One Step Further

One Step Further

I am sleeping for the tenth time today, not that I am drunk like I always am, not that I don’t have anything to do, I am sleeping again not cos I am sleepy or that I want to, but that I want to see it as a dream. I want this reality to become a dream or an illusion. I want to wake up to a new day, not the day I am experiencing now.
The day kola asked me for a life walk, I didn’t map the world to interpret his expression or tear the dictionary to understand his words, I knew he wanted me to be his life partner. Kola is not a poet but he has his way with words. I personally can’t tell what my friend is doing in English language where we give back what we are thought, I wonder why he is not in literature where language and its aesthetic use is what matter most. Though it rained all through that day, that day was my brightest day, an invisible sun shun on my ruble, I felt all my problems solved. Without hesitation, I said yes. I didn’t go through the drama a typical african girl will go through. That moment, I was deaf to the speech my brain will render and the training my dad gave me about saying yes. I only followed my heart. After all kola and I have been friends for the past 3 years. We have been best friends. Kola is more than a friend and a brother to me. I really like him and being with him for life excite me whenever I think of it. When I said yes, he rubbed his palm on his curly hair and smiled. It is only from Kola that you will get that cute expression. He hugged me tightly and I knew it that he meant it. It is not another joke. Kola really loves me. No matter how dim the light may be, I can still see the iota of seriousness in Kola’s joke.
As moments mount the monument of minutes and hours mount the tower of days, our love waxed stronger and feelings grew, we lived, we loved. We were rich in love, yes, we built cottages under trees, we constructed huts under the vast canopy of the sky, our night was illuminated with the moonlight. The warning bell of mosquitoes became our music. We were lost to ourselves in love. We were really rich in love.
When the temperature of our education reached the demanded degree, we took a bow like every other person, we graduated. To celebrate the full moon in our academics, kola suggested that we take a step further. We have kissed, we have cuddled, we have hugged, we have pecked but please love, let’s take a step further. These were his words as he held my hands and looked straight into my eyes. Though I was nervous, my hands shivered and I withdrew my gaze from his eyes. I was scared, I was shy. How could this man look into my eyes and ask for a step further. we both agreed to abstain from sex until we get married. What could be a step further if not sex? Has he forgotten our promise? What is he thinking? As if kola was reading my mind, he hugged me and whispered some words into my ears- ‘our promise is still intact, we are not going to have sex. Relax love.’ he kissed my forehead and smiled. That cute expression that only he has. When I heard his words, my mind went back to its bed and the wires beneath my skin relaxed. I smiled and said thank you. We never said anything about it ever since then.
We continued with our love tale and then, one day, he invited me to his room after exam. The school has given us two weeks to finish up with our project as final year students. Majority of the people in school have gone home, the people left are final year students. I am through with my project so I have more than enough time to myself. Kola told me on phone to come to his room cos he has a surprise for me. I wore my new green gown, I knew green is Kola’s best colour, I wore my black sandal which Kola gave to me on my last birthday. I took my time to make up my face and enhance my beauty with colours and paints. After everything, I painted my face with a smile, the magic powder that makes Kola bloom like a new plant. I walked to kola’s hostel only with his thought on my mind, I wonder what he will give me this time, the last time he called me like this, he gave me a portrait of myself. I knew it was expensive. The portrait was beautiful and good. I have it hung on the wall in my room. This time I wonder what kola will give me. After I had crushed seen and unseen insects, crossed roads and walked on lanes, exchanged greetings with the people I know on the way, I find myself in front of kola’s room. I knocked gently on the door and the door opened. I followed the movement of my legs as they led me into the room. Everywhere was dark, I couldn’t see. I was so excited to see the surprise. I heard kola’s voice saying, close the door and close your eyes love, I immediately closed my eyes after all when they were opened, I couldn’t see a thing. After some seconds, the light came on and I was told to open my eyes. I opened my eyes and I saw….
I saw a girl on her kneels licking kola’s penis, I was stunned. I heard Kola groaning and moaning. The girl was licking his penis passionately and kola hands were busy caressing the girl’s breast. I was stunned and shocked. I felt like running away but my legs were stiff. It seems they have been together even before I came in. After some minutes, Kola releases some milky substance into the girl’s face, and she licked it passionately. kola then raised the girl’s head and said, you have done well slut, now it is payback time. He tore the girl’s clothe and stripped her vagina naked, and lay her on the floor, he dip his index finger into the girl’s vagina, and started trusting it back and forth. The girl was screaming and moaning. After some minutes of this act,. He stood up and said to me. Love, don’t feel jealous, she is just a slut I have paid to teach you how to give a blow job and what it means to finger a girl . That is the one step further I have been asking for. I hope you understand it now.

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  1. namdi (@namdi)

    – Names ought to be typed in capital letters. Kola was typed as ‘kola’ in several places.
    – You typed ‘cos’ in your narrative; I guess it ought to be ‘because’.

  2. @TOLA4WORD nice but I think it can be better…….. Keep pushing on…………….

  3. One step further indeed…intriguing. Take note of the issues already stated.

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