Love Like Knife

Love like knife
It’s power, gentle, but controlling
Just like life
It is inevitable, but intoxicating
– Dean Bin’Jamiu

Twenty four hours ago, if you had caught a glimpse of his heart, you would have seen love circling it, like the loops of the Olympic symbol. But some minutes ago, his heart shattered like a broken vial that hitherto held the antidote to a a dying prince’s illness.

Love could be a source of happiness and everlasting joy, but also, it could be a shroud parceling your lifeless body down to hell.

“You won’t kill yourself because of this girl,” he was told. He looked across the street through the window and ignored the statement but the voice continued,” What did you say she told you?”

For the first time in twenty minutes, he turned in its direction and sighed. Repeating those cruel words she said would surely uproot his soul from its foundation.

He looked away again but this time he didn’t return them to the window, he only looked down.

“I know you love her.”

“You don’t.” His voice sounded like wind in the Sahara. “You don’t.” He said again after a throat clearing, ” If you do, you won’t be sitting here telling me to forget her.” A lone tear gushed out, and he raised his hands to flick it away but it had become a stream.

“I think we should pray for you.”

“Pray for what?”

“Pray that you forget her.”

“I can’t. I can’t. Don’t waste your time. I want to, but I can’t.”

“We should…”

He heard only the haunting words and this time, they came like a severe blow, “I love your friendship as it is. I love your friendship as it is.” It continued in his head until he fainted and was rushed to the Hospital.

Three days later, he learnt two things. One; that love, just like a knife, could cut the heart into two. Two, the quote that “Love is Power or something like that”, could not be less true.


6 thoughts on “Love Like Knife” by Bola (@basittjamiu)

  1. The best experience in life is the experience of love. I really enjoyed this piece.

  2. ufuoma otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    A sharp read that cut like a knife.
    “Some say love… it is an hunger, an endless aching need..
    Some say love it is a razor that leaves your heart to bleed..”
    -Bette Midler- The rose…

    I think time heals everything sooner or later, the girl will become just a mere thing that will no longer exist in his heart.

  3. Ihunanya (@LONE)

    It is only the experienced that can understand his feelings and pains!

  4. You couldn’t have explained t better. Love hurts. It brings the largest of men to their knees. It brings tears and smiles at the same time. Its just inexplicable

  5. Love like Knife. The title won me over.
    Well done Bassit.

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