Beautiful Babes of Man-made

Beautiful Babes of Man-made

Beautiful babes of man-made
With charm contrast to nature’s.
A mere factitious deceit to eyes

But not to the few who cares
To see the hints of perfect flaws
Inherent and uncapable by nature.

Nature’s hair either,
Painted or bleached,
Fertilized or attached.

Nature’s eye-brows,
Shaved clean and
Replaced by pen coal led.

Nature’s eye-lashes,
Left starched
Or fixed with fakes.

Nature’s eye-lens,
Colour changed
To false with inserted lens.

Nature’s lips,
Painted or bleached
To delete nature’s works.

Nature’s face,
Plastered with plastic
Or mudded with pancakes.

Nature’s skin,
Washed of its true colour
Or replaced with surgery skin.

Nature’s milk bags,
Enlargened into giants
Or packed in bogus large cups.

Nature’s food sack,
Denied of normal fats
By surgeon’s knives.

Nature’s fine nails,
Polluted with stains
And distorted plastic additions.

Nature’s splendid butts,
Boosted oversize
Or padded with disguise.

Nature’s height,
Clouded with soles
Of incredible inches.

Beautiful babes features
Are all deceit filled.
They are just pseudo angels.

These pits man must avoid lest
He becomes distaste at
What thoughts he thinks are true.

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  1. This is well-arranged. I love it :)

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