The plight of the BoX.

“You have no soul ” – they told me

Are you in doubt ?
Ask the joiner and the locksmith
They made me .

The joiner,
He once made me with a big ego
But he trimmed that off into edges
Left me with none
He said it was cool for me not to be rounded

The locksmith,
He made the lock and key
That got me locked
Swallowed the combination
And moved on to next one

I’m just a box
A box in a room full of boxes
I’m one of those on the crooked shelf
Not one of those on the floor
But we all in the same mess
We are all helpless

I’m helpless
I have no God I can burn kneecaps for
like they do
I’m a box with no soul
Just filled with a big void of emptiness
Maybe for junk, maybe for substantials
All I do is cry
But as a soulless being
No one can see my tears

Come get me off this dusty shelf
Don’t let me fade into ruin
Let me live up to the dreams
Of those who entwined my seams
At least if being sold
is how I become free
Let me be bought and be used

Isn’t that why I was made ?

Come get me; I pray the locksmith
Remembers my combination.

5 thoughts on “The plight of the BoX.” by Ayo iz a Scrawler (@ayowole)

  1. I’m the locksmith
    smitten by your words
    and so bringing you to my world

  2. Nice poem…. but my beef with you is sporadic editing as though you were not decided. You and @innoalifa seem the same. Poems, like any other piece, needs to be edited.

  3. Glad I’ve got a friend in @AYOWOLE. I love well-edited writings but I don’t like external punctuation as far as my poem are concerned; its just something natural to me.

    @vincentdepaul, you have a point but I’ve become addicted to the idea of not externally editing my poems. God help me.

  4. Never heard of punctuation erros in poems. I’m jst takhng note of it. Nice poem you got there @Ayowole

  5. Thanks for the reads ,the piece is still in his draft stage tho’ ….editing is always herculean for me .

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