Unlock The Gate Of Your Heart

Unlock the gate of your heart
Let your love stream flow
let it flow unto my arid land of love
Washing me anew
Let it flow into my empty cup of love
So I’ll thirst no more
Let heavy lumps of your love roll out
Let them replenish the hollows in my being
let them roll onto my empty plate of love
So I’ ll hunger no more
Let your tender love breeze blow
Let it aerate my inner being
Envelope me in the aura of your personality
Take my whole being
Cremate me alive in the furnace of your love
Bury me in the deepest recess of your heart
So I’ll ressurrect in every single cell of you.

4 thoughts on “Unlock The Gate Of Your Heart” by EnigmatikPoet (@EnigmatikPoet)

  1. a lovely piece
    resonating bit by bit
    the enchanting rhythm of my soul………

    1. Thanks for reading and your encouraging. Comment.

  2. And if I don’t unlock it???
    Don’t mind me jare…..jus thinking of situations where by the girl unlocks her heart, one Mr nice guy comes in and makes a mess out of the heart forcing the girl to forever lock the heart and throw away keys………..just saying tho.

    Lovely poem that made me write all that.

    1. It happens, but we need love anyways. Loving is a risk, a lovely risk. Thanks for coming.

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