The Dilemma (part two)

Surprisingly enough, the man didn’t say anything. He just gave me a blank stare and with the same difficult effort I rested his head back to bed. After writing his prescriptions quickly, I went a few paces down the corridor, called Eunice’s name several times with no response in return.


Then I heard her shout and say something from a part of the building I couldn’t clearly make out.


But I just left them a few minutes ago where on earth would they have gone too? I wondered. If I took this personally it would be like am judging them of a crime I myself am occasionally guilty of. I was now furious. I decided to call Dr. Cepren but remembered my phone was in the car. I was about to go get it when I heard another groaning and complaining voice again.


“Don’t mind me, but doctor it’s like my back is paining me.”


I allowed him finish then I looked with furious eyes at his direction.


He continued. “My bed is too low…..”


“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, what is it now? Which kind patient you be sef?” I groaned loudly with the meanest voice I ever used on a patient.




At the same instant, another wahala came. I heard jerking movements from the patient in the opposite bed. It didn’t take me a second to realize he was having another seizure episode.


“Ohhhhh my God!” I screamed again in frustration rushing to his bed side.


“Cynthia! Cynthia!” I screamed. I was in mad panic mood now. I started sweating despite the cool temperature in the room.  Not that I couldn’t take better control of the situation but emergencies like this makes me panic. Without thinking, I put my thumb into the convulsing patient’s mouth, which he bit very hard between his teeth. I screamed out in pain. Still, I tried hard in keeping the tooth apart to prevent his tongue rolling back less he blocked his airways. I looked around for a spoon, and found one on the side table close to his bed. I clamped the spoon with great difficulty between his teeth’s as I tried to keep his jerking legs and arms in control.


From the “Complaining” patients came creaking sounds of beds and gasps of pain. I looked in horror at an elderly man trying to get off his bed with unsuccessful efforts and in obvious agony. He was sweating massively and his dangling his limbs.


“What are you doing ?” I yelled at him.


“Where do you think you are going to?” I asked angrily.


He was obviously in so much pain to say anything meaningful but I reckoned he was scared of the sight he saw before him and was only behaving on impulse.


“Get back to your bed for God’s sake mister man. Are you ok at all?” he only stayed still, looking wide eyed at the jerking patient I was still dealing with.


Aina came in then with Jane. “Where the hell have you people been since?” I asked.


“We went to sterilize the…..” they began together but I cut in.


“Where’s is diazepam nurse, where is diazepam?” I screamed looking around the room. The patient and I then left the bed and we landed with my butt hard to the ground still sprawling as I tried to contain the patient.


Aina was already back with the sedative. Jane then helped me hold the patient as Aina rectally gave the sedative to the patient. It took what seems to me like ages but it took a few minutes before the effect of the drug came to play and the patient calmed down eventually. The nurses then assisted me in placing the patient back to his bed. “Thank goodness he is just a kid!” I exclaimed. It would have been more difficult if it had been an older or bigger person.


At this time, I was all soaked up sitting on the edge of another unoccupied bed, and I was breathing heavily as I tried to calm myself down.


The door opened and I saw the head of the security guard poking into the room.


“Doctor, I hear you dey shout from where I be dey duty from gate, wetin happen?”


It was obvious he had been asleep again.


“Francis come in.” I said. Deep toned, acting calm but angry.


He stumbled a little on his way while approaching.


He was looking right and left like he was inspecting to see patients on the empty beds.  He was still a few feet away.


“Francis, have you been sleeping?”


“Haba doctor. I bin no dey sleep doctor after that first time. I hear you dey shout na I can come…..”


“Have you seen Cepren and Louis?”


“E never tey wey you commot wey themself commot together.”


“Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked him.


“Na weytin I bin dey try tell you when you first come but you no gree hear. Dem say dem wan go catch small fun. I ask dem whether them wan use am treat patient but them laff comot. Na Louis be drive.”


“Ah oga doctor your hand dey bleed.” He said pointing to my hands.


