My Place of Solace

Inside my mother’s womb I find solace
I swim from one corner to the other
With liberty and freedom
No hunger, no pains and no sorrow
oh what a life !

It is an apartment occupied by me and my tiny microbes friends that works tirelessly for me, yes this is priceless

To be candid i was having a time of my life not until I got displaced out of the only home I knew, My mother’s womb
I was ejected and forced out

For the very first time I was exposed to the outside world, leaving my warmth and comfort zone to reside here

My coming out was totally against my wish

Just as I was about opening my eyes I suddenly felt a strange feelings which I never felt before

Floods of glimmering lights welled up my very fragile eyes, my reaction to this was to raise up my tiny voice, close my eyes , and cry….

Where am i ?

How did I find myself here ?

Why was I displaced out of my palace and now brought into a world of uncertainty

A place where the light from the daylight scours and pickles my fragile eyes

A place where moving and invisible air fasten itself into my skin at night to cause me cold

A place where the rays of the sun heats me up at daylight

A place my movement is at the mercy of these people, all giving me funny faces and I will be like ” what’s up with these people” they carry me to places of their choice at will

Some even kiss me

A place where all living things even to the tiniest spec all exist for one purpose

“Survival ”

When they are asleep, my eyes are opened wide and when they are awake I fall asleep, oh it is my world against theirs

My only consolation is sucking on my mother’s breast, that is the sweetest thing that has happened to me since I arrived here.

But I feel pained and jealous when i see this other creature who most times sleep by my mother sucking on her breast too

Oh ! Can somebody please take me back to my home, my sweet mother’s womb, a place of my absolute solace

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  1. Methinks the first stanza is fantastic but the subsequent stanzas took other structural patterns that set me wondering why. It was a nice try anyways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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