Ahmad The Terrorist – 2

“Please note that this flight is en route to Los Angelis from Nigeria through Dubai,” it was the air hostess voice this time. “I am certain that all of you aboard this flight are heading this direction. On behalf of me and the crew member I say thank you again for flying with us,” She finally said and bowed.

“Mum, what if there is somebody seated on this plane that is not heading this route?” one little boy was asking his mum. “Then the person will have to exit the plane and board another plane going to his own route but I doubt if there would ever be such a mistake,” the mum replied him. “Of course such mistake can occur and that is why the air hostess is making the announcement so that if there is such person on this flight, he will try and locate another flight to his own route before it will be too late,” the father cut in sharply.

“If the plane is already in the sky and I happened to be in such a situation I will request for a parachute to fly out. My school teacher said that we can fly out from an aeroplane with a parachute,” the boy said boyishly. His parents looked at each other astonishingly and they both guffawed with heavy laughter.

Ahmad had been listening clearly to the family’s conversation because they were just two seats ahead of him. Although the boy’s last statement sounded funny, he didn’t laugh because he was on a very important mission. He turned to his right to see the people on the next lane and he saw a man still struggling to fasten himself to his seat with the seat belt. “What is the need of struggling to use the seat belt when you will be dying soon?” he thought in his heart and smiled wickedly and sheepishly. He could not remember the last time he had smiled.

“What a wonderful smile from a sweet lip in between a well defined cheek bones and a concrete jaw,” the lady sitting on his left side said in her heart. She was lusting after Ahmad’s look. A good look at Ahmad will make you think he is just fifteen years old because of his boyish face but he is actually thirty-nine years old. His titans shoulder is evident and this was the only proof that he was an adult. Zuliya was still looking at him when their eyes met and she smiled at him but Ahmad quickly looked away. “Look at his oval face that accommodates that flat hawkish nose, a concrete chiselled jaw with a nice red lips and red eyes that shone like an American rose flower. I really want to kiss those red eyes,” Zuliya enthused in her heart.

Ahmad knew that the lady sitting on his left side had been staring at him right from the first he came aboard. The only time the lady had looked away was when the captain was making his speech. He wished she was not on seat 081 because of the way she was looking at him. They have been trained from the al-Azad terrorist camp to always remain unperturbed by mere looks as this might arouse suspicion and ruin a mission. He is one of the finest and skilled terrorist from the camp of al-Azad sect; one of the most dreaded terrorist group in the Northern Region of the country. Al-Azad has claimed responsibilities for so many insurgences in the country ranging from bombing, kidnapping, and assassination of top Government Officials, sporadic shooting of security personnel and so many other atrocities that has helped in unbalancing the country’s political system. Therefore, every adult and children in the country has one or two tale to tell about them.

Everyone in the camp that day was surprised when Ahmad nominated himself as the one to carry out this mission in Los Angelis.

“Are you sure you want to do this, Ahmad?” Sheik Khalid bin Tahid asked.

“Yes, I want to do it to the glory of Allah,” Ahmad replied vehemently with red eyes that are looking like they were about to split fire. There was a loud uproar of ‘Allahu Akbar,’ that pushed against the walls of the building from the crowd.


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  4. Intriguing by the moment.. Containing the true element of suspense. I can’t get enough of this. More of the same, please.

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