Code Red

“Move…move…move we don’t have much time”.
The noise of heavy boots filled the air as troopers loaded the Black Maria. ‘Click-clack’; everyone adjusted their rifle as they got into the Black Maria. Every part of Camp 14 seemed to be filled with little green men and orders rendered in the air. Soon enough, the engines revived and 4 Black Maria vans made their way out of the Camp.
They moved as convoy, no sirens blared, no unruly driving although their speed was a bit above limits

“Long day ahead” Collins started “its not even up to 50 minutes into the meeting”

“What were you expecting, a ‘peace summit’ ? “Jide ‘Scamal’ Thomson replied flicking his automatic rifle and placing it by his boot. “As long as its Nigeria, things like this are bound”

“Okay guys…” everyone went mute, commander was speaking. Most people say he came form Hitler lineage, other think in Abacha but whoever it was, people sure did respect him and never dared to mess with him. “in a couple of minutes we’d be on ground, filling in a backup. Its going to be a 3-man squad thing, you know the drill.M.C”

Microchip-or simple M.C-was their Intel guy, quite lanky and small enough not to be in the military.

“Uhh… first off!, it’s a Code Red” he said, this was followed by murmurs in the Van. Code Red meant there were hostages and no negotiation were being made. This sort of thing happened only when the abductors were professionals. He swiped through the  7 inch tablet, his eyes seemed glued to its screen and its lighting effect made his face look like some reflection panel.

“We know what we’re up against last heard, we had 9 guards down… that goes a long way to show that these guys mean business. There’s only 1 entry, several exits and in between we got hostages on the third floor. Stay safe, sync up”

Everyone tweaked the controls on their hand year. Beep! Beep!

“That’s the building layout, we…”

“O boi wait O! my own no show” Ebube interrupted. He was a short hilarious well built fellow, had a distinct Ibo accent and always had a death punch at his disposal when the need arose.They called him Knuckles.

“Ode” Collins replied as he tapped his head “You did not sync.”

Commander simply sighed and shook his head, what every made him choose Knuckles for his team, he still couldn’t understand.

“We join up with the ground team to secure all exists “M.C. continued and if there’s any need to go into the building, don’t use the elevators”

“Thank God O! “ Knuckles mumbled loud enough for everyone to hear, everyone chuckled.

“Una no get technology for your village … Omo Nna” Scamal teased,

“We’re almost there” the driver announce minutes later, the mood in the black Maria ‘M2’ changed. There was moment of disorder as everyone grabbed their Arms and Hi-Tech headgear. The van slowed down, the noise outside made it quite obvious that they were close…







“Lets show ‘em”


Every one had their ‘mean-face’ on as they alighted the M2, weapons held with both hand as their feet were as swift as flowing stream. Commander was last to get off M2, he took in his environment. Just like Camp 14, orders were being rendered into the air as military personnels filled the surrounding. The hotel was magnificent in its beauty, quite huger than expected. There was a Chopper in the sky, hovering about the third floor. Activities had come to a halt in the surrounding environment.

“Sir” an officer saluted.

“What’s the situation like?”

“its still on a Code Red, all exits are secured. Your men sure would be of great use as reinforcement”

“Any idea what this is about?”

“No, we suspect they ‘re…”

‘Bang’ ‘Bang’… gunshots were heard from the building, everyone ran in the direction of the building.

“All units on stand by” Commander started as he wore his head gear

“How about the parking lot? ” Commander turned to the young officer who went dumb for a moment.

“The exits are secured, there’s no way…” Commander gave a stern look at him.

“Commander to Camp 14, I need 2 teams in the parking lot ASAP”

“We’re on it” came a distorted reply from his head gear.

“Uhh… Commander, looks like we got movements in Exist 12”

“Okay M.C….Collins,you’re up!

“yes sir”

The trio of Collins, Scamal and Knuckles made their way through to the building. They busted in through the front door and once in, went mute. Collins made hand signs.

“Ear open. Eye Open. Quiet. Light feet”

They all understood. He signaled again and they started up the stairs. The ground floor was deserted; all staff had been rescued before the major lock down. Being held hostage on the third floor was the ECOWAS chairman and officials, a representative from the presidency, three European Union representative and 4 ministers. They had assembled to finalize the peace summit between ECOWAS and E.U. West Africans in Europe were being savaged indirectly, West Africa too had ended all business transactions with E.U… everything was going to be settled here but they were attacked.
They were new on the second floor, conversations could be heard indistinctly now, Knuckles gave a sharp look at his team mates and that could mean only on thing

“I’ll check it out” he signaled and moments later, three thuds were heard before he reappeared. Scamal shook his head as they tried heard to hold back their laughter.

“Guy you wicked o! 3 guys now now” Scamal whispered.

They progressed to the third floor; tension enveloped them as they all know how dangerous this level was. The large conference room was just down the floor.

“Shut up!… I say shut up! “Someone yelled from within the conference room, there could be more that a handful of gunmen in there.Footsteps approached from Exit 12, a door flung open and the trio dashed in to take cover.

