Love and Revenge

Love and Revenge

Damon staggered into the fairly big warehouse on Third Main Ave. The warehouse was old, abandoned and practically deserted, save for the spread in the corner, which served as his bed, some bundle of clothes tied together to make a pillow, some beer cans and cigarette studs littering the ground as well as a wooden chair, standing against the wall. Damon moved briskly across the room to the chair, blood oozing from his side, a wedding ring in one hand and a Russian Army dagger in the other. He got to the chair, a reasonable distance from the door, and sat on it, facing the door. He raised the ring in his blood-stained hands to his eyes, smiled weakly, and whispered, “I avenged you Kate. I fulfilled my promise.”

[««][Six months ago]
Damon tore through the streets of Loweland in his newly-acquired Range Rover Sports utility vehicle. He had just recieved a call from a good samaritan based on a number found in the victim’s purse. On getting to Fourth street, he saw a group of bodies gathered around a ‘certain something’ and an ambulance wailing its siren. He alighted from his car, adrenalin pumping, heart thumping and raced elegantly to the ambulance as a body was being pushed in on a stretcher. “Make way please. I’m family. I’m her husband” was all he was saying as he pushed through the crowd. He got there, and to his amazement, his fears were confirmed. It was Katherine, his wife, whom he got married to not more than four months ago, who was on the stretcher. Tears were already rolling down his cheeks as he held her hands in his and asked, “Who did this to you, baby?”. She looked at him and replied weakly, “Von Richard”.
Von Richard is her ex-boyfriend who refused to let go after they broke up, and obviously got more infuriated when she got married to someone else. She had barely said the last name when the monitors sprung into life and started beeping. The nurses sprang into action, did all sorts of medi-tricks but all was to no avail as a flat like was registered. Kate was dead.
A deep scream of ‘NOOOO!!!’ rent the air as the news was told to Damon. He removed her ring from her love-finger, and whispered, “I’ll avenge you Kate. I will”, amidst sobs.

The Vice City Police Department [VCPD] had dismissed the investigation of Von Richard, much to Damon’s distate, as they couldnt find anything connecting him to the murder. This angered Damon so much he promised to avenge Kate himself. He resigned from the army a week later, with enough resources to set him on, and started up as a private assassin. Richard had fled town some weeks ago, and that made Damon’s work more harder as he had to travel around and change identities frequently. Luck, however, smiled upon him one day when one of his sources reported to have sighted someone that matched the description, five states away. It was none other than Richard, and he worked as an engineer in a Steel Mill. Damon got accomodation in an old and abandoned warehouse adjacent the steel factory so he could secretly observe Richard, and in no more than a week, he pinned a weak point on him – Von was a drunkard.

Damon prepared himself for the task at hand. He slipped his dagger, which he won at wrestling an army colonel, into his belt, loaded his revolver and holstered it. It was approaching 8:00p.m, the time around which Richard returns from his drinking escapades. He then set out to go and lay an ambush on the path he usually plies, but unfortunately for Richard, he took that time to show up. Damon stood in his path, menacingly, and Richard took no notice. All he did was casually remark, “Whats up, nigga?”, in a beer-filled stench. Damon threw him to the ground with one quick, calculated, karate-whip. This sobered him up instantly. “Take my money, take everything”, was what Richard was spitting out before Damon produced a ring from his jacket pocket. The poor light of the alleyway fell on it, and a fear or realisation came upon Richard. He knew what that meant — Cold Revenge.
Damon produced his revolver, but before he could shoot, Richard had lunged at him with a dagger and he got a blow to the side. Damon pulled away and emptied the 8-bullets of the revolver into Richard’s chest, stopping him cold, and obviously alerting the neighbourhood. The pain in his side was unbearable and he staggered back to his warehouse, leaving a blood trail behind him.

The door of the warehouse swung open. The local police trooped in, all with weapons pointed at Damon. Still seated on his chair, he looked at them, smiled, and said, “Its over”. In the same moment, he swallowed a blue cyanide pill, which had been concealed in his ring, started convulsing and before the medical team could come in, he was long gone, cold dead!
With his fleeting breath, General Damon Sawyer saw Katherine before him, smiled, and gave up the ghost.
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  1. Is it Damaon or DEmon lolz
    this is quite nice
    want to read

    1. Oliver twist. No moren unles @howolrbi decides to add flesh to the lean body.

      1. @tai na so o.. Developing it into a book personally though. Hope its great. Thanks for reading :D

  2. @innoalifa LOL. Its Damon. Thanks for reading. Kindly send me a link to the first chapter of your series. I’ll be waiting. Thanks.

    1. @Hextophar, got it now – it’s Damon. Here are the links to my series:
      Episode 1:
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      I’ll really appreciate your constructive criticisms. :)

  3. Damon!! and I think of “The vampire diaries” lol

    Anyway good read.

    1. LOL. Thanks for reading

  4. Me too @ufuomaotebele, I hear Damon, I think of the vampire brother. So that’s it @Hextophar. I was sort of hoping for a miracle or perhaps… your MC woke up and we realise it was all a dream. Lol, please ignore me.

    Well done.

    1. @olajumoke well, I choose not to ignore you. Interesting that its not only you that related it to VD. Eyin freaky people.. VD be making me run under blankets *covers face*

  5. I had a mean boss called Damon. Immediately I started reading this story, I remembered him (lol).
    But to die just like that?

    1. @lone LOL.. Really? Tell me, is he handsome too? Lol
      And my Damon dude didn’t just die like that oh. He avenged Kate and left this world to go meet here wherever she is (although I think he’s going to HELL on a two count charge – killing and suicide. Lol). Thanks for reading

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