Time’s a’ wasting
Days, hours, minutes and seconds.
You sit back and wonder again-
‘How did I let this happen?
What on earth has come over me?’
But we both know there’s never one answer.
And probably,
There just may never be.

This past-time is tedious
I’m sure you would agree.
It absconds with all your time
And often leaves you unhappy.
You barely exist
And they’re really not to blame–
If you let their attractive traits
Steal your naïve little heart away.

They’re the frame of emotions
I find most tiring.
If you never had one,
I won’t anticipate you understanding.
You go all ‘Sherlock Holmes’ on the matter
Hoping to feel like a part of their lives;
And there you always thought
You weren’t the curious type.
Stalking endlessly
On every platform you legally can.
Facebook, twitter, google, myspace
And of course, instagram.
They really can do no wrong by you
And their every word is law.
And if a hater should so dare contradict-
Absent would be the hesitation to eat them raw.

They are characteristic of their name
But often have no clue,
What their mere existence on earth
Daily does to you.
An over imaginative mind is torture
In situations such as these;
Because while they still barely know your name
You’ve decided the wedding date – and named your kids.

There’s no end to the inner confusion—
At least it feels so while these sentiments endure.
But when you force the emotions to fade away
Self-inflicted stress walks out the door.
The weirdest thing is, on few occasions,
Fate graciously turns the tables round.
And by the time they realize how awesome you are
Those roller-coaster feelings would have ceased to abound.


19 thoughts on “C.r.u.s.h.e.s” by Kwiksie (@kwiksie)

  1. Beautiful lines. Crushes can do a whole lot of damage to one’s mind.

    1. I know right! Believe you me @uzywhyte, my mind has ample testimonies to said truth. ;)
      Thanks so much for stopping by!

      1. You are welcome dear.

  2. @uzywhyte, always the first to read and comment abi?
    @kwiksie, crushes happen every day
    punctuating our love-life in every way
    but we strive to thrive through life
    still loving and loving more and more…………….

    1. i’m so glad @uzywhyte shows such keen interest in people’s work oh, it’s an encourager.
      @innoalifa, glad you understand how it is jare.
      :) thanks for reading

      1. @kwiksie you’re forever welcome dear………….

      2. Hehehe @kwiksie. I think its more of a duty we owe ourselves; to read, review, correct and commend each others work, so as to improve and grow together as a family. After all, that’s why we are here – to help ourselves.

    2. Don’t be surprised @innoalifa, I learnt from you.

      1. @uzywhyte Whoa! Carry on then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I support that @uzywhyte
    and @kwiksie i like this part alot,its kind of funny;
    ”In situations such as these;
    Because while they still barely know your name
    You’ve decided the wedding date – and named your kids.”

    1. Lol, it’s amusing ba…in a sad little way?
      And about supporting @uzywhyte, do you have any experiences you’d like to share with us @lakemacaulay?
      We’d love to hear ’em!..#winks
      Thanks so much for taking the time to read though.

  4. kay (@kaymillion)

    nice lines…………… crushed by crush

    1. Haha, exactly! @kaymillion
      That’s the summary; crushes crush us as long as we indulge those emotions.
      I’m glad you could stop by and comment. :)

  5. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

    @Kwiksie, trademark-style of poetry, based on real stuff…well done.

    On a far less serious note, since I’ve never had a crush as you described, maybe i’ll decide to experiment on you, or the idea of you, at least – lol. A friend once told me that “emotion” (including love/infatuation) is a choice, so I think this might work: I’ll have a crush on the idea of you, and by the time you realize how awesome I am, those roller-coaster feelings would have ceased to abound.

    P.s: I can see the “ahhhh” look right now on your face(LMAO), but you suppose know say the weirdest people are online nah…

    1. @Omoniyi-Adeshola, you’re right, i should have known. lol. My jaw did hang for about a second or two though….#wink
      About emotions and affections being things of choice, your friend is totally right.
      P.s: Hope the ‘idea of me’ doesn’t ‘crush’ thee.
      *laughs…thanks so much for stopping by and reading oh.

  6. Crushes on crushes……….she blushes!!!
    @kwiskie mehn! this poem was 4 me…..from the cover pic and all stole my heart!………..especially when u have a crush on the guy you are already dating it gets worse………wont talk much shaaa Lol………
    beautiful work.

    1. @ufuomaotebele, please talk oh! If here’s no good, private chat dey now. ;)
      I’m glad the pic gets you too; i just saw it and thought “Exactly!”, considering i’m very much a diary person.
      I wouldn’t know about having a crush on the dude you’re dating sha, but it’s all good since you seem to already know. #hehehe
      Thanks so much for reading and commenting hon, great to have you.

  7. i can totally identify…but my roller coaster feelings have not ceased to abound *cries and my overactive imagination won’t give me a break! Nice write up @Kwiksie at least there is hope that one day my awesomeness would be seen.

    1. @ayobare, hehe, when you’re ready for them to end they will, i can bet.
      Crushes are like our own little romantic addictions…we know they don’t help but we nurture them anyway with our fantasies and daydreaming and what not. #sigh
      As for your awesomeness being seen, *smiles* that one has probably happened already, or will maybe happen soon…but we can’t be aware of the one who truly values us when we place all our attention on some futile crush. ;)
      I really appreciate you stopping by and commenting!

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