“Officer Ibrahim” the voice sounded like the one that yelled.

“Ejiro” was the response, they both laughed out bud.

“What took you so long?”

“I had to take care of those ‘loyal’ cops Jare… are we set?’’
Their voices disappeared as the conference room’s door opened and slammed.

“shit “ Scamal said, “it’s a snitch in the system”

“we get that every time” Collins replied

“What do you say guys because my bebe is starving” Knuckles said, kissing his Carbine

Boom!!! The conference door smashed open, there was an uproar.Bang! Bang!! Bang!!! With a click of the trigger,four bodies dropped to Collins credit, a perfect gunman he was. Bullets rained in the air as they took cover behind a side of the large conference table. The large glass wall which overlooked the city had been shattered.
Collins signaled again to his team. Scamal nodded and within seconds, was on his feet and back in action. Bang! Bang!!
Knuckles wasn’t left out as he too joined Scamal. The hostages were kept in the smaller room where gadgets were stored. They made their way to the other part of the room as they shot at their targets.There were just 2 gunmen left, Ibrahim and Ejiro had fled using the emergency exists.
‘Click-Click’ Collins had run out of bullets. His shotgun had fallen off and he seemed standard.

“Knuckles, I’m out” Knuckles couldn’t see him but he had gotten the message in his head gear. He reached for his knife; there were movements behind a turned table. He flung his knife hard; it pierced through the table and into his targets back. The last one surrendered willingly.

“Commander we’re clear here. We got the leaders on the run” Collins reported, helping the hostages out.

“I’m on their tail” Knuckles dashed out heading for the parking lot.

There were gunshots in the parking lot. Knuckles got there to find 6 men down, the footsteps of people running was within distance.

“Knuckles, we got 2 teams there” commander said into his headgear.

‘‘Not anymore sir, call the medics down here” He shook his head and followed the now fading footsteps. ‘Tweak tweak’ the doors to an Acura ZDX opened, Ejiro got in and sped off leaving ‘Officer’ Ibrahim behind.

“Wait! Ejiro wait!!!”. He turned back to face his doom, knuckles, who ran towards him, dodging the gunshots fired at him. He made a fist, went up in the air and ‘Blam’. Ibrahim’s light went out.

“Scamal, we got a vehicle approaching the exit” the ZDX drove out of the parking lot, Scamal positioned his sniper and ‘Bang’. The bullet pierced through the car’s roof and into the driver’s skull.

The hotel was left in shambles with its surrounding gripped in fear and a whole lot of damages done but what did is the matter, it was a mission accomplished.



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  1. ufuoma otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    I did read it… Mission accomplished.

  2. @ugochukwu Mehn!!!! You deserve a standing ovation. This was so movie-like and very real. Good work. I’ll love to read more of your works. Don’t keep up waiting (Y)

  3. In order to critique this to the best of my ability to help you improve your writing I’m going to say a number of things that might sound rather harsh.
    Its quite normal to add a comma as in “I’m on their tail,”
    This piece was written in a somewhat amateurish way that was quite glaring and as a result couldn’t keep my interest to the end. For example it was highly unnecessary to add ‘Boom!! or ‘click-click’ even once but you did so several times. There were also several grammatical errors and I think you should have taken the time to go through this with a fine tooth comb as you are also expecting others to take the time to read your work. The introducing paragraph struck me as extremely cliche, use some of your own words for originality, its highly appreciated by readers. I think this is enough to begin with, I just felt like since I was able to drastically improve my writing abilities by receiving such harsh critique from others (though at the time i didn’t appreciate it) I feel it would only be fair if I did the same.

    Basically what I’m trying to say that having an interesting story to tell is only half way there, how well can you present it? That is the challenge a writer faces IMO

    1. Ugochukwu (@Ugochuckwu)

      Okiies @feiO, thanks but really, writing stuff like this without those expressions is like watching a movie when on mute…..i bet you wont feel it that way…just like Hextopher says , its movie-like(just to get my reader into the Scene in real sense). as for the punctuations, i got that and heyy how’d yhu get to “I’m on their tail,” when “This piece was written in a somewhat amateurish way that was quite glaring and as a result couldn’t keep my interest to the end”…hihihihi. Thanks tho’ :D

      1. @Ugochukwu You’re welcome hun :D Show more than you tell and leave the rest to the reader’s imagination, are you telling me that if I write, ” We took cover just before the bomb was detonated.” Wouldn’t you be able to imagine the noise & damage it would cause? Then showing instead of telling would be for e.g.
        ‘Nnamdi thought his ears would never stop ringing. Looking around he noticed that everyone else had known to bring ear muffs. They would never let him live this down…. blah blah blah’

        From that paragraph you the reader can tell that, 1. they had expected an explosion 2. Except Nnamdi, everyone else had prepared for it which suggests Nnamdi was possibly a newbie 3. The addition of the use of ear muffs underlines the fact that of course the explosion had been loud. YOu get?

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