Nose Assault

Tonight was the night. She was sure of it. She won’t miss this time around. Wallahi! She even dreamt about it. Today was the day. She knew it. She put finishing touches to her makeup – a douse of brown powder on her round face, a tint of red on her luscious lips, a lining of mascara on her lashes which made her eyes look bigger in a sexy way and a generously applied perfume. She looked herself in the mirror; a pretty, lithe and sexy girl in white bump short and one-hand red top stared back at her. She smiled, closed her eyes and smiled again as she imagined what will be going down tonight. Opening her eyes, she blew a kiss to her beautiful self in the mirror and then clambered down the stairs in her black high heels, clutching a black purse. She found her friends outside the hostel, all dressed up in beautiful outfits. She smiled for she knew she was the fairest of them all.

They sashayed into the Tope’s Camry, a gift from her father. She giggled. Soon, she’ll own her own car and wouldn’t have to follow her rich friend around anymore.

The academician herself was blogging the photo of her recent outfit with the caption “Its going down tonight – what is really going down?” Hell no! I aint telling no one.

They arrived the venue just in time for the red carpet. They dazzled on flashes of the camera. Each pose sexier than the former. That was when she saw them; a pair of beautiful eyes which seemed to bore into her very soul.

The shoot was soon done with and so were the eyes. She searched around with her eagle eyes for them but they were gone. Tope grabbed her and led her into the raving party. The DJ was doing a good job with Davido’s “Skelewu”. Hips moved with roving hands placed on them. Babes turned, twisted and wriggled their bodies to the rhythm while boos danced with their tool in front, seeking some work to do.

They finally arrived the table reserved specially for them. He was already seated there; a dark coat hung loosely on his frame and a black hat hid his face from the soft lighting.

“Hi Eric, this is my friend Edidiong, the one I told you about” that was Tope making the introduction “Edi, this is Eric” she said, waving her hands towards him. Edidiong waited for him to remove his hat. The seconds it took him to do that was like an eternity to her. Finally, she was looking straight into his eyes; they were not the ones she wanted to see. His eyes were red and rugged. Her eyes zoomed out on his face and she noticed they were rugged too. He stood up to greet her and she observed he was just average, about her height. Edidiong was disappointed. She elbowed Tope who shot her the “I thought you wanted a happening guy” look and then sashayed away to the dance floor with Nneka trailing behind her, leaving her at the mercy of the rugged fellow.

Eric caressed her hands and leaned close to whisper something into her ear, but all she received was the stench of cheap alcohol and cigar. Her stomach rumbled disapprovingly. She grimaced and excused herself to go to the ladies room.

On her way out, Edidiong bumped into somebody; an athletic figure clad in rugged jeans, black Chinos and white T-shirt. Her mind flew back to the rugged fellow and she made to push the tall figure aside and continue her trip to the restroom but she had to apologise first. The frame was inches taller than she was, so, she had to tilt her head back a bit to see his face – just the perfect height he would have loved her dream man to have. She sighed and looked up at him; her eyes fell on his eyes. Those were the exact eyes she had seen earlier; the eyes that held the magic that made her weak at the knees. She broadened her gaze on his face and found it was good-looking too.

Edidiong didn’t know her mouth was agape until he gently touched her jaw. His touch sent electric quivers through her. Her body shivered, not from cold; it was hot in the club. It shivered from his touch. She put on her best smile and turned her face from him coyly, all plans of easing herself gone.

“You should apologise young lady” he said cynically. His voice was music to her ears but the lyrics was unpalatable.

Heat rose to her face. She muttered a “sorry” and stumbled out of the place. She needed air to clear her head. “What a snobbish cow” she muttered under her breath. Her stomach rumbled again, reminding her of her interrupted trip to the restroom and as she turned to go, she bumped into him again. She was about saying sorry and scurrying away when she heard him.

“I’m sorry for the way I talked to you earlier” he said, then, stretched forth his hand “I’m Nelson, can we start all over?” he asked, smiling at her warmly.

Of course! Eidiong screamed in her head. He was the one. She knew it the moment her eyes met his. She couldn’t be mistaken. He was the perfect prince-charming, the one she’d dreamt about. But she heard herself saying “Excuse me, I have to head back to the party”

“I understand if you are upset but I’m really sorry for embarrassing you earlier” he looked her in the eye.

She couldn’t keep up her act anymore, so, she conceded to him “It’s ok, it’s nothing really”.

Soon, they struck up a conversation on the party. It appeared that Nelson’s friend, whose father was a senator, was the celebrant. When she asked him the name of the celebrant, the last name she expected to hear was Eric. Her stomach rumbled again. She wanted to excuse herself and answer nature’s call but she had to get his number first. Just then, the pressure in her bowels became too much. She steeled herself against the urge as hot sweat broke out on her forehead.

It was now or never. Edidiong was about to excuse herself and head to the ladies room when he demanded for her phone number. She was inputting her digits when her anus, unable to bear it anymore, let out a soundless whoosh. The pent up tension in her stomach released, she felt better. She sighed and mentally thanked God it wasn’t a bomb blast; little did she know she had released a missile. Then, it hit her olfactory. She had forgotten she ate beans in the afternoon. She watched him cup his nose in his palms, muttered a “I’ll see you around” and scampered away. He even forgot his phone. She didn’t blame him anyways; she couldn’t stand the reek as well.

“Shit!” Edidiong cursed under her breath. Why today of all days? She asked herself the umpteenth time as she made her way to the ladies room.

PS: This is my first time of using the second POV. Please, comment wella; good or bad.

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  1. ……………………………………………………..
    I enjoyed my reading ride
    even though for Edidiong
    It was a crazy tide

    1. Lol @innoalifa. Thanks for stopping by

  2. Because it was written in second POV the “she” I kept hearing was “me” the first paragraph where she got all dressed up was so so me. Made me smile. I think you got the fully gist of second POV, you used it well not everyone can do that example: me. Lol.

    Anyway I enjoyed this.

    1. @ufuomaotebele, thanks for reading and commenting. You are very kind.

    1. @mcsnol, thanks for reading.

  3. Hahahahaha! Night for going down indeed.

    1. @Musemussang, you are definitely in the spirit.
      Thanks for commenting.

  4. OMG, messing things at the wrong tyme, site the guy forget him fone, na wahala b that o!!! LWKM

    1. @ameenaedrees, lol…big time wahala be dat. Thanks for commenting.

  5. lol….reminds me of one of my early stories on NS titled Nadia’s Nemesis where my female character also consumed beans and farted in a gathering.

    You tell it nicely though….funny. However, I find the excitement of going to the club in the begining kind of exaggerated. I was expecting the outing was a going to bring back rewards – instead it was just a club were there was nothing but partying….

    but you painted the picture and boisterousness well though…nice work.

    1. @Afrontus, thank you very much for reading and commenting. I can only get better.

  6. mendel martha (@ihenyengladysusile)

    this is called NEAR.SUCCESS.SYNDROME……………………….

    nice read……

    1. @ihenyengladysusile, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  7. Captivating and compelling. I ove the way it swings.

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