2015: Writers Name Port Harcourt After Saro-wiwa

2015: Writers Name Port Harcourt After Saro-wiwa


As part of effort to recognize his stellar contribution to the development of African Literature, the society of young Nigerian writers in collaboration with the Port Harcourt writers’ Hangout have declared 2015 a memorial year in honour of the late environmental and human rights activist and author, Mr. Ken Saro-Wiwa, with a beehive of year long literary activities aimed at celebrating the rare writer for his impact on human society.

This declaration came when 20 years after the gruesome execution of Ken Saro-Wiwa, the Gem was nominated the penman of the year 2015 by the Rivers State Chapter of the society, a literary honour bestowed on writers in recognition of their impact in the world of literature. This programme which is expected to kick-off in Ken Saro-Wiwa’s memorial month of November 2014 shall bear the slogan
Remember Saro-Wiwa the Story-teller (20 years later) and would feature among other events the following:

  1.  A twelve month know Saro-Wiwa book discussion project.
  2.  The launching of an essay competition for pupils in Rivers State.
  3.  Stage performance of selected episodes from Saro-Wiwa’s Basi & company comedy series.
  4.  Four memorial lectures to hold in his honour at the four main tertiary institutions of Rivers State.
  5.  The Production of a book titled “Saro-Wiwa: The Singing Monument”, a collection of encomiums by young Nigerian writers, both at home and in the diaspora and who are below the age of 35. This national statue shall stand as a living memorial and to be exhibited within the period of this programme.

In a joint statement issued at the end of a meeting of both organizations held on the 5th of July 2014 in Port Harcourt, the essence of this campaign is to arouse the need for Nigerian writers to recognize the effort of those whose pen have added much value to our society. It therefore called on all Nigerian writers, literary societies, institutions as well as lovers of literature to join hands in a bid to honour great Nigerian writers whose name and achievement have both inspired and challenged the younger generation.


Wole Adedoyin

National President, SYNW

Anuazor Mene Nni


SYNW, Rivers State/Programme Coordinator


Bereni Dinma Fiberesima

Port Harcourt Writers’ Hangout


For more information, call: 08140346367 or visit our website on www.societyofyoungnigerianwriters.webs.com


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