Caricature Of A Lonely Heart: 1

Each morning Sean would wake up with a feeling of loneliness and depression, it came from living in a country that’s oceans away from yours. His childhood was over where he had everything handed down to him either by his parents or by his sister. The decision his sister took to send him out of the country to study didn’t really sink in but he knew she had meant well. He was not particularly thrilled at first but the admission letter and the visa and the plane ride changed his mind.

As skeptic a person as he is, he would never turn down the opportunity of an adventure. In his books, studying out of Nigeria was one and he took it. People had always teased him for being a spoilt silver-spoon-in-the-mouth child. Sean knew better but he would just laugh or wave whatever anyone had to say aside. His life had not been smooth sailing, the position where he was at that moment was all thanks to his sister and her every-means possible techniques. Even these involved things that even Sean didn’t want to acknowledged.

He was in a strange country now with strange people and cultures, and all he wished for was his sister Alice to be there with him. He wished he could open his eyes to see his sister smiling down at him and urging him to get ready for lectures, he smiled. The statement Alice Bryn would have made would be more in the line of scolding him for being a lazy bone. He always woke up like that which had become a habit until that morning.

This morning Sean woke up with a different feeling. He couldn’t place it but it was like no other morning since he had been in South Africa. Ordinarily, he would lay on his bed even while awake and encourage himself to get up and start the day. He’d had to drag himself out of bed every morning to his table for some light reading then to the bathroom. Most times he’d skip breakfast and would go to campus without food.

But that morning he opened his eyes, said a silent prayer and got off bed immediately. He did some cardio-muscular exercises before calling his friend Derek to ask if he was on his way over. He switched on the stereo and slotted in his favorite music, he began to dance. He asked himself why he was dancing as he moved to the song. He persuaded himself to stop but his feet and body didn’t stop moving to the rhythm. Well, this had better be an exceptional day he finally thought to himself.

He danced his way to the kitchen as he read out from his book. Still dancing, he brought eggs from his small fridge. He then placed a loaf of bread on the kitchen cabinet. His doorbell rang and he dashed there with his feet still following the beat from the music. It was his friend at the door. Derek looked at Sean as he opened the door. He looked past Sean’s shoulder into the room then back at him.

“Is something wrong? It is 7:30 in the morning and you are wide awake and dancing…Sean, dancing!” Derek said without moving. Sean laughed and spun Derek around which brought the latter into the room and he closed the door with his foot.

“Do you want breakfast? I want to make egg-white omelet,” Sean said as he dropped his book on the table. “It’s time to start eating healthy.”

Derek was walking around the room as if he was looking for something. Sean asked if he’d lost something at his last visit.

“Is there a chic in here somewhere?”

“What chic? Have you ever seen me with any chic since we have been friends?” Sean asked as he danced into the kitchen.

“Will you stop dancing for a minute and talk to me? Should I be worried? You read too much, is that why?” Derek asked. “Has your brain finally gone kaput?”

“You are something else. Are you saying that I shouldn’t dance when I have the urge? Anyway, do you want breakfast?” Sean asked as he lit the cooker.

Derek leaned on the cabinet and watched Sean carefully. Sean’s behavior was a surprise to him. He had never come there to see him out of bed not to talk of listening to music but there he was dancing. It all seemed fishy and he started thinking of a way to call Sean’s sister in Nigeria. Sean turned to look at him and smiled when he saw the concerned look on Derek’s face then he stuck out his tongue at his friend.

“Okay. I have had it. I am calling your sister right now,” Derek declared.

Sean laughed out loud as he led Derek into the room. He stopped the music and tried to explain to Derek as much as he could. When he finished talking, Derek shrugged.

“That is crazy. You don’t know why you are in this mood. Is that what you just said?” Derek asked.

“Yes I don’t. I woke up this morning with a kind of feeling I can’t explain. Maybe today is the day I will meet someone special,” Sean explained. Derek laughed then.

