The Devil’s Whiskey: Part 5

I knew I needed to stop playing games with Emeka but not now, not when things were only getting better with both guys.

“What are you talking about?” There was no time to think, I just had to keep spitting words out from my mouth to save my ass.

“See ehn Jola, I’m not even in the mood for that act; don’t give me all that.”

“All what Emeka? What did you hear?” I hated what I was doing but I wasn’t about to get caught.

“See, I heard you talking to one Segun and you are here denying it?” he was like a loosed dog.

“Deny what? Make una see me see trouble ooh.” I laughed. “Were you listening in on my conversation? How dare you?” I became the victim.

“Don’t ask me stupid questions here, you are slowly driving me insane Jola!” He placed both his hands on his head as if he was about to run mad in no time.

“Baby, listen to me,” I said sweetly. “Segun is just a long time class mate I met again last week. He wanted to have dinner with me last night but because of my plans with you; I canceled. He just called to check up on me……remember I wasn’t feeling too good.” I coughed.

“Ooh.” And as fast as the fire started, it died down; he sighed in defeat.

“I’m sorry babe; it’s just that I’m anxious about having guys around you. I don’t want to lose you Jola and definitely not to an old class mate.” he drew me into his arms. My chest was beating uncontrollable at the thought of what could have happened if he had heard too much of my conversation with segun. I needed to end things now with him or with segun.


“So his phone also broke down abi?” Osas said. She wasn’t buying the 500 naira explanation segun sold to me for why he stood me up.

“How did Emeka react after he heard your bathroom conversation with segun? I can see you bought your way out of it because your face is bright as always.”

“He fell for it like a lost puppy.” I said excitedly.

“Abeg, no break those plates ooh or else Mr. Femi will have our head for dinner tomorrow.” I dropped the plates that I was washing back into the sink. I had no business in upsetting that man even if it were common plates.

“But Jola ooh, you do know what Mr. Segun wants from you abi?” she asked, as she also dropped the plates she was washing.

“What do you mean?” I took a chair out from where it was stacked, and sat down.

“What could he possibly want with a common waitress like you? Let’s be sincere here, there are other girls out there but he chose you?” she was finding it hard to believe that Segun might actually have some feelings for me.

“Osas, which kin talk be all this one naa?” wasn’t I good enough for a man as wealthy as Segun? Did he need my father to own a big firm or company before he could fall for me?

“What I’m trying to say here is that he only wants one thing from people like us, a person like you, with all the things you carry put for back and front and you know what I mean.”

“Wait ooh, are you trying to say I’m sleeping with the guy?” I couldn’t keep my mouth closed, for how long has she been having such thoughts?

“I don’t know what you are doing with him ooh but I can see what he is doing to you. You come to work late, thanks to Mr. Segun, you have picked up a drinking habit and my God, you now lie to Emeka? After everything that guy has done for you.”

“You know what? Have had enough of this, I’m not going to seat here and have you insult me. Osas, I thought you were my friend?” She was acting more like a mother.

“I’m your friend; I’m just a worried friend.” She said.

“And that’s what Segun is too; a friend.”

“Girl please, I think you know better than that. Don’t seat there and lie to me as if you no understand weytin I mean. Listen, it’s even hard for 18 year old boys to be just friends  talk-less of men, a 30 year old man like Segun cannot settle with just being friends.”

The viberating sound from my cellphone disrupted her preaching. I quickly moved away from her when I saw the callers ID. I could hear Osas hissing when she heard me call his name.

“Segun.” I said, as I placed the phone to my ears.

“Fine girl, hope you are no longer mad at me?”

“No na, it’s all in the past now.” I said, blushing at his “fine girl” compliment.

“You know what?” he asked. I held my phone tighter to my ears waiting for what he had to say as if my life depended on it.

“I think I have found a better way to finally apologize to you.”

“Oh, is that so? Oya tell me.”

“Some of my friends will be hosting a welcome party for me sometime next week, would you like to come? I heard they will be bringing the likes of Ice-prince and Davido to the party.”  He didn’t forget to add that big detail.

“Oh wow!” I jumped up excitedly at the names of the big artist that would be present.

“So, are you up for it? I promise to make it the most memorable night of your life.” Without giving it a second thought I answered.

“Next week abi? I will be there, even if I have to clear out my work schedule, I wouldn’t miss it.”

When I finally got done with my conversation with Segun, Osas was gone.

36 thoughts on “The Devil’s Whiskey: Part 5” by Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

  1. Am glad that Jolla knows she was given 500 naira explanation.
    She needs prayers Shaa, like I said she be “alaroro” :-):-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

    1. @ameenaedrees Lol…….500 too big sef……she is a confamed Alaroro……….maybe that should have been the title of this series.

      Thank you for reading again!!

