How I died…

This was the very first poem I wrote and it was a long time ago. I have improved though but I still think I can pass a message across. enjoy!

It’s forbidden!
Of every tree you can eat
But let that one remain
Else they’ll bury your remains
But I felt a sudden curiosity
I couldn’t resist the urge
It roared in me like a mighty surge
I took it!

It was beautiful on the outside
And looked tasteful inside
Friends and family urged me on
My taste buds longed for it
I ignored the warning
I ate it!

I started with a bite
I could still have given it a fight
But the urge was so strong
I had stared at it for so long
I ate it all!

I didn’t die
But I suddenly felt a vacuum
Substance disappeared, I felt empty
I lost innocence and felt guilty
I lost purity and felt dirty
I lost my virginity
I was naked!
Was it different from death?

Fig leaves couldn’t cover me
Goat skin was insufficient
Sack cloth wouldn’t do
Even the wall was transparent
I needed cover!

Now I here there is grace
That will put me back in the race
That I can regain my substance
My purity and my virginity
But I must accept the sacrifice
Am I willing to take that path?

That is it people – the road to sin. It starts with innocent curiosity and then progresses into a habit that you loose control over. But like I said at the end, there’s grace, yes there’s grace. What you do with that grace is up to you…

3 thoughts on “How I died…” by Vikart (@Avictomama)

  1. And “now I hear there is grace”
    but however I run the race
    is left for me like maize
    to munch lovingly
    and enjoyingly

    nice nice piece here :)

  2. ufuoma otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    Ehn!! Hmmm…. Adam and Eve. But you in this poem, you allowed us understand that everything one can fall victim to sin.

    I didn’t like the title. I just felt it didn’t fit the lovely poem.

    Nice work here o. You transformed the story really well into this wonderful piece.

  3. mendel martha (@ihenyengladysusile)

    wonderful poem

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