Caricature Of A Lonely Heart: 4

Everything else started in earnest after that. They were welcomed and introduced to the students. As always, many of the students had taken to divalicious Julia. The girls liked her sense of style and the little scarves she ties around her neck. And the boys, well, talk about teen crushes.

“Some people think they are smarter than the others but they get punched in the face,” Julia commented a few days later as they sat in the music room which was to be their office throughout their stay in the school. Lola hisses as she entered the room.

“It’s not your fault, Miss yellow-pawpaw,” Lola replied and sat down.

“Lola! Lola! Watch your utterances or else?” Julia warned.

“Or else what? Nonsense,” Lola replied angrily.

“You girls should mind how to behave. We just started our task and you’re already at each other’s throat,” Tonia said as she drew something on a cardboard paper.

“Please, keep the noise down. You’re not the only one here,” complained Mrs. Samson, the music tutor.

“We’re sorry ma. It’s this stubborn girl that is stepping on people’s toes,” replied Julia as she pulled Lola by the hand in a bid to drag her to Mrs. Samson. Lola pulled her hair and they both started to laugh while the others looked at them scornfully.

“You two are something else,” Mrs. Samson said and smiled as she walked out.

“The two of you are birds of same feather. When we asked you to contribute money back at the hostel you were complaining of not having money. Yet you’ll want the largest part of the food,” said Tonia as she held unto Lola’s skirt.

“Ah! Ah! Do you want to strip me Unclad for these guys to feast on,” Lola asked pulling away from Tonia’s grip. Dave, one of the male teachers walked in at that moment and the girls burst into laughter leaving Dave to wonder what it was all about.

The bell rang to signify the close of school for the day. Julia called some students inside the music room and ordered them to sweep the floor. Some were to dust the furniture while the others arranged the books. When the students were through, she closed the door and joined the others as they walked to the administrative block to sign-out for the day. They then headed back to their flat to spend the rest of the day. The male student-teachers bade them goodnight and went on their way.

When they got into their room, Julia stretched out on the bed and yawned. Tonia and Lola sat down to eat as Nike went into the bathroom to take a shower.

“Don’t eat all the food. You didn’t contribute more than fifty naira and there you are eating yam and fried egg,” Julia said aas she untied the scarf.

“And so, abeg, make we hear word jors,” Lola replied.

“Which word, thing wey I never start. Bring your plate and let me see the slices of yam you have taken,” Julia complained. She got up and tried to peer into what the other ladies had on their plates.

“Hold my neck so that I won’t eat. You had better keep quiet or sleep. Your food is still in the pot. We only took a small part,” replied Tonia as she tried to hide her plate from Julia’s scrutiny.

Just then Tonia’s phone started to ring but she ignored it and continued struggling with Julia.

“You won’t answer your call because of a plate of food. It might be Sam,” Nike said as she came out of the bathroom, and she picked up Tonia’s phone.

“Hello… Tonia’s busy right now… She’s fighting with Julia over a plate of…,” Tonia snatched her phone and frowned at Nike who just laughed.

“Hi. Who is this?”

Julia made a face and started to hug the teddy bear on the bed and feigned kisses.

“Who did you say you are? Oh, Sam… How are you? Why did you hide your number?” Tonia said into her phone. Sam was her boyfriend. Julia and Lola screamed and started to laugh.

“Don’t mind these silly girls… It’s Julia and Lola as usual… What? Oh God not again? Sam, this is not fair. What sort of relationship is this anyway? I am sick of it Sam. Goodbye,” Tonia hung up, walked up to the bed.

The other ladies stopped laughing as she sat down and screamed into the pillow. Lola, Julia and Nike looked at each other and frowned. The relationship between Sam and Tonia had not been too cordial in recent times and they had noticed and didn’t really like it.

“Is it the same busy story?” Julia asked.

“Yes… It’s just not fair?” Tonia replied with tears in her eyes and she sneezed.

“Don’t cry. It’s not worth it,” said Nike.

“I will not pity you. I told you that such a relationship can’t work. I told you it was a waste of time,” countered Julia.

“How can you say that? I love him very much. We’ve come a long way,” Tonia said in defense. “I always respect what you say but that was insensitive of you.”

“Oh really? You only see the guy twice in a year! And it’s not like he lives outside the country. Dear, forget it,” Julia continued.

“Stay out of it if you can’t think of anything better to say,” said Lola, as she pushed Julia to the side.

“You guys always amaze me. You are encouraging this lady to waste her time with someone that is obviously not sitting around wondering how happy she is,” Julia said again with contempt.

“Do not listen to her. If he’s really yours, he’ll be more serious and if he is not, there’ll be others,” said Nike as she pulled Tonia towards herself.

“When will that be? I’m not getting any younger you know,” Tonia lamented.

“Anyways, Sly is coming over this evening to take us out. You do not have to sit here and mope. I know that will take your mind off things,” Julia said in a lighter mood.

“I would hate to agree with this one but she’s right,” Lola said and Nike agreed that it would really help in relieving Tonia of the mood she was in.

Tonia agreed to follow them reluctantly after Julia had threatened not to borrow her a Jimmy-Choo sandal. She had boasted about wearing the sandal to a family party the following weekend. What did she have to loose anyway. Sam was a selfish man and who said she also didn’t have the right to be selfish too.

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    I wonder what the story is. The plight of a babe in love!!!

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    This girls character has caught my attention.

    Guys!!!!! We can’t wait for them to be serious we go grow grey hair. She better stop hanging on to him.

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  4. Tonia’s case ia s story for the gods…well i know dumb gurls like dear you are the new word for side chic..the side bish(in my ratchet voice)…berra smell the coffee…

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      looool…your comment is so funny…it is indeed a story for the gods

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