Misconception 2

She looked around the class and noticed that most of her class mates were trying not to be caught staring at them
“You are joking about what you said right?”
Mark pretended to think about what she said, “oh boy this isn’t going as planned” he thought ruefully, yesterday, he had sat on his bed and carefully mapped out what he had planned to say but when he stared into her brown almond eyes and being in close proximity to her everything changed he felt like everything was perfectly aligned like he was supposed to be with her, like their paths were destined to meet, he just lost it and blurted out his proposal he sighed inwardly there is only one way from here her concluded forward
“Of course not, I’m dead serious”
“What makes you think I want to go out with you?”
You keep staring at meet in class”
“That’s a lie” her voice rising again she could feel the stares from her classmates
She looked at him, he was smiling confidently and for the first time she noticed how handsome he was with his dark looks and eyes that showed hints of danger
“What makes you think I’ll go out with you?”
“look at it this way” he said as he moved closer to her because his voice was barely audible “we are both in ss3 in our 2nd term without any partners or prospects have always thought relationship in secondary school is just fooling around but still I try to live my life without regrets so let’s look at this way…..em” he paused as he tried to get the right word “helping each other out” he looked at her trying to gauge her response but all the got was a puzzling look
“you don’t have to answer now just think it over and let me know” he retreated went back to writing but Shade was still staring at him and wondered where all this was heading to she had heard rumors that bets were being placed on her, but nothing concrete yet as Mark was the first to ask her out.
She tries to focus her mind on the work at hand picks up her pen and continues writing they were like that for more than five minutes just writing no words passing between them but the tension was thick around them
Eventually as Mark stood up to leave
“I’ll get back to you” she said
“No problem” his voice hoarse
He went back to his seat he kept thinking if he could have done better
“Maybe I should have been friendlier”
“Maybe I should have said I like you”
Maybe I shouldn’t have said “helping each other out”
Well all I have to do is wait for an answer
His shoulders were already aching badly but he had to finish this, the ball was with his keeper for a goal kick he controlled the keeper to pass the ball forward he glanced at the scores which stood at one all with two minutes left to play he tried all he could but couldn’t find the winning goal, this was his fourth game that was why his shoulders were aching badly he didn’t feel like it was worth it since he hadn’t won any match he dropped the pad, he looked around trying to find a wall clock then he remembered that game centers do not have wall clocks two boys had already taken their place at the console he and Segun just left he settled the bill and he waited for Segun to come outside so that they could resume their journey home.
They had broken away from their walking home group which consisted of five boys and a solitary girl all in ss3 some of them had been walking home together since jss1 but Mark joined them in ss3 after he left the hostel at first it was hard for them to accept him to their close knit group but they slowly warmed up to him because he was popular and walking home with a popular student increased their “cred”, that’s what they called it.
Segun eventually came out and they resumed their walk home, Segun was his usual boisterous self he kept talking, raising different subjects ranging from their games to latest gossips in the school but Mark’s answers were monotonous
“Oga wetin do you” Segun asked his voice portraying his irritation
“What happened?
“It’s about that shade babe abi” his voice teasing
“So you noticed; nice”
“what is the ish with you guys??”
“well the whole ish is that I asked her out” he turned to see his friend’s face show different emotions from astonishment to disbelieve to admiration in less than 4 seconds
“Seriously, you’ve got to be kidding me” he said after his initial shock
“you dumb idiot, how can you ask a girl out like that” he shouted angrily; “you have to lay some foundation” he said
“You can’t build a skyscraper on just a single block”
“Oga calm down, why you dey shout like say I kill policeman”
They walked in silence for about 30 seconds, Segun couldn’t keep it in again and blurted
“How would you ask a girl out like that”
“I didn’t plan it like that ok?”
“Girls don’t like guys who rush things”
“I followed my instinct my friend” he said in his defense
“Instincts? Instincts?, what fucking instincts?, what did she say?”
‘She said she would think about it”
segun snorted “what was she supposed to say”
Segun noticed that they were less than 150 meters from separation point so he made his play
listen, his voice finally calm “it’s obvious you like this girl”
Mark looked at him quizzically
“I know you do, don’t even try to deny it” he added before Mark could reply he sighed and said “you always follow your heart instead of your brain, and that is gonna get you killed one day, you have done it your way now you are going to do it my way….
“I don’t need your help, I have everything under control” Mark said still defiant
“Like a new born chick doesn’t need his mother” Segun said smirking
“Now this is the plan, tomorrow is Friday, when we are through with classes , just try and make conversation with her, just some random stuffs, you clear?”
“Sure love guru” Mark replied
They talked some more about the UCL finals before they parted way
Finally alone, Mark finally had time to think about how the day went considering things didn’t go as planned, he had heard of guys getting slapped or worse for asking a girl out.
The Greenland school female hostel was an impressive five storey building each named after the 5 female directors on the school’s board of trustees, Shade had always been impressed by the building but today her mind was elsewhere. She absent mindedly returned greetings of her juniors, she made her way to Abeke floor; the third floor the only thing she could think of was pouring her mind out to someone she could trust.
