The Kingdom Rage 3

She raised her hands up in response to the men’s action and the magnetic flux from her hands suspended the men in the air. They became weightless, going against the law of gravity. They were suspended in the air, the men became hopeless and helpless could do now is to plead, cry and beg for mercy..

While the other men and women in bush grew so furious, afraid and all shaky, they don’t know whether to flee the bush or to remain there, all of a sudden the bush became so stuffy and hot them, with sweat dripping out of their faces. he looked at them with a mean eyes look pretending she is an enemy. So turned her gaze to the floating men in the sky and she said with an authoritative voice

“where are the rest people” !

Talking to the suspended men…

On hearing this the rest people hiding in the bush panicked even more, wanting to take off, with everyone displacing randomly to no specific headway …. And suddenly she gave a resounding row

……{{{wait there you cowards}}}…… !.

There was an earth shake just like a mini earthquake, the people, the ground even the shrubs and trees. The people have to cover their ears because of the intensity of her rowing sound, the women cried out in rage

” Allah take our instead of perishing like hayawanat (animals) ”

Just as she commanded, they all halted and became still, then she released the men suspended in the air to land gently on the earth. She commanded those hiding in the bush to come out, with immediate effect they started coming out one after the other. The people realized that this woman is such a powerful woman infact super extra ordinary being.

Now they are all gathered with great anticipation and fear to figure out the mission of giant woman. She slowly removed the white clothing covering her head and half part of her face. The people of Abdusalamadeen watched her with great anticipation with a frightened look . Finally the cloth dropped and her identity was revealed. The people exclaimed in astonishment

” Haaaa Samira !!! Is that you ? You you you , (they stuttered) have changed, what happened to you ?

She kept mute for some seconds, looked up to the sky and looked down, then finally broke the silence and say

“My people may the almighty Allah be praised, He has sent me to lead you into the long awaited liberation.
And she continued

The time for our liberation has come, we all together are going to fight to get our freedom. We all have to be strong, bold, brave and be courageous for this battle is not ours the Almighty Allah and He is strongly with us. So as we all go to our individual homes to rest for the night, when its dawn we will sharpen our battle axes, knives, swords and get all our battle weapons and armory ready for real a war !!

Just before the rooster crow, Samira started appearing in each rooms and houses of the people of Abdusalamadeen.

“wake up it’s time to prepare”

like a gentle breeze, giving light and soothing resonance to the ear, it sounded . She said this to all of them, as she was hovering into their homes one after the other. Majority of them woke up just immediately, while some lazy ones
woke up reluctantly licking back their dropping silva swab.

Very early in the morning they all gathered at their town square. It is a mighty building, built with an ancient Arabian design, accommodating over five hundred thousand people at a seating.
With a swift response the people all gathered and seated at the square with great anticipation of the next action to take towards redeeming their freedom. Before the meeting started, they bowed their heads to pray together, it is a unified prayer which sailed up to Almighty Allah like a sweet smelling scent.

After the prayers Samira wasted no time, the people started discussing, their murmuring filled the house square, they seem to be comforted and motivated at the presence of Samira. And she appeared at the centre of the square and said with a loud row…

” Silence…………….. !”

Everywhere became quiet immediately at the sound of her voice. The place was so quiet that the sound of a falling pin could be heard, then she continued…

” I greet you all in the name of Almighty Allah”

and the people reciprocated the greeting

Without taking much time, i will move straight to the point because we don’t have all the time in the world. First we all have to get our minds ready for this battle, for we all know that a cart without a rider, its as useless as not having one, same thing goes with the sword, without proper handling of the sword, it is useless. ”
She continued…

It is the person handling the sword that really matters, so we must to move to the battle ground with the swords and arrows in our hands, fighting like real warriors. There are much more techniques in handling the sword, let all your worries and inabilities out and let all that matters to you now is victory at the battlefield. We will sacrifice all our time, efforts and desires for our Fatherland, to achieve this freedom !. Now we are all moving straight to our armory bank, we will get our blunt weapons all sharpened, immediately no time to waste anymore “.

One of the men in the gathering interrupted her saying..

“excuse me our Iron lady ”

and she smiled on hearing the name “Iron lady”.

And the man continues

“But the keys to the armory bank is in the possession of our caliph (The Sultan).


Back in the palace
All the soldiers assembled accordingly, each standing erect in rows of straight lines with the sword hanged at their back and their whips intact.
They waited patiently for the arrival of their general, looking fierce and gruesome. Shortly after the general arrived and they all saluted him. Then he stood right in front of them giving them orders of the day.

” Our major task today is to clear all the weeds in farmland and get set for the next planting season. It’s going to be a long day you know. And you must
all ensure that you make those foolish slaves work and work till the days goal is achieved, did made myself clear ? ”

And all replied “Yes sir ! ”

“Good… You know what to do with any rebel amongst them, don’t you (he asked)

They replied in chorus

Yes we know sir !

“Now you all dismiss, get your breakfast and wait for the slaves arrival”


Back to the Town square
And Samira replied the man saying

” you worry a lot, just leave that to me, i got it all figured out”.

Immediately another asked

” what will happen to our women and children, you know they can’t go to war ”

And Samira replied with a smile and said

“I’m i not a woman too”

and he continued …… ” cut it just kidding, the women and children will all wait behind , we will all handle them in the hands of the great Angels of Almighty Allah.
Now let’s go to the Armor Bank …… !

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  1. This story has some spurts of potentials but it needs to be well-edited. It was not a bad read nonetheless.

  2. Yeah, it is an interesting story that need some editing. Following though!

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