”Can we trust him?” She asked, and from one hollow eye socket to the other, they both had doubts about him. Watching as his car backed out of the cemetery, Kalize drifted and in a twinkle of an eye, she was gone from her father’s sight. In a second, she drifted about all of the terrain, and she soared up, and higher, until she got to the edge of the chasm and could go no further.

Its amazing to her, this new world of weightlessness, and emptiness. Its really cold, so cold that one could feel it no more.         Kalize couldn’t wait for this promised eternal realm beyond the spirit realm, that father had spoken so much about. He said they were stuck in this realm between the living and eternal, because they had unfinished business.

It is still so painful, being stuck here in this realm, too cold to live, and not dead enough. Sometimes, she tries to will the memories of family, but nothing comes. It’s sad, she hasn’t any memory. Not that she lost her memory. She knows who she was… who she used to be, but she understands nothing about that life. It feels like that moment you are trying hard to remember what you had for dinner last night, and it takes about 30 minutes to remember. The problem is, she has no track of time, and that memory is just nowhere to be retrieved.

Its been a while now, and all she remembers vividly was being engulfed in an extremely blinding bright light, and then waking up to nothing. She felt as though she had gone deaf, blind, numb, all at the same time. All her senses were gone, but she was aware. Then she sensed her father,trying to bore into her thoughts. She knew it was him, but she couldn’t tell how.

“Kalize, Kalize… Oh poor child!” Her father’s voice… or thoughts, were hollow, and strained. She could sense the pain, and disappointment in his voice.

“What is happening?” She thought to herself, scared out of her wits. She looked about her, and she could see nothing, feel nothing. She was nothing! If she had a heart, it would have been racing already, pumping blood straight to her head, until she felt flushed, and fainted, but no, all she felt was emptiness.

He father seemed to hear her thoughts, and in her mind, she could see what he looked like. His face was bony, and his eye sockets were empty. She was without emotions, else she would have screamed. Her father looked dead, and its a wonder how she could even tell the scary looking fetters of skeleton in wretched garbs was her father, but she just knew. And she knew where they were, there was no going back. Upward was the only way, but they were being held down.

”Papa what is happening?” She asked her father. She could feel his spirit crying. Then she realised the hollow remains she could see of her father was his – it dawned on her there and then, they reeked of death.

” We’re-”  Her father nodded slowly, and if there were tears, her father would try to blink his back, while her’s would overflow. They were in a parched land, devoid of light, or darkness, neither hot, nor cold, just a place. May others like them roamed about. She could hear their murmurs, just as they heard hers.

”Father, if the both of us are here, that means they succeeded?” she watched him nod, and felt all else come crumbling. If they succeeded, it means the other 5 no longer have anybody to cater to them. She doesn’t know who is who, she doesn’t know if the other five were her mother and siblings, all she knew was that there were five others that her soul longed to protect, and something terrible would happen to them, now that she and her father were gone from them.

“We can’t just die”, she murmured in the language of the dead. Its a miracle how she learnt to speak it so well, but it came to her with no effort.

”I know,” She sensed her father say. Then he said ”Come, let me show you something” Immediately, her father vanished far from her thoughts, and she looked around once more. She could sense someone in despair, dragging so much weight, way too much for anyone to bear.

A dog stood far away, howling at the moon, and then soared into the eternal realm she and her father couldn’t reach. She felt like one standing at a metro passage way.

Everyone was moving in one direction, coming from the highway of the living, and soaring up to the other eternal realm. Just a few others roamed about, unable the pass through.

”How pathetic, even a dead dog got a pass” She felt distraught.  He father blew past her again.

”I asked you to follow me” His voice was urgent

”I don’t know how to”

”Just follow my thoughts. Quickly! you should see this” he said, and she followed her father’s thoughts, and felt her self drifting in an effortless glade.

“Why papa? This realm looks so pathetic…” ”It isnt to me.” He said

”But of course it is, maybe you’ve gotten used to the misery and draught” I responded

”I’ve only been here a week my child. You only see what you imagine. Fallow lands, or blissful gardens. Its all depending on the abundance of your thoughts. This way!” He said, and vanished once again

”Oh papa, why must your thoughts race this much… Where are we going anyway?”

….And that’s how her adventures in the realm began. How did Kalize meet the ghost charmer? How did Kalize die? Don’t get confused yet. Look out for the next post…

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