Seun was a half-caste girl; half Indian, half Nigerian, her Asian gene was more dominant hence her luxuriant black hair and thin slender lithe body, due to her exotic looks she attracted a lot of attention, from both sexes. She and Shade had been on and off friends without any lasting real connection until she was forced to move to the hostel by her parents who wanted her to be more serious about her studies. Shade was one of the few acquaintances she knew in the hostel, their friendship finally blossomed, Shade’s simple approach to life appealed to her immensely.
“What’s wrong with you” she inquired; you look like you are trying to solve global warming”
“Can I trust you everything I tell you stay between us” Shade dropped her bag on the bed
“Sure, what it is?” Seun wasn’t one to pass up any opportunity to hear exclusive gist or gossip, whatever you want to call it. They sat on Shade’s bed as she poured out everything that happened between her and Mark, seud only interrupted her when she needed some clarification
“He is a bold boy, I like him!” Seun said with admiration after Shade finished
“I’m not so sure about him” she paused, he seems a bit too sure of himself
“Haven’t you had a boyfriend before?” Seun asked
shade had only one boyfriend before, it wasn’t a pleasant experience and it ended abruptly
“That was a long time ago, you are grown up now” Seun enthused
“But can I trust him?” she asked still doubtful
Seun didn’t know what to say, she looked at her friend, she was saddened by her obvious distress
“I wish I could help her” she thought
An idea popped into her head
“You know what; Tomorrow is Friday after classes find a way to talk to him, just general stuffs, nothing serious or anything, just try and get to know him”
“That might just work” Shade replied
“Of course, it would, stop worrying that pretty head of yours”
Seun started informing Shade about her activities during the day in an attempt to try and keep her mind off other things, but Shade was half-listening her mind kept going back to Mark, and she kept wondering; what if he is actually serious, what would she do?
The teacher kept on teaching even though his period was over, to the annoyance of the students who were constantly distracted by noise coming from outside, they tried so hard to maintain their concentration but to nought.
It was a Friday afternoon at Greenland secondary school, everyone from the Principal to non-teaching staff looked forward to 12.30pm on Fridays, it was a concept initiated by the Former Principal to reduce drudgery of school life, from 12.30pm-3.00pm every Friday, a special nonacademic activity takes place. A time table is announced at the beginning of each term to create anticipation in the school community, the activities range from sporting events to fashion pageants and everything in between, today was tagged “Cultural Day”.
The teacher finally left the class to the relief of entire class, Mark shoved his hand into his left trouser pocket to confirm that his iPod was still in there, he saw Segun advancing.
“Are you ready for your big day” segun asked
“How hard can it be it is just talk?” his voice sounding cocky
The girls started leaving the class to change to their native attires, Mark caught Shade staring at him as she made her way to the door, he stood up and advanced towards her, he tapped her lightly when he got close enough to her
“How you doing”
“I’m good” she answered without missing a bit
“Can I see you later?”
“What for?” she retorted sharply
“Just to talk, nothing big”
“Sure, I’ll see you in the hall”
He turned back and exhaled,Segun came over to his seat, and inquired.
“What were you telling her?” he inquired”
“Stop bugging me” he replied angrily “I’ll tell you everything when it’s over” he added
“Okay, okay,sitck to the plane, make sure you don’t leave out any details”
Segun sulked back to his seat leaving Mark to change, he looked around the class and smiled; most of his classmates were wearing simple buba and sokoto he had anticipated this and decided to be different, he wore an adireeleko attire which had a big buba that seemed like an agbada, his classmates kept staring at him but he didn’t care he wanted to be different
He and Segun finally made their way upstairs towards the school hall and he saw Shade loitering around the entrance she wore a navy blue iro and buba lace with an exquisite bead necklace
‘She looks so simple and elegant at the same time, have I been blind all this time?”
“Go get her” Segun said as he left him and entered the hall
she was engaging in an animate conversation with two other girls. He walked nervously towards her “okay here nothing” he muttered under his breath he tapped her lightly on the shoulder she spun around, saw him and burst into laughter
“What are you wearing” she asked in between laughs
“I wanted to be different” his pride hurt
“Good for you”
They made their way into the hall and found two empty seats that sat down beside each other
They were silent for a while each feeling different degree of awkwardness
“Well, I’m the guy, I guess am supposed to lead”
“Errr, do you like music?” Mark asked and so the floodgates opened and stories flowed between them they talked about politics sports, gossips, likes, hobbies and other topics, at first Mark noticed Seun staring at them, but he later became too engrossed in their conversation, that he didn’t even notice or care, eventually the cultural show ended to dismay of Mark who was having such a good time with Shade, they stood up, made their way to their class to change back to their uniform when Mark said
“About what we discussed yesterday”
“Yeah?” shade said, her breathing accelerating
“I’m sorry about the way I asked you out, it wasn’t planned I just saw you and I was nervous, I just blurted it out”
“It’s okay, I’m not angry, just surprised that’s all” she added
“Surprised that what”
“You hardly know me and you asked me to be your girlfriend”
Mark turned to look at her, it’s now or never he thought
“Now that I know more about you, would you be my girlfriend?”
She stopped walking, they were already in front of their class, she looked at him and felt a tugging feeling in her chest, “Why not?” she asked herself, he’s a decent guy, and they had sort of a connection today and he made her feel important. Sure she didn’t love him or anything of that sort
She looked at him again and made her choice
“Mark” her voice calm
“Yeah?” his voice eager
“About your question”….



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