“Oh, now I understand. There is some chic you have been meaning to score, rigght?” Derek finally said with a smile.

“Huh? What are you talking about?” Sean asked in surprise.

“Yea, so today is the day you really ask her out. Well that is more of an explanation than the crap you told me earlier,” Derek said finally as he smacked Sean on the back.

“What? Are you even…”

“Who is she? Is she someone I know?” Derek asked with raised eyebrow.

Sean gave up. Derek didn’t understand and Sean didn’t get it too so he just smiled as he ignored his friend hoping he would forget about it for the rest of the day.

Fifteen minutes later, with glorious silence from Derek during breakfast, Sean’s mood changed again. This time it was like something was hurrying to leave the house. He didn’t even bother to wash the dishes; he just piled them up and left them on the table. Derek made a move to wash up but Sean asked him not to. He said something about them being too late for school

“What on earth are you talking about?! We don’t have classes till ten, buddy,” Derek complained, looking at Sean like he had gone insane.

“We have to start going to campus now,” Sean replied and pulled Derek up. Derek snatched his hand from Sean’s grip and sat down.

“No. We will wait a few more minutes and whatever is biting has to ease up. Anyway, take a look at this,” Derek said as he brought out a magazine from his bag.

He tossed it in front of Sean. Sean looked at his wristwatch and then at Derek. Derek signaled for him to pick the magazine up and open to page eight. Sean knew better than to argue with Derek sometimes when he was like that so he just did as he was told.

“What am I supposed to be looking for?” Sean asked as he flipped through the pages.

“The dating classifieds,” Derek replied. Sean shot him a look that could melt stone.

“What? You asked me to wait so we could look at dating classifieds. Are you insane?” Sean snarled. Derek shook his head and urged him to read. Sean dropped the magazine and made to go to the door.

“No. There is one particular girl in there that I find very interesting. You should call her,” Derek answered.

“I am leaving. If you want so much that I should read that, it has to wait till I come back. Lock my door after you please,” Sean said without stopping.

Derek knew then that he had no choice but to also follow Sean. He would explain the brain behind it on their way to campus. Moreover, Derek was suspicious that there was more to Sean’s sudden urge to get to the university and he intended to find out. They went out of the apartment and off to their University of Sout Africa campus.

11 thoughts on “Caricature Of A Lonely Heart: 1” by Tai Fasina (@Tai)

  1. ufuoma otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    Sean woke up feeling some type of way….
    Sometimes people don’t understand that feeling you get, sometimes you might not even understand it yourself.

    Good start…

    1. Thanks for reading dear. You are gonna love this one. It’s kind of a long one too. I don’t know how to do short o, but it’s a mult- character one and I hope you stay till the end.

      And yes, you just have that longing to see a familiar face or a familiar landmark. It takes a while before one gets to familiarize one.

  2. I know that feeling..but these days mine aint a good one…lool

    Gone follow this till the end

    1. Well, it happens. The way we do it differs. Just make the best out of it. The first week in South Africa, I wanted to eat fufu so badly… *smiles* till I found a Nigerian canteen.

      Hope you stay till d end, thanks very much.

  3. That like Derek, I believe has planned something for our shrewd Sean.
    I think you meant “South” instead of “sout” in your last sentence.

    1. Indeed. It’s South. Thanks for reading.

  4. *Just like Derek, I believe fate has planned something for our shrewd Sean.
    I think you meant “South” instead of “sout” in your last sentence.

  5. Ihunanya (@LONE)

    That feeling comes once in a while and you can’t just understand what it is until the event happens or you meet the person… Some will say it is the holy spirit promptings if you recognize it. I will follow this one to the end. It is like a drama is going to happen to dispel the loneliness of someone (lol)

  6. @Tai, this is another beautiful start to an interesting story…just know that I will follow through to the end. :)

  7. Interesting read, Nicer suspense, Great storyline. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  8. Omena (@menoveg)

    Sean seemed to have had an interesting life in school. Let’s see it unfold.
    Nice one.

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