Obafunke Braithwaite – The Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria

Love made you

And you stand before us all

A being with morals, pride and elegance


Show the world what a Nigerian woman is –

a fountain of sacrifice, patience and forgiveness.


Wisdom made you

So you could decide for yourself

Which way you would go


Show the world who a Nigerian woman is –

dry-eyed and brave; she faces each day with renewed vigor


Hope made you

So you could deliver the trampled women

Of our corrupt nation


Show the world why a Nigerian woman was created –

to become a mother to those who need one.


Truth made you

So you could be a voice to those who cannot speak

An ear to those who should be heard


Show the world when you become the Nigerian woman -6

The Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria.


*I wrote this poem for my sister who is competing in MBGN 2014. Her name is Obafunke Braithwaite and she is representing Miss Ondo

Miss Ondo - MBGNPlease vote for her: http://www.silverbirdmbgn.com/contestant/2014/obafunke-braithwaite

Also vote for her at facebook.com/silverbirdMBGN and retweet her pictures at @silverbirdMBGN

You can check out her facebook page: Facebook.com/MissOndo

11 thoughts on “Obafunke Braithwaite – The Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria” by h0n3ydr0p5 (@h0n3ydr0p5)

  1. kay (@kaymillion)

    A fine piece

  2. Thank you! Please do vote for my sister and encourage others to as well.

  3. Is she your sister?
    then voting for her
    as I can see her winning
    let’s say Amen to that pals
    as a beauty queen never strays

    1. Yes she is my younger sister. Thank you!!!

      1. wishing her success :)

  4. She is beautiful…

  5. Short but beautifully captured. A piece of prose might say nothing about a writer, but a poet gives his all in his poetry. From your poetry, I sense the brotherly love too. Nice way to put emotions into writing.

    1. Brotherly love??? Lol! I’m a girl!

    2. @Hextophar Still, thank you.

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