting the chairman of his company, who was a Dutch, and requested to see him. This might mean a promotion for him. He was really happy.

Just minutes into his commuting of the town, he saw an accident which had occurred by the roadside. He glanced over his side to view what was happening and saw that the car swerved into a ditch. One of the people gathered around waved down his car with a white handkerchief, signaling for help, but Michael couldn’t care less. He wasn’t heartless, but for now, he had to make that appointment. He left the area where the screams and wails of woe rent the air and turned into the adjacent street, which led to the GRA where the Dutch lives.

[Five hours later]
Michael was standing facing one man and another woman in the spacious lobby of the hospital. The time was 8:26p.m. The woman was Jane, his wife, and the man a doctor. Beads of sweat was gathered round Mike’s head as he swallowed every bit of information the doctor divulged slowly.
“She suffered internal bleeding. A lot of it. If she had been brought here just a little bit earlier, we might have been able to save her. But I’m sorry sir, we tried our best”, the doctor said.
Michael then remembered the accident he saw on his way to the chairman’s place. It was his daughter who was in the car, with other passengers, returning from her school at Osun to Abeokuta. If only he had stopped to help her. If only. Maybe she wouldn’t have died now.

And that was his only daughter.

Cut away from him at the age of nineteen, still in her bloom. And he knew so well he couldn’t have children anymore due to a condition he had been diagnosed for. His wife was here before him, sobbing. What should he tell her? The truth?. All these thoughts overwhelmed Michael so much that he collapsed, right there, on the hospital floor..

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14 thoughts on “Had I Known” by Hextophar (@Hextophar)

  1. Hmmm…simply a nice read. I was almost thinking you’re beginning a new series.

    Well done @Hextophar :)

    1. @innoalifa thanks for always being there to comment. I know I’ve got a reader in you :D .
      As per the series, it’ll be tough to start one now. Lol. Need to rest from the two others I dropped. Thanks for edging me on, though

      1. U’re welcome, always nah @Hextophar :)

  2. Nice…I like it..please write soon…

    1. @dupebaby LOL. Baby dupe, cos you asked me to write soon, I won’t disappoint you. I will. For you and you only o. :D

  3. Wow! so much to learn from this. I try to live my life without having to ever say these words “Had I known.” If only he had channeled his thoughts into helping someone , he could have saved his own daughter. In todays world if it doesn’t directly affect us we dont gave a damn! thats how he got into this mess he thought whats my business do I know who those passengers were….

    thanks for this.

    1. Thanks for seeing it that way. I’m glad I’ve been able to pass a message across in a subtle way @ufuomaotebele

  4. Interesting idea behind a tragic Tale but I think it could have been told better. This story would be more impactful if you had infused a lot more suspense into it and not given give-away pointers.

    Also be mindful of cons

    1. @Afronuts thanks for the tips and heads-up. I’ll be conscious of those in future write-ups.

  5. Awwww, such a loss by his insensitivity!!!

    1. @Lone yeah, and a great loss at that. Something irreplaceable. All due to his insensitivity, like you rightly stated.

  6. Uhmmm, what a sad one, I think his reasons for been insensitive would selfishness and lack of love for others. I believe that is why there is so much chaos in our world today. Even though he might also be scared what of if something happens to the person while taking them to the hospital in a country like Nigeria, considering what the Police can do, just my opinion. Nice write , there is room for improvement though.

  7. @Blackgold thnaks for reading and likewise sharing your views. I won’t rest on my oars too. I’ll use up the room for improvement and build a bigger one :D . Lol

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