Helen of my Troy

My cloudy dreams bring forth rainfall
Come soon, halcyon days free of fault
Enthralled by a fulgent comeliness
Her beauty withered all loneliness
She is the Helen of my Troy.

The sun shines for her skin,
Refusing the rain to wet the ground she matches.
Here comes the rain trickling,
The sun couldn’t dry up the rain’s vomit.
She is the Helen of my Troy.

Happy we shall someday live
It was her love that held me ransom
I have watered, now she’s blossom
I envisioned sweet milk off her bosom
She is the Helen of my Troy

I let her go, not to the river,
Her reflection might enchant her to wed herself
Education is what you need,
Mirror should be thy unwanted weed
She is the Helen of my Troy.

She travelled with all my past
She ignited my present,
She holds the key to my future
She is the Helen of my Troy.

Impatiently, I await her arrival
Bridal was always her laughter
I canst wait to crow like a rooster
She arrived not alone, but with one of her toaster
She is still the Helen of my Troy.

She sent a message I couldn’t read
She begged I let her be with my seed
She left me wounded, my heart bleed
Oh, Helen of my Troy
Thy vows you’ve broken.

6 thoughts on “Helen of my Troy” by Hussain Ahmed (@HussyAlagaOgun)

  1. oxymorontalks (@oxymoron93)

    good piece

    1. hussyalagaogun (@HussyAlagaOgun)

      Thank you!

  2. I enjoyed the poetic story
    taking me back to history
    when words took my message
    to my love across seasons with reasons

    1. hussyalagaogun (@HussyAlagaOgun)

      I would seize not to say thank you!

  3. I found you Hussain.
    Good work.
    Like I said, I’m no poetry expert but I like this.
    You took your readers with you. One would have to be dead not to feel what you felt.
    Well done.

    1. hussyalagaogun (@HussyAlagaOgun)

      @olajumoke ‘Pen goddess’ thank you for finding me, and am glad to have you read that.

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