Beautiful Colors of Sin: 25

Under normal circumstances, I might feel very awkward seeing Brenda and Sean together as a couple. Even though their marriage had since been over with, I still felt very strongly about their union. It was not like I wanted anything bad to happen, I just had this fear that kept gnawing at the mind and driving me insane.

I always sat at the edge of my seat when it comes to news from the two of them. It was always as if I expected the worst. But then, as days rolled into weeks; when weeks rolled into months and years, it settled. I started losing that dreadful feeling and started hoping that they could make it together. I started praying religiously that the plan to have an uninfected child or children could come true.

We loved having our family time. We would invite each other out to lunch or dinner. It was on such day that I got the news that changed everything for me.

The four of us; Marvin, Sean, Brenda and I sat around a small table in the cool Lagos night and went over some topics relating to the family. Brenda and Sean cuddled while I teased them endlessly. If there was love anywhere, it was there between those two. I loved Marvin but Sean and Brenda’s love was stronger and deeper than anything I could imagine.

My younger brother was taking a road more dangerous and daring than I could ever imagine myself threading. He had practically grown to such a fine, young man and I smiled lovingly at him. He placed his arms around my shoulder and squeezed, even if I didn’t say anything he knew what was in my heart.

I looked at Brenda and she smiled shyly and looked away. She was indeed a beautiful woman and in spite of her health condition, she was a strong woman. The type I would really wish for my younger brother. Even if Brenda felt the loneliness and sadness of a possible short life, she carried it well.

She showed no weakness, no depression and her will to make the best of her obvious short life had made her grown even stronger. Seyi extended his hands towards her and patted her arm. I excused myself and hurried to the restroom. I cried a little and cleaned myself up.

Tomiwa died seven months ago and it’s been three months since Tunmise followed. I was still feeling that loss and if something happened to these two, I knew in my heart that I would go crazy.

“I’m so sorry,” I said as I took my seat next to Marvin.

“It’s okay. We have very good news for you and we wanted it to be special so that’s why we are here,” Sean said and smiled at Brenda, “Shall I?”

Brenda nodded and took Sean’s outstretched hand, and out it came.
Brenda was pregnant. She was three months gone. One year after their wedding and she was pregnant. Marvin looked from Sean to Brenda, and then he shook Sean’s hand. I was overwhelmed and surprised. Simisola had promised that the little plan would work but I had had my reservations, and now Brenda is pregnant.

“Are you sure?” I managed to ask.

“Yes. Aunt Simi confirmed it two days ago. The trip to the United States has finally paid off,” Sean replied and smiled broadly.

I stood up and hugged Brenda. It was good news, and I knew I had no choice than to feel happy for them. At least it was my suggestion to do the artificial insemination.

“And …are you. Are you…” I stammered.

“He is fine. He is perfectly okay and the baby will be fine too, I promise,” Brenda answered and held my hand. “I will do all I can to make it so.”

My third child, little Yomade started to make some funny noises and her dad gave her to me.

“You are going to have a little brother,” I said to Yomade and she looked at Sean as if she understood. She held her hands towards her uncle and he carried her.

“I congratulate you once again. I’m really happy for you,” Marvin said to Sean. The waiter came and requested for our order. Marvin asked for their best champagne. It was indeed news worth celebrating and we sure did.

An hour later, I sat in the car with Yomade on my laps and Marvin behind the wheels.

“I know what is on your mind but I don’t think you have to worry now,” Marvin said and looked briefly at me.

I stared outside as the stars passed my window. I knew I was not supposed to be worried but it was hard for me not to be. I knew I would abhor that fear till the day Brenda gives birth and I told Marvin so. He smiled knowingly and touched me lightly on the cheek.

“My beautiful mother of three, you don’t have to worry about what God had already planned. He knows best and everything has a reason for its occurrence,” Marvin consoled and concentrated on the road.

“It’s easy for you to say. You don’t even have any sibling,” I said sarcastically.

“I have younger cousins. Timmy is your friend and you know Tolani too. They are both like my sisters,” Marvin replied.

“The cousin you just introduced to me just two months ago,” I replied.

“I’m sorry. And please don’t start with that lecture again,” Marvin pleaded and made a face.

“You asked for it,” I replied and smiled, “You really should interact more with your family no matter how far away they are. I could have stayed with…”

“Stop it please. I will pull over if you mention anything else on it,” Marvin threatened.

“Okay. My lips area sealed,” I replied and made a face, Marvin burst into laughter. Yomade jerked slightly but went back to sleep. I was in a better mood when I got home. So far so good, I thought as I tucked the sleeping girl into bed. I hummed while I silently hoped the goodness would last.

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    “…you don’t have to worry about what God had already planned. He knows best and everything has a reason for its occurrence,” Marvin consoled and concentrated on the road.” That was a very good advice @Tai Fasina.

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