Crimson chapter 2

Chinedu stood motionless, his head swelling and his hands shaking. In front of him was the man made legend, Michael Nwosu, aka Michael Scofield of Africa. The man whose face and name goes before him, his reputation, everything he was and is flew in front of Chinedu’s mind’s eye in a few seconds. Chinedu was dazed, if not a little baffled that such a man should be left alone without security.

As Chinedu looked on, Michael raised one of his fingers up.
‘Freeze!’ ‘Do not move unless you want me to blow your brains away!’
‘You won’t do that, because I am an important source of information for you and your country, which is incidentally, mine own country.’

‘Don’t move’, Chinedu retorted. When Michael obeyed, Chinedu then continued. ‘You are under arrest for various crimes including sabotage, treason and murder and you have the rights to remain silent.’ he said while removing hand-cuff from his back pocket with one hand, using the other hand to hold his gun.
He approached Michael cautiously, as Michael stretched his hands out. As Chinedu placed the gun in his pocket (as he thought Michael will offer no resistance) he clumsily locked the hand-cuff around Michael wrists. The next occurrence shocked Chinedu, the hand-cuff fell diagonally off his wrists and fell to the ground.
Chinedu was quite suprised,as he did nt understand how the hand-cuff did not do its work. ‘So you think you can use juju abi’, he said in a shaken mood.
Michael Nwosu started laughing out, only that it was not from that room, but 500 km away from the area, in one of the islands belonging to Sao Tome and Principle. He was laughing with his colleagues. ‘Tunde, you sabi this thing do wella, see as the guy dey look like goat’. ‘Uh, na God sabi pass’, Tunde replied as they watched Chinedu waste bullets on Michael’s perfectly made hologram through a telly in the room.

Chinedu had just wasted some bullets on the hologram and was looking lost for ideas when Michael spoke. ‘I am a hologram, you can’t arrest me now’. ‘We will get you, Michael, be assured of that’. Chinedu stated quite childishly. He was about to turn back when he heard Michael speak. ‘Your teammates are injured and cannot move for some time, you don’t even know where I am and you still talk about arresting me’? ‘You surprise me. Besides if you know where I am, it will be too late as in a few hours time, the whole surface of what is called Nigeria will be wiped clean.’
Upon hearing that statement, Chinedu froze in his position. So it is a nuclear bomb afterall!
Chinedu’s mind went to a thousand places at once. How will he contact HQ? Who else has an idea of what will happen? Where will the bombs be? How can he do this? Chinedu, now agitated, started fumbling with his intercom. It did not respond.
Micheal watched him in amusement, enjoying the seeming confusion in his movement. When he noticed Chinedu’s obsession with the intercom, he opened his mouth to reply him.
‘There is no connection that can get through from here. I have jammed all wave frequencies, save the one my hologram uses. Your little intercom is useless’. Chinedu turned back to him, his eyes looking murderous. ‘How could you, Michael’? How can you live with yourself with the genocide you are planning? And you call yourself a revolutionist’? ‘Well, all revolutions have genocidal tendencies in them, don’t you agree’? Michael replied. ‘You see, this is not a nuclear attack, but it will be more effective and more deadly. This attack will launch a new chapter in modern warfare. Nobody will care for guns again when this attack will be over, because that (pointing to Chinedu’s gun) will be history’! The source of this attack will be so readily available, since it has always been there’. Chinedu was now confused as to what Michael was saying. If it is not a nuclear attack, then what weapon will have such range as to wipe out a whole country, and yet be specific as to remove guns out of modern warfare? His mind was still processing the possible threats when Michael said, as if making a speech
‘This…lovely country will be destroyed by a bolt from the Sun’!
Chinedu looked incredulously at Michael. Is this Guy for real? Of all gibberish things he has heard this one takes the crown. Sunlight ke? Chinedu’s confusion was evident in his face, but Michael put it more clearly to him.
‘What will happen is simple. The radiation outside of the earth from the sun is enormous, ignored of course, due to nature shield’ Michael said, ‘But i have put a system in place which concentrates the power of the sun and sends it straight to the earth, specifically Nigeria. Imagine all the harmful radiation, heat and light forces been sent down at the speed of light to Nigeria! This project is so, so beautiful!’ Michael concluded.
Chinedu found Michael’s statements startling. Now that he knows more of the situation, he found it scarier. He would love not to believe Michael, but judging from what he has heard and seen, that is not an option. He so wanted to contact someone, but that was not an option too, since he was so out to shape mentally to pass the information across.

Miles away from Nigeria, Someone else was also finding it hard to speak as well.
‘Sir, i don’t know if this is a glitch, but, ermm, these satellites are out of control’, Ted Bucker reported. Microseconds later Daniel Fellins got to the control room of NASA. ‘What did you mean ‘these satellites are out of control, huh’?
‘The panels ain’t lying, man’. Ted resounded. Daniel Fellins could not believe what he was seeing on the panels. The satellites, from the U.S.A. and other countries were moving off their orbits and were aligning in a strange manner. Also the solar panels in each satellite were accumulating an unreasonable amount of radiation and heat. Moreover, one of the satellites was positioned at the focal point of the others, like it wanted to send some radiation down to earth.
‘Ted, what location does SAT-112 point to?’
‘Sir, Ted said, quivering, it points to only one country, Nigeria.’

Chinedu’s confusion continued, as Michael explained how he had planned everything and it looked cruel that he (Chinedu) had so much information but could do nothing about it.
Why, why would you do this? He asked Michael. ‘You claimed to love your country and you seek its destruction’.
‘Yes, I still love this…country; in fact it’s out of love that i am ending the story of the country called Nigeria’. Michael said. ‘Mr. Chinedu you of all people should understand, as I know that you care so much about this country, even though you could have left this case a long time ago, five years isn’t it?’ Michael said. ‘Oh, we have also been monitoring you as you did us; at least it’s easy to have moles in your sham of a police force’. Michael stated.
‘How dare you? How dare you claim that you love this country, when you seek its utter destruction?’ Chinedu fumed, sparks flying out of his eyes. ‘How do you claim love when you seek to destroy what is left of Nigeria?’
‘There is nothing left of this country!’ Michael spat back, face contorted like a beast. ‘Corruption, selfishness and greed reigns in this country. Go outside and see reality. Everyone cares for himself only, leaving the defenseless to die and acquiring regions, just like in ancient times. I have seen it all, this country is beyond redemption!’
‘Is that you really think?’ Chinedu quipped, obviously less angry, ‘do you sincerely feel that Nigeria is un-savable, unredeemable?’
‘Yes that what I know. Nobody can save this country. Everyone, poor and rich are driven by the drive to survive and they destroy those in their way. Justice here is sold on the altar of loyalty.’

‘Michael, I have followed you since the Evolvers started, what could have changed that seeming optimism you had about this country.’

‘Since you have come a long way and you care so much about the country, then let me tell you what brought me here’. Michael coolly said, sadness etched all over his face as he remembered the events that happened far back in the past.

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    “How dare you claim that you love this country when you seek its utter destruction”

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