  2. If the ear refuses to listen, when the head is cut off, the ear follows it too.

    1. What a great proverb here @uzywhyte!

      @ufuomaotebele, seeing that Jola wants to embrace the arms of two men abi? She wants to sit on two chairs at the same time hun? Hoping to see how see will play her way around the two men, losing one for the other or clinging somehow to the two…………….

      1. @innolifa Everything na double double………..lets see if she will be able to keep this thing up.

        Thanks for reading dear.

    2. Hmmm @uzywhyte wow! powerful words …………thanks for reading.

  3. kay (@kaymillion)

    i am beginning to wonder if Jola is sane…………………

    1. @Kaymillion am not sure myself oh if she is

    2. Wonder no more! It is a proven truth. -_- She indeed is…an ‘odolo’.

  4. Not every shinny thing a kid touches..else the kid will touch fire and get burnt…

    1. @schatzilein hmm you’re on the right path……maybe she is about to get burnt soon.

  5. She is heading towards her doom! Following the story.

    1. Yes…….she sure is. @LONE thanks for reading.

  6. Yay!

    Its all nollywoody in here.

    She wan go party? Haa…the guy will end up straffing her senseless after she don over-drink whiskey….oops…did I just drop spoilers or not?

    @ufuomaotebele will decide hahaha

    1. @Afronuts LOL……….ahh you were heading the right way just can’t wait to knock that smile off ya face when part 6 come.

      1. Oh yeah?

        Okay oh….make we see nah

  7. I can’t believe Emeka fell for her 10kobo lies….old class mate my ass.

    Nice one… plz

    1. @jayrume the emeka guy just con confuse. He just wants to keep his babe.

      Thanks alot for reading and dropping a comment.

  8. Can’t wait to see where all this leads.

  9. @olutossen me self, am curious as to where I want to take all this. We sha see sha ooo……

    Thanks for reading.

  10. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

    @ufuomaotebele, I’m shocked, just ‘friggingly’ shocked. Is Jola this naïve? I mean, come the fuck on, she should know its all about the coochie and then, the end. She is either lying to Osas or lying to herself; and if she is lying to herself, she is not as courageous as I thought her to be. She would be just another shameless fool. I hope she isn’t sha. And Emeka seems less adorable, too jealous for my palate (don’t entirely blame him considering he’s in with a shark like Jola). Don’t like guys who hold on too close. She is either yours or not.

    Well done, its still nice going.

    Hoping this tale doesn’t drag too long cos my attention span is at part 10.

    1. You and I both……….don’t really have the patience to write long installments. I do hope you stick around for the rest.

      @Omoniyi-Adeshola Thank you!!!!

  11. and emeka just proves how much a weakling in love he is. hell no.
    but mehn jola got some lie-nus in those tongues. if this goes nollywood way, then i can bet she is getting down soon, but from what @ufuomaotebele has been saying about this story, my feeling dey tell me say na twister we go see. jola might just eat her cake and have it.

    1. @oxymoron93 abeg a beg all this una talk of Hollywood dey scare me. Let’s just hope I can do something with this.

  12. Lol……even my done auto correct the thing to “Hollywood” instead of “Nolywood”

    1. Ooohhh am vexing here all this typing errors “Phone” @oxymoron93

  13. #sigh
    I am tired of all these people. All of them.
    N10 sense, them no get. Ogini?!
    The only person i’m slightly concerned for is Osas. Evil company corrupts after all. Make she run commot abeg, she fit dey pray for her ‘itchy-eared’ friend from a distance.
    #sigh…see the problem when girls will be using microscope to search for dustbin. Even bus conductors call people ‘fine girl’ every day so what is scratching this sister kwanu?
    Wuoh, @ufuomaotebele, the babe needs Jesus. #Dahsall

    1. @kwiksie Hahahahahhaha……….your comment thought! chai!
      see how you yab my characters.
      somebody give Jola a bible ooo


  14. nice nice…each one gets better.

    1. Awww thanks dear.

  15. Another hmmm and a very loud noisy sigh following it. Hope the kaikai she is taking was properly cooked…abi distilled. Jola Jola continue to Joli

    1. Lol……… I see your supporting her @imaniking

      Thanks for reading.

      1. Support?! That’s more like a warning o! Please tell her to wise up. @ufuomaotebele

  16. mendel martha (@ihenyengladysusile)

    dis emeka self dey vex me see as jola dey use am play ball like say him be learner……..there are two things involved either he(emeka) is not paying attention enough to know she (jola) is cheating OR he does not care at all!!!!!!!

  17. ouch. i wasnt expecting it to go this way. shes stubborn, but she doesnt deserve this.

  18. Y’all should leave my Jola alone ooo! Hehehehehe… every story needs a biatch to make it a lil interesting. **sealed lips, smiling eyes**

    Well done ufuoma.

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