Angels And Humans


Listen to God with the consciousness of being his child.
Listen attentively, with love and self surrender. Keep in mind what God has said. God is teaching us how to turn within tune with praise of God you feel delight, you feel renewed. The deeper your connection with God the more power you receive.. Fear finishes, everything in your life begins to feel easy you become clean, sensible and good…

Angels are wise
Angels are holy
Angels do not marry
Angels were created by God
Angels do not know the hour of christ’s return
Angels are of heaven
Angels will hear the confessions of christ
Angels rejoicewhen a sinner is saved
Angels do not die
Angels will be judged by humans
Angels are mighty
Angels serve God along with humans
Angels are not meant to be worshiped…
May your angel rise up and serve you as God has ordered in Jesus Christ name I have prayed… You will be blessed this year…..

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  1. I was expecting more after paying some points. Anyways, it’s quite nice…………………

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