Adriana the Hourglass Girl 3 (Decoy)

Adriana the Hourglass Girl 3 (Decoy)

Discovering Sina (The Driver)

My Naija people I hail o ! I hope you all are enjoying this series, i’m promising to give you all something better with each new publication, that’s an affirmation. Adriana the Hourglass girl is strictly for the grown and matured minds (18+), so if you know you are not please don’t read, readers are expected to use their discretion. And one more thing please be quick to make compliment than fishing out errors it keeps the spirit flying, thanks and enjoy your reading….

It was a sunny day in the street of Lagos, David was walking down the broad street, suddenly two vehicle zoomed off

Zooooooooooom !!

right in front of David, the intensity at which both vehicle moved nearly took him off balance, the people walking by street displaced randomly giving way for the two vehicles. The running vehicles hit and crushed lots of roadside traders goods but thank God it didn’t kill any of them, the scenario left the market women running and shouting…

” Yeeee mogbe oo kini eleyi
( Omg ! I’m doomed what is this ?)

The power tussle of the two vehicle intensified making some ground shaking sounds, this made people looking out from their window to get a glimpse of what is really happening. Seconds the vehicle at the back overtook the one in previously front, and the black van hit and then crushed the car to the wall,

” Mehhn ! this is Fast and Furious in reality”

After some fierce power tussle of two vehicles, both vehicle finally halted with thick hot smoke diffusing into the atmosphere, and the displaced people started coming back one after the other to get a glimpse of what really happened and many others looking up their shops and houses in freight. All these happened in a flash.
David excitedly said

” Dam ! Mehn ! That was one dangerous and high speed driving, aahaaa weetin self i salute the expertise and the prowess of that police driver, he swung the police van left to right with an intense speed just like he was the one who invented the car ”

Quickly the police set up a boundary between the crowd and the crime scene, what happened just now was a police van chasing armed robbers, it is something you don’t get to see always on the street. Some seconds later David stood in awe of the police driver not really concerned about what has just happened, quickly the policemen of about four in numbers came out of the van all armed to disarm the semi conscious armed robbers. One after the other they pulled out the robbers, the robbers were about five in numbers and while the police was busy bringing out the semi- conscious robbers, David’s gaze was at the driver still sitted on the steering. Immediately he started pondering on how to contact the police driver,

” How do I talk to this man now, and I must’nt cross this boundary, emmmmh there must be a way, if hear say I no talk to this man today . Let me figure out a way while others are still busy before the other police men come stop me”

He moved swiftly to the driver’s door, crossed the boundary and confidently went to the driver. His saving grace was the drivers door was backing the crime scene, the he whispered

” Hello… Officer… !

And he gave him a grimace look at him

” Oh boy wetin you want ” ?
( What do you want )

David’s eyes went straight to his breast pocket and he saw the policeman’s tag which revealed his identity
( His name was inscribed on it)

” Sergeant Sina Saka”

He replied quickly, saying….

” Serge Saka I’m here to present you with a very lucrative offer”

He caught police man’s attention with the statement and the policeman’s eye got fixated at David, patiently waiting for David to hit his point
Quickly David went straight to his side pocket, and he brought out a wallet, flipped it open then carefully brought out a card

” Here sir ” stretching a card to him

He collected it and gave it a stare….. Looking at it suspiciously but before he could face up, David took off , he then from afar he shouted while running

” You can call me if you are interested sir ”

The policeman looked back at the card with full concentration

The policeman tried waving for David to stop but David went on running . And David said said to himself while running

“Oh boy ! I gats take off o, Make the Olopaa man no change am for me”

The police man, looking amused, he called out while still waving at David….

” But but… come now, where you dey go ? ”


” Now relax Josh, let me repay you this favor”

Adriana pushed me softly and my body obeyed to her soft merry hands, something more like a touch from a goddess, I laid flat on the bed obeying her completely. I was laying on the bed flat but my erected rod was left pointing towards the ceiling. This excited Adriana and she rubbed my chest a bit and she slowly went straight to my rod , she kissed him, jerked and then swallowed him in a seductive manner. Omg this is life ! She started sucking and stroking my rod with her head nodding and with her warm mouth and hands doing the magic, tingling the crown of my rod with her tongue. The exciting pleasure went straight to my bone marrows and down to my brain and I exclaimed

” Cheii Adriana you no go kill me”

And she seductively replied me…..

” You never see anything yet”

As if that was not enough, after sucking me dry she quickly went to her purse and brought out a pack of a condom, picked out one. She smartly tore the condom cover off, held my erected rod and expertly wore me the condom and straight up she mounted on top of me, then grabbed my rod and inserted it into her wet delicious wet glory hole.

Omg ! I dey for second heavens !

Words alone will never explain how I’m feeling right now, her juices greasing my rod gracefully, gave my rod a passage through her tight warm womanliness through in and through out unrestricted. She started rocking me fiercely like a wild child

” Forth and back she go, faka fikie, faka fikie like a train in motion……………….”

For the very first time in my life I moaned while having sex, she intensify her pace and speed with time

” Oh mama eee, nwataa a gbuelam eeeh”
(Oh mama this girl has killed me)

Her firm hanging two lovable monsters started bouncing uncontrollably calling me

” Suck me, Suck me” !

oh it was a marvelous sight to see, I tried squeezing them randomly as she continued rocking me . Adriana continued rocking me like an athlete who is under the influence of a band substance and then I muttered….

” Oh honey I’m about spilling off my load”

She ignored me and continued rocking, then

And ” Squash ! ”

The force at which my load came out almost burst the rubber I was wearing. It was an explosion that took out all my stress and worries away, to say of a truth
” I never felt this way before”

Oh Adriana is a true professional, I must introduce her to David, she is exactly what we need for the deal


Josh chatting with David and laughing in a room

Josh : Davoo I swear ! I have never met a girl as hot and sexy as this girl called Adriana, she is a killer machine in bed, oh boy you need to meet this lady

Then a call came in, it was David’s phone, he immediately picked up his call and the caller said…. With a strong Yoruba accent

” Na Sergeant Sina Saka, just won to let you know say I dey in, dis na my number call me anytime for the meeting ”
( This is Sergeant Sina Saka, I just want you ti know that I’m in, this is my number call me anytime for the meeting)

And he immediately cut the call

David let out a mysterious smiled after the call and he said

” We are making good progress”

He stylishly brought out a pen and notepad from his jacket and wrote

The Driver: Sina Saka

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  1. This is good…waiting for the next.

  2. Atleast u use condom this time….
    Are they planning on robbin a bank??

    1. ufuoma otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

      @schatzilein lmao you no dey ever fail me with your comments. You at least salute the guy for using a condom.

      @herexg I don’t kno why I was laughing during the *cough cough* rated 21 scene it clearly was not funny. I enjoyed my read sha… is this a series???

  3. Leo Femmy (@leofemmy)

    Nice, she is x class, lady who know what she and get it, but are they robbing a bank, or house to need police as part of them, and Adriana, i think is also going to be part of the game, will split them also

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