A Day At The Bank – III

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I woke up some hours later in a very dark house. There was no wall clock around, and time was only a mere illusion to me at that moment. The place where I was could practically be referred to as a cave. The lighting was low, there was a dripping sound in the distance, which made me infer that I was near water of some sort, and the walls were dilapidated. Also, the air was unusually still, so I got the hint that I was underground too. The walls, though breaking, were made of thick materials and reinforced with loads of mortar, making me realize the horrible fact that even if I screamed, no one was going to hear me. In the distance, I could decipher two figures whose shapes were silhouetted against the wall, talking to each other about a seemingly serious matter. After about three minutes of me watching them, the second man left and the first speaker remained. He stood for sometime on that spot, before he turned, and started towards me.

“I see you’ve come around”, his strangely familiar voiced boomed at me, “welcome to the base. Although I must admit, being the smart man you are, you were captured easily as a fool”.
At this time, he had advanced towards me a lot but I still couldn’t see his face, as he stood a step beyond the reach of the dim light that illuminated where I was being held.
“Who the hell are you? And what do you want from me?” I managed to ask, calling up some courage.
“Oh! My bad. Sorry I didn’t tell you”, at this, he let out an evil chuckle and continued. “Its simple. That money you got from the bank, I’m gonna take it, I’m gonna disappear, and you’ll answer for the crime”

This sent a cold shiver down my spine and I shook, noticeably. I was about to be framed for a crime I knew nothing about. I managed to cough up some courage again, and said, “That’s impossible! Really outrageous! No one would believe you”
“You think?”, my anonymous captor started, “Well, let me convince you”. At this, he took a step forward and the light fell on his face. I recognized him instantly and almost went into shock. I thought I was dreaming. I thought I was seeing a ghost. His square jaw, clean-cut features, round face and blue eyes, it was none other than the bank manager himself. I had to bite my lower lip to prevent myself from screaming.
Horror, Fear, Betrayal, Anger and Sadness all coursed through me at the same time.

“This can’t be happening”, my voice was shaky at this point, “I saw you die”
“Hahahahaha. Me? Die? That was just a little drama we put up for you all”. He paused for the effect to sink into me before he continued. “Everyone saw me get shot. So witnesses can confirm my death. Your fingerprints have been gotten and put on the murder weapon, as well as the video of you escaping through the fire exit. That’s enough to slam your ass into jail for a long time. No one would believe you now. And guess what? That’s easy cash for me. I get to own all that money. Hahahaha”

At that instant, that moment, realisation dawned on me. I was about to lose my life to a lie and set-up. My brain was working in overdrive already. I had to escape, I thought to myself. Being a scientist and architect myself, with my hearing, I can make out the parts of a building. I just needed to get loose. Right then, my brain still weighing everything, I sighted it, a knife, on a table placed near the small window of the room, and I was so far from there. How would I get to that? Eureka! The idea struck me.

“This is too much for me to take in right now”, I started, amidst real sobs, “Can you please move me near the window to get some air and clear my head, please?”. I must have sounded really convincing, as the manager looked upon me like a worthless and helpless creature, saw no harm in my request and dragged me in my chair to the window side. Now, I had a good vantage point. I just had to wait for him to go out, and I’ll take the knife, cut myself loose and think about escaping.

It was as if his phone read my mind at that instant when it rang. He looked at it, looked at me, then made out of the room to receive the call. I saw my chance. I’m going to take it…

Think I took that chance? Think I escaped? Is the plot bigger than I thought? Come next episode, your questions will be answered. Thanks for reading, again..

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  1. Reading this through
    saw my mind travelling
    some silhouetted crazy whole
    may be hanging around to get me kneeling

    Nice nice @hextophar :)

    1. @innoalifa thanks. Glad you read, and more glad you liked it.

      1. @Hextophar, you’re always welcome…will appreciate your checking out the fifth episode of my story at http://www.naijastories.com/2014/07/boss-wife-episode-5/. Thanks :)

  2. This was a tease abeg….where r the rest…hope he makes it out but i dont think so…

    1. @schatzilein glad I was able to tease you :D. Please don’t less the suspense kill tho’. I don’t wanna lose a regular reader. Thanks for reading.

      1. You are welcome

  3. Okay, this is good. I was thinking it was his boss that arranged the kidnapping… but any way sha, you managed to deceive me.

    I have one or two corrections in your writing.
    Conventional, here in Nigeria, the UK and USA, the punctuation marks are placed inside the dialogue quotation mark, not outside.

    Now on your storyline. Was the bank manager aware that your character was coming to withdraw money to have laid down such an elaborate plan? Me don’t think so. So how possible is the plot?

    Good try. I like the drift of the story, and Imma keep reading.


    1. @kodeya thanks for reading, more importantly, thanks for the constructive criticisms, but..

      >I don’t think I placed any punctuation (asides the full-stop) outside the quotation boxes. If its about the full-stop, trust me to make ammends in my next writings. Thanks.
      >Your question on whether or not the bank manager knew is one of your ‘plots’ to get me to spill the story :D . Guess what? It won’t work. Come back next time and your questions shall be answered again, leaving you with more.

  4. Let’s see how he manages to wiggle his way through this.
    Don’t delay in posting oo

    1. @kingobozy trust me not to delay. Thanks for reading

  5. You see, I predicted right!! The bank manager had something to do with it. I can see it unfolding well. This is so real!

  6. This is crazy

  7. Well you had me fooled! Didn’t expect it to be the manager o. Well crafted

  8. Enjoyable read so far @hextophar, although the plan to get the money seems over-elaborate. Since the robbers knew that the MC would be visiting the bank, why not just seize the money from him once he has withdrawn it?

    Also, a blue eyed manager. Is he European?

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