New Book Publishers, Kalimba Publisher ltd

New Book Publishers, Kalimba Publisher ltd


Kalimba Publishing Limited is a new Nigerian publishing
company dedicated to developing and distributing African
written contemporary stories through eBooks, paperbacks,
audio books and other channels. For now, Kalimba Publishing
ltd has just one imprint which is “Kalimba Books”.
Kalimba Books is a traditional publishing imprint which
publishes two-five books each year. It must be something
new, well crafted story that would make all possible efforts
to ignite the mind of the reader. The Kalimba Books
imprint, being a traditional publisher, is very competitive.
Hence, works submitted are thoroughly read by our editor
and when chosen, are sent to professors and professional
editors for review.
All publishing responsibilities are borne by the publisher
only; inclusive of royalties and payments.
Kalimba Books imprint is currently open for
1.To submit, send one page synopsis and the first three
chapters of your work to
2.All submissions must be in MS word and 12-point,double
spaced. The front page should have the author’s details on
Submissions that have potential will be selected by our
editors and authors with manuscripts of interest would be
contacted. A request for a full manuscript would be made.
Collection of short stories, full
lenght novels etc. We currently don’t accept drama, poetry,
crime stories, children stories, motivational stories etc.
Please give us eight to twelve weeks to reply, after which if
we don’t, you know that we have decided to wave it over.
Your story didn’t make it.
[Currently, our website is under construction.
Whenever it is ready, it will be communicated to the public]
You can start by liking our page on facebook “kalimba
publishing ltd”
KALIMBA….. Telling Stories that Matter.10302300_717542181639446_3015297744288755853_n

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