“Forget it.” I said. I then realized it had to have been Louis who had sped past me on my way back. I felt so tired, I didn’t even have the strength to start up anything with the nurses.


Jane rushed to me with a first aid box to fix the wound. I stood looking at her as she continuously mumbled “Sorry sir.” as she dabbled methylated spirit to the cut surface. All that kept ringing on my mind was the fact that there won’t be any movies tonight with trinity. For one, it was far past the time I had arranged to go pick her up, and then I needed to sort out things as they were. Bottom line, I had to stay in the hospital.


I handed my keys to Francis and asked him to bring my phones. While he did that, I ordered Aina and Jane to check up the “Complaining” patient and see if he had injured himself in any way.


Francis came back with my phone. I checked the one that trinity would call from and saw fifteen missed calls; I sighed.


Resisting the urge to return her calls immediately, I tried calling Cepren and Louis. It didn’t go through. I checked the time, it was now a quarter to nine.


“Of course.” I thought to myself. Its Christmas Eve, the network must be jammed up. I then proceeded to calling trinity, my heart thumping and my head racing for the perfect way to present my excuse.


“The number you have dialed is switched off.” the automated machine responder said.


I tried her number again and again. Then I tried Cepren and Louis numbers also but I got the same “Network busy response.”


I now felt depressed and tired altogether. With movie plans dashed, finger soaring in pain and my head beginning to ache, I didn’t know when I laid on the patient bed and fell asleep.

22 thoughts on “The Dilemma (part two)” by s'am (@samenyuch)

  1. interesting, like the writer’s deployment of appropriate registers such as DIAZEPAM, maybe giving the patient CPZ may also be of phenomenal assistance…………… lolzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. s'am (@samenyuch)

    @innoalifa Thanks a lot :) . Diazepam cause thats usually the drug of choice. Dont know yet about chlorpromazine other than its use as an anti-psychotic :)

    1. @samenyuch, was thinking CPZ could also be used for stronger body systems that diazepam cannot penetrate………………..

    2. ufuoma otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

      give the guy some prozac

      1. @ufuomaotebele did the guy say he needs an antidepressant? is it ptozac or did you even say sef?

        1. ufuoma otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

          Lol……… @innoalifa ehn!! how did u know what Prozac are??? hope u never use dem b4 oooo……. coughing.

          1. @ufuomaotebele no be you be my doctor, you don forget the drugs wey you dey give me abi? I dey come for check up in few days time ooooooooooo. maybe we need to try some other drugs, my system seemed used to the drugs I’ve been taking and my health seems not better at all………….. lolzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            1. ufuoma otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

              @innoalifa HAHAHAHAH………I swear ehn, u no really well oooo………….no go take your meds.

              1. @ufuomaotebele those meds seem ehn? I no wan talk, like say dey no dey work ooooooooh. I don tire sef with the drugs………. sha, maybe my next check up will be helpful naaaaaaaaaaah!!!!! do proper research before I show up oooooooooo!!!!!!

                1. ufuoma otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

                  LOL…………go jooor! you do research.

  3. oxymorontalks (@oxymoron93)

    make i read part one before i talk

  4. s'am (@samenyuch)

    @innoalifa hmm. maybe. would check that out. Although cpz on its own could cause seizures as a side effect… thanks

  5. @samenyuch good to know one of cpz’s side effects……………

  6. Doctor wahala….nice one

  7. ufuoma otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    is this how my life is going to be when i become a doctor???? as 4 eunice and the Dr.c they need to b fired asap……..dont care if its christmas eve stay on your job!

  8. s'am (@samenyuch)

    @ufuomaotebele hehe. be prepared

  9. Efe Edosio (@EfeEdosio)

    Okay, this is getting interesting… Doctor, we dey wait for part 3

  10. I love the way you effortlessly told your story. Mak I rush go read part 1

      1. s'am (@samenyuch)

        @uzywhyte Thank youuuuuuuuu :)

  11. @s’am, you are welcome. @innoalifa, hehehe…

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