I Love My Country I Will Not Lie

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I love my country
I no go lie
Na inside am I go live and die
Even in the coming century.

I love my country
Despite N100 for a pie
Even when in hunger I lie
Someday I know sey I go win lottery.

I love my country
Price of fuel dey hike
Transportation on bike
Though not for all and sundry.

I love my country
When the masses don strike
The cabals also strike
To pacify the country.

I love my country
At last in the grave corruption is buried
Welfare for the masses and Wealth not buried
Liberation don dey my country.



21 thoughts on “I Love My Country I Will Not Lie” by Oloruntoba Yetunde (@Olushademi)

  1. Wow! I also love Naija
    I love am throw & throw
    even though yawa and kwanta dey
    I love my Naija my country and homeland

  2. Wow! I also love Naija
    I love am throw & throw
    even though yawa and kwanta dey
    I love Naija my country and homeland

    1. Oloruntoba Yetunde (@Olushademi)

      na so ooo my bro….one love bro!

      1. Oloruntoba Yetunde (@Olushademi)

        @innoalifa: na so ooo my bro….one love bro! :)

        1. @Olushademi na so the tin be ooo… I go like am if you check out my poem at http://www.naijastories.com/2014/06/y-junction/ and comment, good or bad. Thanks! :)

  3. adeniyi (@neyosaxy)

    smiles…for better for worse…naija for life oh..nice one, love d “abba” progression

    1. Oloruntoba Yetunde (@Olushademi)

      @neyosaxy: Thanks! so much happens in this country that get me pissed off, but I have come to understand that some things are abound to happen…good/bad. But I can chose to be better and help make things better. I believe in a great Nigeria!:-)

      1. True talk I choose the way I respond to all the happenings

  4. didnt know you were this patriotic *smiles*…anyways its nice to finally find out… many lines got me a little confused…i think you paid more attention to the rhymes than to clarity…methinks clarity is more important.

    1. Oloruntoba Yetunde (@Olushademi)

      @Dee‘s-hives: lolzzz …ok just a brief explanation ….I wrote this particular poem in January 2012, When the subsidy for fuel was removed which led to an increase in the price of fuel and a 6 day strike. I was home and the affairs of the country during that period just made me pen down those words above. I hope u understand better now. :-)

  5. ufuoma otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    NICE!! using pidgin english makes sense well well………

    one naija!

    1. Oloruntoba Yetunde (@Olushademi)

      lolzz…..Just like ancient poets uses words like “art thou” “ye” “O” etc. We could just leave a legacy or present something unique for the coming generation.

  6. adeniyi (@neyosaxy)

    yeah…love d poem …..keep it up.. I believe in a great nigeria

  7. I also love naija despite the asuu strike, I still graduate
    Despite late payment of corpers allawee we still survive.
    We will live and die in this country,
    So we no get choice but love or live a life time
    Nice one.

    1. Oloruntoba Yetunde (@Olushademi)

      @ameenaedrees: lolzzzz abi nahhh …. we just have to appreciate our country. :-)

  8. I love my country
    None can be like it
    Even with all these
    Bombing n girlnapping
    I choose to see the bright side

    1. Oloruntoba Yetunde (@Olushademi)

      sure bro…Thanks for stopping by :-)

  9. I’m a proud Naijarian but I’m not gonna fold my arms and let things continue the way it is. I’ll contribute to making Naija better. You can do the same than resolving to die even in the present dilemma of our dear country.

  10. Nice poem @olushademi. I enjoyed your use of pidgin English.

    1. Oloruntoba Yetunde (@Olushademi)

      Thanks …Miss Patriotic . :-)

  11. Adanna Otuechere (@Ada123)

    I love my country. Naija for life.

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