Diary Of A Playboy


I said I loved you,but I never really did,because the very next day I had sex with tope your bestie, funny right?

But if I tell you why you’d never really believe because it seems so callous and self centered, something someone without a conscience, feelings or emotions will do, these are things you never thought I was capable of but I’m sure you’ll think differently after this.

Then I guess it’s true, I’m all that you think I am, emotionless, heartless, self conceited, maybe a little pompous and arrogant too.

I know you don’t wanna listen but I’ll tell you anyway.
It all started when I was a young fella, a little kid really,at the age of eleven,all I thought of was girls and I couldn’t help myself and started indulging the urge with the help of “playmates”.

I go into a relationship just for the sex, and not the idea of the woman you are or how beautiful you are, the extra I got out of being in a relationship with you was just the size of your boobs, its the only thing that attracted me to you, now I’m bored of your saggy and well fondled boobs,off to fresher and more “firmer” grounds.

As a rule,I always tell girls I love them, this seems to endear them to me a lot, that is why I always have an easy smile pasted on my face because you never know who’s falling in love with you,this doesn’t seem too hard to understand.

I am what you call the Classical Loverboy, always in love, well that is before you know I’m also in love with about 5 other girls at the same time,LOL,I’m your everyday normal Playboy but I don’t like thinking of myself as that, I’m more like your everyday guy just with a lot of girls and unfeeling too—I don’t have a heart?

Ofcourse I do, it just doesn’t feel nothing except lust,but when I see you tomorrow do not run away from me as I never go back to what I have left.

What’s gone is gone, and done for..

I always approach the most difficult ones, the thrill keeps me on like a predator hunting its prey,I prefer it when they waste my time, that way its always better, the lust would have reached maximum level for me before they accept and believe me…..they always do.

I don’t mean to be so cocky and arrogant but the truth is the truth, it always happens, the longer you make me wait and pursue you, the longer I’ll torment you when we are together and break your heart In such a way that it will never be put together, not by anything…or anyone.

You’ll become a shadow of yourself, never to be the same again, and you won’t be my last victim and you weren’t the first either, this happens every time.

I always laugh when I see you ladies fuck up the good guys and they’ll cry,’ motherfucker’ I think to myself, “the poor guy just wanted to make u laugh and happy” but I guess you’ll always come to my type for the thrill and headiness.. *chuckles* this never ceases to amaze me, call me a devil, a demon,call me all you like,I don’t care,because I and you are the same, you break the hearts of them good guys and I do yours in return,it all  seems fair if you ask me,puts balance to the whole equation.

Sometimes I long to feel even if its just a little but it never comes, you were warned by your friends and foes alike but you never listened, “he’ll change for me” you said.

I always laugh at this with my clique and say mumu girl, she just dey fool herself.

If you think I am bad, you should see the rest of my clique, though you never know about me, I always have that innocent smile at a ready any time, even my face helps, you lust after my red lips and my small mouth…if only you could be satisfied with the guy who gave you his heart.. yet you gave me your all and I broke them into pieces , even now as I write, you are thinking maybe you can change me, you can try all you want but you’ll never have me.

I’ll always have those your pictures, and yes– the nude ones also, I store them as ‘Trophies’ on my mobile, I have for each girl I have sex with a folder on my laptop and mobile and also a backup on my USB flash disk.

How can girls/ ladies be so stupid as to send nude pictures to some guy who could fuck you up tomorrow,you might call it LOVE,I call it foolishness.

I know what you are Thing,Wicked right? Well, I’m not wicked, just teaching them lessons, one I hope they’ll learn from , but I noticed you didn’t learn.
I saw you with Similoluwa yesterday, he’s not the kind you should go with, he’s much worse but I’m sure he gave you the usual sob story he uses, well, I tried, I just used your body while Simi uses girls for sex and they also pay him one way or the other—something my pride never lets me try, that’s by the way ..i tried to make you learn.

That’s all that matters, I’ll say hi tomorrow to you and you’ll feel a little hope in you, maybe I changed, maybe that’s why I’m writing this, let me tell you—it s a NO-NO.. while I’m at this I also had sex with your sister, she was one of the easy ones I had to make do with.

Maybe you’ll change after reading this and give those poor guys a chance, my type is not right for you,I’m telling you this not because I care about you but because I feel pity for you in all ramifications.

I can never give you what you want ,that is love—I am not capable of that, might be a malfunction of my system..but you never know..they call me “chop and go”, maybe this will change your area of interest and you’ll stop looking for guys with red lips and muscular bodies, and a quiet swag like I have, those are the kind that kills… silent..gentle, calm..the green snakes, you only think of how beautiful they are before they bite you and don’t forget the bold and beautiful also, they are equally as dangerous, CHOOSE WISELY!

P.S: This goes out to everyone, never go into relationships with your eyes and ears closed, be wise and vigilant!

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14 thoughts on “Diary Of A Playboy” by dimanol (@dImanol)

  1. This is a revelation
    of the heart of a playboy
    who never was truly a loverboy

    a well-written piece :)

    1. LOL…and you should know..afterall aren’t you one? LOL..just joking..tnks for your thought…real nice..the rea parole is dropping 2mao..would appreciate if you chk it out too

  2. Ladies you have been warned.
    Sighted some punctuation errors though

    1. Don’t pay me no mind jare,it was typed fast and the errors were made,thanks for pointing them out,really appreciate,will try to ‘vett’ next time…thanks

  3. Wonder who this kind of guys get married to and if they remain the same after marriage.
    Well written.

    1. Well,there is always the factor of change,its constant and it happens to everyone, and besides every laady deep down wants to be the one to tie down a Wild guy. LOL..it always happens..tnz for commenting

  4. And this letter is the perfect heart of a playboy. You deserve multiple exclamations to make this louder.

    1. @Hextophar…I’m starting to get suspicious o,how does every guy here know the “perfect heart of a playboy”*zips lips* no wahala..tnx for the comment

  5. Dear Mr playboy

    “Chop and clean mouth” na you be abi???
    There was a part in the letter where I thought the guy (you) seemed easy to me.

    From a girl point of view, its very easy to get a laugh but am out of me but am not going to be jumping into your bed like that other girl did. once your smiling too much, I know something is up.

    Have heard a lot of I love you dear Mr lover boy, yours won’t count either. As for my saggy boobs, I wished you would grab on to my ass next time when you need something firmer to hold. Mshew.

    You can’t tell me which guy is Better naa are you all not the same????
    When you find weytin u dey look 4 for market, you go go house.

    Lol…… I love this!!!! Made me imagine replying back to this Mr playboy…….

    1. hmmmnn! there are your kind too, who dont fall prey easily, it makes it all fun(well its the guy saying it oo, not me) and when you do fall, you fall hard.. but i wouldn’t know…what do you mean ” where I thought the guy (you) seemed “..erm…its not me o..i’m too angelic for that : D ..thanks for checking this out

      1. @dImanol I just saw your comment. Lmao.

        Won’t talk sef.
        Maybe all you said was correct…. just maybe.

  6. nice piece. for the ball boys like us wey no fit play ball, i love this.
    @ufuomaotebele maybe you should reply this lionel messi.

    1. thanks bro, atleast make them dey gree for we “the Good ones” wey no fit ball true true : D

    2. @oxymoron93 I don’t mess with messi…. not my guy.

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