My Carrot Story 2

My Carrot Story 2

“A fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree”. In our fruital world, this word is quite insulting. Because a lot of us don’t like the sound of the word TREE. It makes us look like equals with those lower-fruits. Lower-fruits here mean almonds. We carsts believe almonds are lower-class fruits so we don’t relate with them in any way even though they are our neighbors, we still regard them as lower-class fruits. This is what I was trying to get into the head of that fat thing of a friend but he would not listen.
It’s not a new thing for carst to fall in love, fall in hate or even relate with other fruits…hold on, did I just rhyme? Hate and relate? Damn! Those crazy tunes I have been listening to are driving me insane. These tunes, these twisters, what those humans would call rap, is Elewas favorite tune. I asked my friends to help me find out what my Elewa loved the most, after eating my food for two weeks as their pay, they finally brought some fast talking tune as what she loves to listen to. Ever since then I have been listening to them hoping to use that as a means of starting a conversation whenever the gods deem it fit. Enough of my Elewa gist, let’s get back to the matter. A lot of carst has fallen in love with other fruits but most times it’s with higher-class fruits like orange and pineapple. You know the saying “shoe get size”, that’s what we practice here. Everybody know him shoe size and sticks to it. But then sometimes some people dey grow pass their shoe size, others leg dey shrink and na so their shoe size dey reduce. That’s what I was telling that fat thing, he was reducing his shoe size, his leg was shrinking.
“I have seen the one for me” Aanu said smiling with that small thing he calls an eye- sometimes I wonder how he sees with that thing, it’s so small even needle can’t pass through.
We all looked at him with amazement. When I say we I mean the five musketeers…uhm! Actually that’s not what they call us but for the sake of not making you guys go nuts with the razzness of the name, I would stick with the five musketeers- Aanu, Obinna, Promise, Nonso and me. We are the most talked about group in Ikorodu. Why they talk about us/ we are the happening guys with ingenious ideas. We make the place rumble.
I could see from his eye, they way those lines cut across his fat body, I knew my friend was definitely hooked. “But you can’t be serious, she’s an almond” Obinna said matter-of- factly touching his head to check for increased temperature.
“I love her, she’s the best thing that I have ever seen, and she’s beautiful”. The stupid boy just went on and on about the almond. With those froglike voice of his he was telling us how he met her, hoe she laughed, how they talked…that was the part that struck me. So this fat thin eyed boy had the nerve to talk to a girl while I don’t have the liver to talk to my elewa. “She’s just an almond, a lower-class fruit” I told myself trying to shrug off the hate that was beginning to form inside me. After so much talk and praise from Aanu, we decided to go see Elewa in her house. Her house was quite a distance from Ikorodu, but we were determined to see this almond that got our friend hypnotized. We meticulously planned how we would sneak out at night, and where we would converge before going. But our small mischievous heads didn’t tell us to consider how we would get there or how we would see her. I guess the way Aanu talked about her, the anxiety to see this ‘damsel” blocked our heads. We were to regret it when we got there.

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  1. I’m still following
    and gently reading
    just keep them coming

    1. oxymorontalks (@oxymoron93)

      they are coming. thanks for being faithful, your boy loyal

  2. ufuoma otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    Bros, break the story down into little chunks of paragraphs ooh….its kinda hard for me to readd it all pilled together….no mind me its my bad eyes……..

    Anyway, I love the way you write……its funny to me…how you use went from carrot now we talking about almond Lol……
    “Nonso” I love that name.

    keep the gist coming………..wanna see more conversations sha ooh

    1. oxymorontalks (@oxymoron93)

      no vex o, na the copy and paste wey i dey do. i dy space for the ms word but when i copy and paste e no dey space. no tell me say u don dey like nonso already. i don dey…
      make i leave that one sah, really? you think i am funny? helo smokes! i am on top of the world

    1. oxymorontalks (@oxymoron93)

      i like your liking maam. thanks for following

  3. Your imagination get level o!, man, may be the next carrot I go eat will be emeka.
    Nice one carrots in love. :-) :-) :-) :-)

  4. @oxymoron93, if you really are portraying a carrot as a sentient being, then you need to do more to make this real. For example, you talk about Obinna (a fellow carrot, I assume) touching his head. How am I supposed to imagine a carrot – something neither moves nor makes a sound – doing that?

    If you had been talking about rats behaving as human beings (see @hextophar‘s story here, for example), I could have assumed that they were touching themselves using their paws. But I have never seen a carrot with anything that remotely looks like a hand.

    Anyway, carry on. Let’s see whether you can make this more real.

  5. oxymorontalks (@oxymoron93)

    thanks for reading and pointing those out for me, i would work on them.

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