Tardily I sauntered on a Friday night
Across tainted busy night time streets of EKENHUAN
Just to make my soul seem allayed of unsavoury desires
Street lights came alive
As fog and night flies roam in the air
And I roved the streets like a devil looking to devour a stranger

Where do I go from here?
I necked north, east, south, and west
My breath haling steam through the air
I ran wobbling hands through my hair
My fear, where do I go?

There she was, nigh the aflame sculpture MAMA EKENHUAN
A stranger, a shining-red vestal “V”
Gazing, I hired moments canvassing her intimate lineament
Oh dear! I demean her soma if I call it hourglass
Her frightened breast beat well-nigh leaping off her pectus
Her skin glowed RED hauling all shades of darkness

Fate hurled on me a lone dice
Hauling my legs nigh in foolery
This face I have seen before, was false
But to get her stare
Her face now dead to smile
And her lips clung to one another like idle pegs
Our eyes graced

I gathered spirit in my trepidation
Then extended my hand with sheepish pomposity
Wherefore proclaiming, “I am Dorobucci”
And you are?

She grazed my hand
And I titillated like a lady whose pap were being stroked
Barely could I stand as her name permeated her lips
The sobriquet blew my bosom candid
As the petals of water lily
My age never made me any wiser
Venting an accomplished fool’s beam on my face

Now darkness gleamed, light attenuated
Below my sash a malefic man arose
Hauling thighs nigh
Then taciturnly she holloed my cognomen

Awoken to the sound of silence
Silence that slash like swords in a war
Succinctly squalling her name in my canal. . .

The effluvium from that night will I bury
And the rags, will i leave to rot in the fields

But her shadows on my wall never sleep
They keep recalling
Beckoning me to the place MAMA EKENHUAN

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  1. I love your beautiful lines
    looking forward to read more
    of your soul-catching poetry

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