Mother’s Itch

Mother's Itch

With her charming and elegant beauty, she strikes you with a smile so remarkable even in a difficult moment. Tall, well-built as a lady she walks gracefully all the time despite her intellectual gifting. Regardless of the “issue,” she shows courage to living through each passing day of her life. No doubt that she will not let you down while speaking in public. While driving to the office with her friend Amaka in the car, she remembered the promise she made to her.

Amaka, my life experience stretches so far it could last a life time journey on a bus from Lagos to Nassarawa, the Northern Region of this part of the world. As I had promised to tell you my own part of the story, I want you to listen carefully and do not make the same mistakes I had made. It all started back then in London. As you rightly know, My name is Grace Adams Olaolu, but I am usually called by the nick name ‘‘Gracie.’’ born on July 15th, 1977, to the Adams Olaolu’s family as the first child here in Lagos; I was privileged to study my master’s degree course in Financial Accounting as a scholarship student in the London University. After a brief stint with some financial firm in London, I came back home to work with a banking institute here in Nigeria for ten years where I rose through the ranks to become the managing director of the bank. Now it all sounded as though I loved all what I was doing, the truth is that, I did it all because of mama’s wish. The passion for doing what I really loved to do was never supported by her. According to mama, “singing is not a profession but an unrealistic and unprofitable mirage.” However, my one-time love for dancing went down the drain as a result of not having the time to do so as she always piled up house chores for me to do. She would also have me look after my siblings because she always had a meeting every Saturday during my rehearsal time. Therefore I had no time to purse such interest.

Trying to find balance for my life as a 36 years old single lady, all battered and bitterly tied up to my world, mama became my worst enemy. A one-time heroine whom I looked up to, now turned out to be the devil I fight every day. All because I told her one beautiful morning I was going to quit my banking job for my singing career. “What nonsense!!!” She screamed. “And why the early morning slap on my face?” Mama continued. Unknown to her, I had already resigned at my place of work. “I forbid you Gracie to do such a thing unless I tell you to do so,” said mama. ‘She must be joking,’ I thought to myself. Calling me by the nick name will make any difference anyway. I could no longer bear the humiliation coming from her, so I handed to her a photocopy of the appointment letter for interview I got from a church I had applied for as a Financial Accountant because I know what she could do.

The next morning, while preparing for my interview that was scheduled for 9:00am, I heard mama called for my attention from the living room and I thought to myself what again does this woman want. To my surprise, she had prepared me breakfast on the dining table, something she had not done in a long time. But on the other hand I was pleased that she went that far for me and appreciates her effort. ‘‘Thank you Mama,’’ I said; ‘‘you are welcome dear but make sure you eat it while it’s hot,’’ replied mama, walking to her bedroom. I wish I had seen her facial expression, and then I would have figured out something. But thank God for Rusty my pet dog who saved my life…

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  1. empresssewande (@empresssewande)

    what! don’t tell me, her mum poisoned the food!!!!!!
    Nice story!

  2. Did the mother poison her meal??or sleeping pills?damn

  3. Efe Edosio (@EfeEdosio)

    Nice story.
    Shaky beginning though and some typos.
    Loved the suspenseful ending. Good work.

  4. interesting

  5. What a mother!

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