FAULTED… a short story

Some men sat down in front of the shop. They were laughing at the emptiness of randy jokes cracked on top empty bottles of local gin. They fumbled with their limbs as they laughed, hitting the bench on which they sat with annoying force.
If the laughter that taunted them were about to subside, one of the men would murmur something inaudible, sending all four men, back into laughter. They had been laughing now for fifteen minutes.
It was in these minutes that a woman came to the shop that Sunday evening begging for one “derica” of garri.
“Please sir, help me with garri! I neva chop since morning. Even if na one derica.” she pleaded.
The men had been too caught up in their amusement to immediately notice the begging woman, so she was well ignored. Perhaps angered by their un-reaction, She brought out a knife from somewhere within the cloth she wore, recanted her plea and then swore
“I swear to God, if una no gimme garri now now, this knife go enter una belle.”
The men thought madness had accosted them in the guise of another silly joke, so they deemed it fit to respond with sheer indifference.
“madam, we no dey dash Garri for here o, we dey sell am. Go oga Chinedu shop for junction.”
Obviously, It must have been madness, for what else pushes a woman into attacking four slightly drunk men in the midst of merriment?
So it happened that at knife point, the mad woman robbed the men and their shop of a nylon bag full of Garri.
She had fled, carrying the nylon bag on her head, running as fast as her feeble legs could carry her, ditching the knife in a gutter and arriving at this small build of block surrounded by bushes and shrubs, without visible roofing. From the block, a child’s cry truncated by cough and sneezing resounded into the evening, giving the setting sun a mournful kind of aura.
The woman entered into the block and quickly carried the child. There were a few cloths on the muddy ground of the block, a mat, a lantern and a bowl. She picked up the bowl and poured out a part of her loot into it. As she poured, she added spittle and stirred the mixture repeatedly. One arm carried the child, the other arm began to feed it from the mixture. As she fed, she broke into a song.
“mama don bring food
mama don bring food
pikin no cry again
if cry dey, food goo go…”
She was half way into the song when she heard heavy footsteps approaching the block. She dropped the child, and the mixture, picked up the lantern and went outside.
The last thing the woman saw in her life was a wooden plank coming down on top of her head.
The last thing she heard was the unmistakable voices of the men from the shop fuming with rage
“Carry the tyre come, we go burn am today”
The last thing she felt was fire.

15 thoughts on “FAULTED… a short story” by Gabriel (@GabrielNwogu)

  1. lolzzzzzz, see weitin garri cause oooohhhhhhh….

  2. Eiyaa, dat one na jungle justice o. This is one of the things wrong with our dear country. We don’t ask questions, we just act. I pity the child.

  3. what dah? dats cruel na..

  4. Gabriel (@GabrielNwogu)

    Exactly the impression I was trying to create. So lemme ask; Was she right in stealing to feed a starving child?

  5. A prayer in the Bible is that God should not give us too much money so that we forget him, yet he should give us enough so we do not steal or profane his name.

    I do know that what is right is that we should help whomever we can whenever we can.

  6. @funpen has said it all. loved the story

  7. This reminds me of a book I read in 2004, where a girl killed a wolf that growled at her just to find out the wolf wasn’t attacking her, but protecting her new born.
    I wish something would be done concerning unfair punishment of poor people who steal.

  8. s'am (@samenyuch)

    wow touching

  9. Yea, the story really is touching. Nice, and short.

  10. Really good story! Of course, it could do with some editing, but, I like it nonetheless. Very touching. Jungle justice is one of the scary things about this country. Do keep up the writing.

  11. Gabriel (@GabrielNwogu)

    Thanks you all. I appreciate the read!

  12. a perception challenge, how our action can send different signals depending on our stance

  13. s'am (@samenyuch)

    mehn dz story is great. buh e spoil my night small sha

  14. Jungle justice. The woman is probably mad coupled with catering for a hungry infant. Am sure the combo effect drove the madness a notch. What a sad one.

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