And It Rained

Sometimes I wonder,
but deep down in me I pray,
prayer for d raining days to come,
since our cloud has gone black and our soil gone famined leaving our sheeps devoured by d wild beasts,
the little left for d minors are beign shared by d rich,
the news are tragic and
terror defined our daily life,
our sky was completely black,
I gazed at the stormy sky,
looking through my half closed eyes,
and behold a thin blue sky emanating from the north,
a mind told me it was over,
that finally we had victory,
I saw a reflection of smile on the faces of men,
and a breath of joy filled my lungs,
until this great wind came,
I thought I was dreaming,
fear griped my soul and body,
goose pimple filledup my fore skin,
can somebody please wake me up from this bad dream,
an array of thought filled my mind,is the dark night is here again?
But behold a great thunder,
preceeded by a glowing lightening,
Oh I screamed for joy,
this was the rain have earlier prayed for,
my raining days has finally come and behold a better tomorrow for me and my generation.

8 thoughts on “And It Rained” by oluwole olalekan (@lakemacaulay)

  1. Quite nice though not without some typos.

    Well-done :)

  2. ufuoma otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    Typos my dear…. but the ending made me go Awwwwww….

    I enjoyed it sha!

  3. oluwole olalekan (@lakemacaulay)

    @innoalifa and @ufuomaotebele i really appreciate your comment…….am not perfect when i write but since i have people like u guys am sure i can improve

    1. @lakemacaulay, we are all not perfect but we can always help each towards better and better writing. You could check out my story at and comment good or bad. You’ll discover that we all are learning, sometimes we get it right and some other times, we are left at the mercy of our readers.

      Keep writing!

  4. Oloruntoba Yetunde (@Olushademi)

    Lovelyyyyyyy, keep it up

  5. oluwole olalekan (@lakemacaulay)

    @innoalifa thanks alot….i will check it out

    1. U’re welcome, always :)

  6. oluwole olalekan (@lakemacaulay)

    @Olushademi thanks alot for the comment,i hope next time i can do better

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