My hands are bestowed on my chin, with my eyes espying on something,

I can therefore see the forthcoming. And my heart beat is delaying,

Nevertheless my soul is at ease with just one thought lingering,

She gladdens my heart,

The lady called Gladys.

Seeing her gait pass my presence bequeaths my heart with savour of no substance,

Akin to a lone man in a tango dance I loved her from that distance.

A beautiful daffodil on a fast train crowed the sentience of anguish from that instance.

She gladdened my heart,

The lady called Gladys.

In her eyes I see the glory of sunrise and sunset above the waters,

And her lips glow of beauty hauling all tides of men who dare to gaze.

Her radiance conquers all seasons like the bougainvillea.

Exhortations will I give to her sacred smile at heaven’s gate,

Encumbered by slumber of death is a date.

The solace of her arms is unworthy of deserving.

She gladdens my heart,

The lady called Gladys.

Affronts from adversaries hold me in bother

Afeard thoughts of parting the world with no warmth of her embrace put stare daggers on my face.

Her never ensuing love, a worthy adventure

An advent of multiloquence

My heart will always be blessed at the outcry of her name

The lady called Gladys

2 thoughts on “Avowal” by TheOnkanwe (@clintonmena)

  1. kay (@kaymillion)

    beautiful piece

  2. Well-filled and loaded with meaning thematically but I’d encourage a shorter lengthening of the lines.

    Well-done, it’s simply good :)

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